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Import and Export Markdown in Google Docs Puerto Rico files $1B suit against fossil fuel companies Vulnerable transistors threaten to upend Europa Clipper mission New technology could reduce the amount of energy for air conditioning Launch HN: Traceloop (YC W23) – Detecting LLM Hallucinations with OpenTelemetry The Last Avant-Garde Bhutan's first AI startup is seven college kids in a dorm The Greatest Educational Life Hack: Learning Math Ahead of Time Tom Lehrer and Santa Cruz: the trail of one of America's premier satirists NSCopyObject, the griefer that keeps on griefing Darwin Machines Win your fantasy league using operations research XLSTMTime: Long-Term Time Series Forecasting with xLSTM Show HN: Pippy – Pipelines for GitHub Actions The golden age of scammers: AI-powered phishing Show HN: Magic-cli – A copilot for your command line Individualized Spaced Repetition in Hierarchical Knowledge Structures How we sped up Notion in the browser with WASM SQLite Pinned Tweet Ordered by UK Court – Craig Wright Not Satoshi Nakamoto Optimizing a bignum library for fun Of Analog Signal Filtering Stop Microsoft users sending 'reactions' to email by adding a postfix header I am starting an AI+Education company Sync Labs (YC W24) Is Hiring a Staff Engineer Codestral Mamba Hacking the Mac OS X Kernel for Unsupported Machines (2005) [pdf] Libera IRC Channels Sorted by Number of Users Johannes Hartlieb's Book of Herbs (1462) Story points are pointless, measure queues Deno-Python – A Debugging Story

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Podcast-Client Overcast fürs iPhone: Neues Design, neuer Code Regulierer: Glasfaserbeteiligungen der Telekom müssen sich für Konkurrenz öffnen heise+ | DNS-Sicherheit: Automatischer Schutz für Jedermann-Domains DMA: TikTok verliert vor EU-Gericht Canon stellt die Spitzenmodelle EOS R1 und EOS R5 Mark II vor Bayern stimmt für Polizeisoftware VeRA​ und wünscht viel Spaß mit "Bundes-Vera" heise+ | Serious Games: Lehrreiche und trotzdem unterhaltsame Spiele Crucial P310: Schnelle 2230er-SSD mit 2 TByte KI-Update kompakt: YouTube-Training, Apple profitiert, 3D für Fotos Kernfusion: "ITER bleibt der Schneepflug" Lithografie-Systeme: China gibt am meisten Geld aus Google Docs baut Markdown-Support aus heise-Angebot: Letzter Termin: heise Security Tour 2024 online Varmfront: Ikea ruft Powerbanks wegen Brandgefahr zurück IoT- und Elektronik-Lernkit von Arduino heise+ | Für Action oder eleganten Städtetripp: Die besten Kameras für Urlaub und Reise Möglicher Fehler in Lasermessgeräten: Bußgeldbescheide auf "Halt" Wasserstoffstrategie: EU-Prüfer bemängeln Ziele der EU-Kommission heise-Angebot: enterJS Accessibility Day: So geht das Entwickeln barrierefreier Websites Lobbyismus-Vorwurf gegen Autoclub: Luksic stoppt Wergung für Syn-Fuel-Kampagne Root-Schwachstelle bedroht KI-Gadget Rabbit R1 Risiko Microservices? Vor- und Nachteile einer verteilten Architektur Weggespülter Mann in Australien holt Hilfe mit Apple Watch Jetzt patchen! Schadcode-Attacken auf GeoTools-Server Wegen KI: Apple wieder wertvollstes Unternehmen Amazon kontrolliert stärker die Anwesenheit seiner Mitarbeiter im Büro heise-Angebot: iX-Workshop IT-Grundschutz-Praktiker mit Zertifikat Blender 4.2: Schöner rendern mit Eevee und Cycles Amazon: Am Prime Day verletzt sich angeblich fast jeder zweite Lagerarbeiter

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We are Jocelyn Gecker and Barbara Ortutay, reporters for The Associated Press. We reported on how social media can impact teen's mental health. Ask us anything! The MAGA Plan to End Free Weather Reports Poll shows 84% of PC users unwilling to pay extra for AI-enhanced hardware Microsoft laid off a DEI team, and its lead wrote an internal email blasting how DEI is 'no longer business critical' Valve runs its massive PC gaming ecosystem with only about 350 employees | Ars' leak analysis shows a large "Games" department and a very well-paid "Admin" team. Microsoft laid off a DEI team, and its lead wrote an internal email blasting how DEI is 'no longer business critical' China is installing the wind and solar equivalent of five large nuclear power stations per week Trump says 'I'm for TikTok' as potential US ban looms Amazon enforces new office hours rule and targets 'coffee badging' TSMC shares fall more than 2% after Trump says Taiwan should pay for defence YouTube creators surprised to find Apple and others trained AI on their videos Fisker cleared to sell North American EVs for $46.25 million Apple trained AI models on YouTube content without consent; includes MKBHD videos California Continues Its War On Solar To Please Investor-Owned Utilities New 'superlubricity' coating is a step toward friction-free machines TikTok pushed far-right AfD party on young voters in Germany | Alternative for Germany-related content returned when searching for other parties. The 2025 Lucid Air is now the most efficient EV on sale Cloudflare reports almost 7% of internet traffic is malicious It’s never been easier for the cops to break into your phone | The FBI said it ‘gained access’ to the Trump rally shooter’s phone just two days after the attempted assassination. Genetic cloaking of healthy cells opens door to universal blood cancer therapy Streaming’s bundling obsession ignores the real problem with subscription costs | Subscribers keep paying more and getting the same Microsoft and Google's electricity consumption surpasses the power usage of over 100 countries ‘Forever chemicals’ used in lithium ion batteries threaten environment Disney’s internal Slack was leaked by hackers mad about AI SpaceX rocket launch failure leads to 20 Starlink satellites falling from sky, prompting probe | Gravity wins again

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All Space Questions thread for week of July 14, 2024 Elon Musk says he's moving SpaceX, X headquarters from California to Texas What are some everyday facts that everybody should know from a space perspective? A cave on the moon is confirmed, and scientists suspect hundreds more like it could house future explorers NASA releases the Source Selection Statement for the ISS Deorbit Vehicle to be used in 2030. This details why SpaceX won the contract. Link to the pdf is on this webpage. NASA rolls giant Artemis 2 moon rocket core off the factory floor for astronaut mission (video+text) Europe announces new mission to asteroid Apophis ESA Targets 2031 for First Argonaut Lunar Lander Mission Astronomers detect dozens of new pulsating white dwarfs Hi! We're the filmmakers behind HBO's new documentary Wild Wild Space. (Ross Kauffman the Director + Producers Jaye Callahan + Ashlee Vance here). The film is funny, dramatic and unlike any space flick you've seen. Promise. We can talk space, filmmaking whatever - just go ahead and Ask Us Anything! The increasingly dominant role of climate change on length of day variations Jupiter Storms France: National Aerospace R & D institute ONERA acheives World Premiere by establishing 38,000 km Laser high-speed compatible optical link. How the Rubin observatory could detect thousands of 'failed stars' Here's how AI Is changing NASA's Mars rover science Webb Space Telescope's latest cosmic shot shows pair of intertwined galaxies glowing in infrared Juice’s lunar-Earth flyby: all you need to know New analysis of Cassini data yields insights into Titan's seas Moon cave discovered that could one day house humans The Race for Space-Based Solar Power What became of this giant globe used for Apollo simulations? Will space-based solar power ever make sense? Astronaut and accomplished pilot Joe Engle dies at 91: The first human to reach space three times. He was also the only person to manually fly a space shuttle mission through almost its entire reentry. Firefly Aerospace Investigates CEO’s Alleged Inappropriate Relationship Looking for Saturn 5 launch walk through video

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Flintlock: Siege Of Dawn review: a trim and sturdy Soulslite that's best enjoyed in the air A few different Xbox Wireless Controller colours are £20 off for Prime Day, and not just the ugly ones Combine Prime Day with vouchers to get one of the best Steam Deck docks dirt cheap You can get a better, RTX 4060-powered version of my gaming laptop for nearly £400 off this Prime Day If we just went an entire year where every game was as short, cheap, and existentially harrowing as Clickolding that’d be great, thanks Baldur's Gate 3 patch 7 will add dynamic splitscreen, new evil endings, Dark Urge fixes and lots more kissing Prime Day’s 15%-off deal lets the RTX 4060 remember it’s a mid-range graphics card One of the best Prime Day SSD deals doesn’t need a Prime account: 2TB of NVMe storage for just £96 The Lenovo Legion Go has dropped to its lowest-ever UK price on Prime Day 2024 Prime Day cuts the SanDisk Ultra 1.5TB microSD below £100 / $100, and you don’t even need Amazon Flock review: indulge in playful weirdness with a bunch of flying potatoes Star Citizen is free for the next few days, please don't accidentally buy a $300 spaceship Call Of Duty: Black Ops 6 multiplayer early access and open beta dates revealed A former Fortnite tech artist is making the world's most advanced slime monster in Unreal Engine 5 You're a better pilot than I if you can get this Mechwarrior meets HighFleet indie’s mech to do literally anything Manor Lords next update will switch over to Unreal Engine 5 and, more importantly, add fishing ponds At least 500 people will trounce you in Space Marine 2’s multiplayer at launch, because they’re already playing a torrent of the entire game Once Human review: waiter, there’s some brilliant creature design in my big bland survival soup Swery's bloody gambling in Death Game Hotel won't be his only multiplayer game, he says Like a Dragon: Yakuza series actor sees Kiryu as a heroic character who’s “starved for love” Sandbox sequel Supraworld gets loose release date, bringing its shrunken hero to early access this year The First Descendant has "decided to make adjustments" to "barely-changed" Destiny 2 icons

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Tech Support and Basic Questions Thread - July 15, 2024 What Are You Playing Thread - July 15, 2024 No Man's Sky Worlds Part I Update Trailer Sony is Blocking Games on Steam Deck Manor Lords. Fishing Ponds are coming in upcoming update Intel can't stay silent for much longer CD Projekt's Pawel Sasko tells the inspiring tale of how an Estonian beet farmer in Australia became a senior quest designer on The Witcher 4 The next Ryu Ga Gotoku game will be revealed at TGS 2024 Orcs Must Die! Deathtrap - Official Reveal Trailer Orcs Must Die! Deathtrap on Steam Whiskerwood Announce Trailer Kingdom come 2 free for KS backers of first game 37 years later, Hideo Kojima says Metal Gear was so "ahead of its time" because of its portable radio, not its stealth-action Nobody Wants to Die | Launch Trailer 4 friends just trying to make a fun and innovative game. Project Tower's PC demo is out and we would love your feedback. A Space Marine 2 dev build has been leaked into the internet The Witcher 3 REDkit Modding Contest Just did a power consumption test using FSR 3 Frame Gen for “science.” Denuvo has been removed from Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy Gestalt: Steam & Cinder is out now Baldur's Gate 3 - Community Update #28 Closed Beta - Steam News 343 Industries Has Allegedly Been Downsized Considerably, Upcoming Halo Titles To Be Largely Outsourced Terraria has sold over 58m copies to date — Almost 32 million copies have been sold on PC since the game's launch in 2011 Enlisted Available on Steam and Steam Deck AMD CPU roadmap now lists Zen 6 architecture, development of Zen 7 underway Coming to Game Pass: Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess, Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn, and Dungeons of Hinterberg - Xbox Wire Fallout London's Robot Speaker of the House Played by UK's Actual Former Speaker of the House - IGN

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Ask r/Formula1 Anything - Daily Discussion Thread 2024 British GP - Day After Debrief [OT] Théo Pourchaire recalls his experience with Arrow McLaren (McLaren’s IndyCar team) dropping him through a one minute phone call on the same day. Lando Norris will have a special helmet for the Hungarian Grand Prix in collaboration with the Herend Porcelain Manufactory Lewis Hamilton’s W15 Car was Chosen for Random Inspection After British GP: Passes Compliance Check Williams warns Sainz it won’t serve as a ‘stepping stone’ F1 team [Formula 1] A true racer, whose smile shone as bright as his talent. We remember you, Jules Esteban Ocon’s Helmet for the 2024 Hungarian Grand Prix [autosport] Since joining Red Bull for the 2016 Spanish GP, Max Verstappen has only crossed the line outside of the points for the team on ONE occasion. That was the 2016 Belgian GP when he crossed the line in 11th place. Hope to hear “It’s lights out and away we go” at Kyalami one day Bottas: Zhou has ‘proven’ he would warrant a place on F1 grid [Lewis Hamilton] Dog Dads Ferrari poster for the 2024 Hungarian GP. How Mercedes can still become the World Champion. [Jeppe Olesen] Hearing that Red Bull would not sign the Perez contract extension, unless he agreed to the new performance clauses coming into effect from the day of signing, rather than from the beginning of the contract term in 2025. Mercedes poster for the 2024 Hungarian GP. Has there ever been a case where a team has lost the whole car or some important parts to logistics that they could not participate in a race? From open-heart surgery to rallying: How Heikki Kovalainen overcame his greatest challenge Red Bull suspected that McLaren might have created an additional cooling channel that was not allowed. [@motorsportcom] 20 years later and Red Bull Racing has 6 Constructors' Championships and 7 Drivers' Championships VCARB poster for 2024 Hungarian Grand Prix [Esteban Ocon] My AlpineF1Team race winning car has a new home an extremely special day as we welcome the Hungarian GP A521 to the family garage! MoneyGram Haas F1 Team poster for the 2024 Hungarian Grand Prix Williams poster for the 2024 Hungarian GP.

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Open Source Congress Server Monitor platform built with Laravel 11 + PHP 8.2 and SQLite Floorp's EULA The graying open source community needs fresh blood PeerTube 6.2 is out! | JoinPeerTube Seeking Advice on Self-Hosting Email vs. Using External Provider Renovation Software Seeking recommendations regarding TV models/brands that are truly modifiable Just took a huge leap of faith and open-sourced our codebase! AI_dev Hong Kong The Post-Valkey World On Open Source and the Sustainability of the Commons OneUptime - Automatically fix your code by running a GitHub Actions runner. How does this sound? GPT-Instagram : Researched Instagram Viral Posts with your own personality The Open Source Initiative (OSI) is pleased to share that we are joining the founding team of Open Forum for AI (OFAI), an initiative designed by Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) to foster a human-centered approach to artificial intelligence. CarPlay/Android Auto Alternative What's the best opensource and feature rich client for telegram? The graying open source community needs fresh blood How to give back to the community: question for developers Countdown app How open source attracts some of the world's top innovators I'm looking for an open-source project to contribute to Apache 2.0 where should I put legal “items” I am starting an open source SLS printer project. New Graphical Budget planner free and open source Linux application Looking for an app recommendation

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TikTok pushed far-right AfD party on young voters in Germany The best summer Prime Day deals we could find for Ars readers Valve runs its massive PC gaming ecosystem with only about 350 employees Rite Aid says breach exposes sensitive details of 2.2 million customers All four of Google’s Pixel 9 phones get lined up and shot (by regulators) Former OpenAI researcher’s new company will teach you how to build an LLM YouTube creators surprised to find Apple and others trained AI on their videos Meet the woman whose research helped the FBI catch notorious serial killers Streaming’s bundling obsession ignores the real problem with subscription costs Craig Wright’s claim of inventing bitcoin may get him arrested for perjury AMD brags about Ryzen 9000’s efficiency, extends AM5 support guarantee to 2027 Seismic data shows Mars is often pummeled by planet-shaking meteorites Full dev build of Space Marine 2 leaks, and players are already leveling up Google’s $500M effort to wreck Microsoft EU cloud deal failed, report says The 2025 Lucid Air is now the most efficient EV on sale The struggle to understand why earthquakes happen in America’s heartland Porsche expands the Macan EV range with two new models Here’s Audi’s next A5—and all the stuff we won’t get in the US With Falcon 9 grounded, SpaceX test-fires booster for next Starship flight Apple releases public betas of all next-gen OS updates, except for visionOS