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Show HN: Boldly go where Gradient Descent has never gone before with DiscoGrad Google Meet rolls out multi-device adaptive audio merging Periodic Table of the Elements, in Pictures and Words Mediocre Engineer's Guide to HTTPS Hurl, the Exceptional Language Psyche-C: automatic compilation of partially-available C programs Helen Keller on her life before self-consciousness (1908) LuaX – Lua interpreter, REPL, and useful packages Braid: Synchronization for HTTP World in a Box What are your favourite websites that display a lot of data / tables? Show HN: Affordable text-to-speech for long-form content UpCodes (YC S17) is hiring remote SWEs, PMs to automate construction compliance Diffusion Models GRC SpinRite A Journey to the Medical Netherworld (2016) Simplicity – Google SRE Handbook (2017) Why is x & -x equal to the largest power of 2 that divides x? Feynman's Garden Talkd/dialog open source project has been selected for 2024 GitHub Accelerator Majorana, the search for the most elusive neutrino of all (2012) What went wrong with federal student loans? Electrically conductive bricks can replace fossil fuels in industrial processes People spend more when prices end in .99 (2018) Medieval Bologna was full of tall towers Show HN: Offline sketch to image geneartor in a whiteboard Turn Your iPhone into a Dumb Phone Voxel Displacement Renderer – Modernizing the Retro 3D Aesthetic So good, it works on barbed wire (2001) Ask HN: What is your ChatGPT customization prompt?

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Magenta TV mit Teletext per IPTV TechStage | Fahrrad-Dashcam, Rückspiegel, Blinkweste & Co.: Mehr Sicherheit beim Radfahren Portabler Venen-Checker: KI soll bei Früherkennung von Thrombosen helfen heise+ | Recht: Cannabis mit High-Tech zu Hause anbauen – das ist erlaubt "Call of Duty: Black Ops 6" wird am 9. Juni vorgestellt Baden-Württemberg: Grünen-Fraktionschef fordert KI-Einsatz an Schulen heise-Angebot: heise academy – Für erfolgreiche IT-Teams von morgen  heise-Angebot: c't-Webinar: Rechtliche Probleme umgehen mit korrekter Font-Lizenzierung heise+ | Wie KI beim Programmieren hilft Unterstützung für Medien: Google droht mit Stopp der News-Initiative in den USA Google: "Mein Gerät finden"-Netzwerk in Deutschland aktiviert Click Boom Flash: Neue Podcast-Folge "Street Photography anders sehen" Missing Link: Copernicus-Programm – wie Europa über die Welt wacht heise+ | Heimnetz: Wie man das LAN auf Trab bringt TechStage | Top 10: Die besten Balkonkraftwerke – von extrem leicht bis besonders stark Wettbewerb gefährdet: US-Handelsaufsicht nimmt KI-Sprachmodelle ins Visier Data Governance Act: Vertragsverletzungsverfahren gegen Deutschland läuft TechStage | Mini-PC Geekom A7 im Test: Viel Power dank Ryzen 9 – endlich auch leise Uh-oh – Messenger-Pionier ICQ wird Ende Juni abgeschaltet NRW: "Internet-Führerschein" soll Schüler für Cybermobbing sensibilisieren heise-Angebot: Beste KI-Tools & Auswahlkriterien für Produktivitätssteigerung im Unternehmen Selbstfahrende Autos: US-Verkehrsbehörde weitet Waymo-Untersuchung aus heise-Angebot: Entdecke den Hacker in dir – ein c't-Webinar Kompaktüberraschung und der Fototapeten-Zombie – die Fotonews der Woche 21/2024 Developer Snapshots: Programmierer-News in ein, zwei Sätzen Vor 50 Jahren: Das Netz der Netze wird der Fachwelt vorgestellt Angular-Renaissance Teil 3: Die erweiterte Template-Syntax Kommentar: Schluss mit falschen Pentests!

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Sam Altman's tech villain arc is underway Microsoft is killing off one of its most iconic programming tools — farewell to VBScript Young women fall out of love with dating apps Texas power demand breaks May record again as prices soar in heat wave Tesla reputation plummets in 2024 Axios Harris Poll 100 Meta uses your Instagram and Facebook photos to train its AI models Two former OpenAI board members say AI firms can’t be left to govern themselves | For humanity’s sake, regulation is needed to tame market forces, argue Helen Toner and Tasha McCauley Congress Just Made It Basically Impossible to Track Taylor Swift’s Private Jet | Legislation just signed into law has made it exceedingly to difficult to track private jet activity. 2 teens won $50,000 for inventing a device that can filter toxic microplastics from water Google just updated its algorithm. The Internet will never be the same Google scrambles to manually remove weird AI answers in search ‘World-changing’ indoor solar cells offer everlasting electronics AI headphones let wearer listen to a single person in a crowd, by looking at a person speaking for 3-5 seconds to "enroll" them, the system (called "Target Speech Hearing”) then cancels all other sounds in the environment AI tutors are quietly changing how kids in the US study, and the leading apps are from China | TechCrunch Google labeled "an illegal monopolist" by US federal judge 'I was misidentified as shoplifter by facial recognition tech' Harvard professor says he gets thank-you notes from prisoners, some of which are secretly using smartphones to take his free computer-science class We'll Miss You: Pioneering instant messaging program ICQ is finally shutting down after nearly 30 years Activision and Meta sued by families of Uvalde school shooting victims New method turns CO2 emissions into clean fuels with 100% efficiency | This process allows the use of affordable zinc as a catalyst, making the conversion of CO2 into fuel more economically viable. How to EMP-Proof a Building Researchers unveil tritium release behavior of solid breeder irradiated with fusion neutron Cats on the moon? Google's AI tool is producing misleading responses that have experts worried

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All Space Questions thread for week of May 19, 2024 This is a 180 degree panorama of the Aurora Australis, SAR Arc & the Milky Way from Harvey in Western Australia 12 years ago I took this photo when my crew and I captured the first SpaceX Dragon aboard ISS. More details in comments. Saturn and its largest moon, Titan, captured by the Cassini spacecraft Everything is out of reach I drew pixel art animation of the Red Square Nebula The Quarter Moon with my telescope About feasibility of SpaceX's human exploration Mars mission scenario with Starship Made another one 🌌💜 The Sun’s rotation 3 hours apart, taken with a Hydrogen Alpha filter Black hole singularities defy physics. New research could finally do away with them. Scientists discover CO₂ and CO ices in outskirts of solar system The origin of the sun’s magnetic field could lie close to its surface.Sunspots and flares could be a product of a shallow magnetic field, according to surprising new findings that may help scientists predict space weather. James Webb Space Telescope spots 3 of our universe's earliest galaxies Voyager spacecraft are fighting to survive constant cosmic hostility • Earth.com Science Overview of the Europa Clipper Mission NASA Launches Small Climate Satellite to Study Earth’s Poles The future is bright for astronomy, and very expensive (op-ed) What's the furthest planet we can actually see not as just a dot of light? Massive cradle of baby stars revealed in new space telescope images 3D Printed Apollo 13 Prop Phobos over Mars as seen by NASA 's Viking Orbiter. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/AndreaLuck No, a 'planetary parade' will not be visible from Earth on June 3. Here's what you can really see. (Live Science - 24th May, 2024) Boeing continues to struggle with spacecraft problems ahead of human flight Potentially habitable planet size of Earth discovered 40 light years away Boeing Prepared to Fly Crewed Space Taxi With Helium Leak

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What's on your bookshelf?: Syphilisation and The Quiet Sleep's Nikhil Murthy The Sunday Papers What are we all playing this weekend? Wuthering Waves plans to let you skip more scenes and improve combat as gacha RPG apologises for rocky launch Sims 4 devs assemble team to focus on fixing bugs and upping performance, updates to now land every two months Animal Well creator plans to follow the superb Metroidvania with a game that shares its world but “may not be a direct sequel” One-of-a-kind strategy sim Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic gets 1.0 release next month Fortnite's new season adds War Buses, rocket-propelled fists, and a lawless desert biome The opening hour of The Alters feels like 11 bit's first third-person narrative action game If you happen to be a touch miffed at faceless corps, Mullet Mad Jack has the antidote Besiege: The Splintered Sea review: a small vessel for expansive seafaring Call Of Duty 2024 revealed as Call Of Duty: Black Ops 6, "a dark new chapter" Looks like the Asus ROG Ally X will get a honking great battery upgrade Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus is getting a sequel and Total War: Warhammer 3 is getting a big red dog How Baldur's Gate 3 might have brought back Candlekeep, the library fortress where Baldur's Gate began Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2 is less of a PC hardware-killer than it looks 'Don't worry! I'm a murderer!' - award-winning comedy Anthology of the Killer is out next week Wuthering Waves really, really doesn’t want to run on Steam Deck You’ll get Warner Bros brawler MultiVersus’ premium battle pass for free if you played the beta Call of Duty is getting in the (Gundam) robot Hunt: Showdown’s massive summer update isn’t Hunt 2, but the “significant relaunch” marks “a whole new era” Destiny 2 is mighty lucky it has good shooting because it's impenetrable otherwise You can get my old battered gamer chair for, oh I dunno, 50 quid? Screw it, I'm building a house of graphics cards

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Tech Support and Basic Questions Thread - May 25, 2024 Weekly Game Suggestions Thread - May 24, 2024 Great moments in PC gaming: That time Valve released three new games on the same day Conan Exiles cops a lot of flak for being infested by cheaters, bugs, etc - but... My indie game "Perfect Heist 2" is having a FREE WEEKEND! Plus, it's 50% off as part of Steam's Daily Deal The RPG that inspired Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Demon’s Souls is now more playable than ever - You should finally play Wizardry Speed Freeks (Warhammer) has an open beta right now Ghost of Tsushima PC - DF Tech Review - PS5 vs PC, Optimised Settings + More EXCLUSIVE: DOOM: The Dark Ages to be Revealed at Xbox Games Showcase Made a novelisation video for System Shock remake Over 90 Deadlock videos have now leaked, but Valve's still acting like nothing's happened. Warhammer 40k Space Marine 2 dev confirms it has no microtransactions. All gameplay content and features will be free to all players. Paid DLCs will be cosmetic only. Explore, Craft, and Survive: Dive into Wild Planet a chill survival game. Weekend PC Game Deals: Warhammer specials, DC heroes, farming freebies, and more Kingdoms of Age - DevLog #1 Bungie has won its lawsuit against Aimjunkies/Phoenix Digital. Just five figures in damages, since only the revenue for the cheats was in play Jury sided with Bungie. Rejected Aimjunkies’ counterclaim alleging Bungie illegally went into one of their computers Valiant Hearts: Coming Home is available now on Steam Furiosa director George Miller’s comments on Mad Max game and Hideo Kojima prompt response from Mad Max’s original devs Microsoft details its new OS based "sophisticated AI upscaler" - 'Auto Super Resolution.' Hyper Light Breaker dev opens up about the stress of depending on a publisher under the corporate carousel of acquisitions, layoffs and closures: 'I don't know who I'm going to be working with in a few months' Just made the switch and I feel like a person who’s never played games before Insider Gaming: Avowed and Indiana Jones Previews Are Coming After Xbox Games Showcase What are some video games that you bought/enjoyed due to non-gameplay reasons?

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Ask r/Formula1 Anything - Daily Discussion Thread 2024 Monaco GP - Post Race Discussion Charles Leclerc wins the 2024 Monaco Grand Prix Max Verstappen thoughts about the race Perez Car after opening lap incident. Max reaction to Checo crash. Oop! Ocon's car almost flying after contact with Gasly Fred Vassuer on the podium @F1 - Destiny fulfilled Charles Leclerc is the first home winner of the Monaco Grand Prix for 93 years! Me and Carlos at work in Monaco. The two Alpine's of Gasly and Ocon makes contact with eachother [Luke Smith] Leclerc on the closing stages: "I have to say that I was thinking to my dad at this moment. That was my thought while driving. Obviously he’s given everything for me to be here. It was a dream of ours for me to race there, and to win, so it’s a miracle." [ChrisMedland] HUGE break for Sainz! Restart order is: Leclerc, Piastri, Sainz, Norris, Russell, Verstappen [Sky Sports Italia] Interviewer: The first real mistake from you this year? Verstappen: I wouldn't say so. I would happily invite everyone in this paddock to drive that car and try to go faster than me. Esteban Ocon receives 5 place grid penalty for next race and 2 penalty points for Causing a collision Logan Sargeant has been outqualified by his teammate, Alex Albon, in every Grand Prix (29-0) however Sargeant has outqualified Sergio Perez five times during his time in F1 The state of the track & Checo's car after the crash [Via ESPN F1] Magnussen POV from the Pérez and Haas crash and brief reaction from Verstappen Charles Leclerc radio reaction to winning the 2024 Monaco Grand Prix The top 10 finished in the exact same order they started today. The previous record for this was the top 6 (Monaco and Singapore 2018) F1 | King of Monaco [Esteban Ocon] Today’s incident was my fault, the gap was too small in the end and I apologise to the team on this one. Hoping for a deserved points-finish for the team today. [Chris Medland] 10-second time penalty for Ocon for causing a collision with Gasly

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The Columbia Convening brought together experts and stakeholders to discuss the complexities and nuances of openness in AI. Open Source League of Legends | An Attempt Is there any alternative or updated fork of uad(universal Android debloater)? Introducing ZAMP: Zero Configuration Apache MySQL PHP server management application How to get started with contributing to open source. How to find relatively unknown open source repository to contribute to Code review agent for python and react? Open source digital negative formats? HTML-to-Docx Hard Fork, actively maintained and supported Software / platforms that can connect Clients to Vendors How do I prevent AI companies from using my source code to train their models? News Suck! So should we try something "new"? Question about whether to include original open-source license text or not. Brisk, a complete CICD testing tool is now open source. Does any open source Android launcher have these Nova features ? FreeCAD BIM update 21 - Good bye Arch, hello BIM (with built-in NativeIFC)! Firefox User Styles Configuration Utility. [Feedback] Script that helps you send multiple code files to AI language models quickly Cboard - Accessibility in the era of generative AI LineupX: Opensource Social-media like website for lineups for FPS Games Opensource alternative to Fable: Books & TV 2024 GitHub Accelerator: Meet the 11 projects shaping open source AI Instagram: How to download the entire story highlights into a zip file TypeScript library aimed at resolving unresolved TS issues Openthesia: open source alternative similar to Synthesia Announcing Pomerium v0.26!