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90-minute ‘super commutes’ more common as Bay Area housing shortage intensifies Medicare will require hospitals to post prices online Maker's Schedule, Manager's Schedule (2009) Notes on structured concurrency, or: Go statement considered harmful JavaScript Pattern Matching Proposal A censorship resistant deadman's switch A "major breakthrough" in diesel technology significantly reduces emissions How to become a bank (2016) A Timely Discovery: Examining Our AMD 2nd Gen Ryzen Results How to write a spelling corrector (2016) Microsoft makes AI training courses available to the public Nginx-1.14.0 stable version has been released One Giant Leap for SQL: MySQL 8.0 Released NYSE suspends trading in Amazon, Alphabet due to pricing issue Addressing Recent Claims of “Manipulated” Blog Posts in the Wayback Machine Introspect Yourself Ask HN: Anyone making money through algorithmic trading? Ask HN: Where did you learn modular electronics? BGP leaks and cryptocurrencies Remix is hiring Software Engineers to fix public transit and streets Awesome-live-reloading – A collection of live reloading tools and libraries 64-bit Tiano Core UEFI for the Raspberry Pi 3 Google’s new Chat service shows contempt for Android users’ privacy How our heartbeat shapes our thinking Installing Fonts Using Homebrew Hijack of Amazon’s domain service used to reroute web traffic for two hours Hollywood Is Wrong: Netflix Is the Future of Film A one-second video taken by the Rosetta probe on the surface of a comet Ask HN: Effective methods to fight depression? Startup School Beijing

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WhatsApp-Kettenbrief verspricht "Mılka"-Schokolade Avengers: Infinity War – Thanos gibt dem Marvel-Universum endlich einen Sinn Kaspersky für Mac: Sicherheits-Software sorgt für Probleme Opera Touch: Neuer Mobil-Browser für Android Nissans Elektro-Van e-NV200 bekommt mehr Reichweite Opera 52: Schneller googeln mit der Sofortsuche Mac-Malware will sich per Konfigurationsprofil einnisten Twitter hält sich in den schwarzen Zahlen EU-Plan: 20 Milliarden Euro für Künstliche Intelligenz bis 2020 Ruckler adé: AMD-Microcode-Update AGESA 1002a behebt Bildraten-Einbrüche mit Ryzen-Kombiprozessoren Autonomes Fahren: Continental weitet Autobahntests aus Satellitenbilder: US-Regierung überlegt, für Landsat-Fotos wieder Geld zu verlangen Facebook löscht Funktionen einiger APIs Europol: Weltweit größter Marktplatz für DDoS-Attacken vom Netz genommen Bosch hält zum Diesel – Neue Technik soll Niedergang stoppen "Future Mobility": ADAC wird Cebit-Partner China bei Elektroautos weit voraus Elektroautos: Bis 2025 sollen 50 Prozent der Volvo-Autos rein elektrisch fahren Instagram startet Tool für den "Daten-Download" Business Intelligence: Qlik zeigt neue Software für Entwickler Hack von 500 Millionen Nutzerkonten: 35 Millionen Dollar Strafe für Yahoo Google ersetzt Pistolen-Emoji durch Wasserpistole JavaScript: So sehen die Neuerungen für Node.js 10 und npm@6 aus Ultrahoch aufgelöstes Fernsehen: "RTL Ultra" startet Ende April mit 4K und HDR Spotify Free: Gratis-Nutzer können Songs in Playlists bald direkt abspielen heise-Angebot: Datenschutz-Grundverordnung: Schutz vor Abmahnungen und Bußgeldern heise-Angebot: c't Fotografie: Lightroom-Alternativen Großes Gmail-Update: Neue Bedienoberfläche und selbstzerstörende Mails Reporter ohne Grenzen: Europa rutscht bei Pressefreiheit ab

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Any form of threatening, harassing, or violence / physical harm towards anyone will result in a ban Got a tech question or want to discuss tech? Weekly /r/Technology Tech Support / General Discussion Thread American Cities Are Fighting Big Business Over Wireless Internet, and They’re Losing: “It’s often lost on the public just how badly they’re being screwed” Sea of solar panels turns Mexican desert green - Mexico's new solar park, the largest in Latin America, could help to power more than a million homes with renewable energy. Apple will start paying $16 billion in back taxes to Ireland During Puerto Rico’s Blackout, Solar Microgrids Kept The Lights On: As the utility on the island continues to fail, new systems of renewables–installed after the storm–are showing what a more resilient grid could look like. Even Russian Seniors Are Setting Up VPNs After Putin Botches Internet Censorship 2.7 billion tweets confirm: echo chambers in Twitter are very real Drew Cloud who founded a website claiming "independent, authoritative news outlet" covering all things student loans has been outed as a fiction invented by a student-loan refinancing company No, Net Neutrality Isn't Officially Dead (Yet), And The FCC Is Stalling For A Reason Electric Buses Are Hurting the Oil Industry The Alaska State Senate has called on Congress to overturn the FCC’s repeal of net neutrality. Now demand that Sen. Murkowski do the same. E-Waste Innovator Will Go To Jail For Making Windows Restore Disks That Only Worked With Valid Licenses Patent Troll That Sued EFF And Lost... Now Loses Its Bullshit Patent As Well Graphics card makers will be “forced to slash prices” after GPU shipments fall by 40% Hackers built a "master key" for millions of hotel door locks Wanted at Chinese Start-Ups: Attractive Women to Ease Coders’ Stress Company formerly known as Yahoo to pay $35M over massive breach A One-Minute Attack Let Hackers Spoof Hotel Master Keys To censor the internet, 10 countries use Canadian filtering technology, researchers say: A new Citizen Lab report says Netsweeper is being used to censor political critics, news, and LGBTQ+ resources Jeff Bezos at Berlin prize ceremony greeted by protests against Amazon - The billionaire businessman was in Germany to be honored by publisher Axel Springer for business innovation and social responsibility. But Amazon's European workers argue that the company's practices are the opposite.

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What to expect from the controversial new choice as NASA boss Biggest ever 3D map of the galaxy pinpoints 1.7 billion stars Gamma rays from the sun are acting weird and nobody knows why Amazing GIF shows dust and cosmic rays raining down on comet 67P How we saw the first signs of intelligent life in space Distant Jupiter-like world may be the darkest planet ever found NASA finally has a new boss after a year-long wait Shredded galaxy is disintegrating before our eyes after smash-up Diamond meteorites may come from a lost ancient planet The neon swirls that show how a map of our galaxy is made NASA has launched a new space telescope to hunt for exoplanets Young Saturn gave Jupiter the building blocks for its big moons What to expect from this Saturday’s March for Science Life on toxic Venus? Acid-loving microbes could thrive in clouds War in space may happen soon, but it won’t be what you expect Life on nearest exoplanet may have been wiped out by superflare Lunar X Prize to put a rover on the moon has been resurrected Astronauts could 3D print tools from their own processed faeces NASA is trying to build a supersonic aircraft without the boom We see neutrinos from the big bang in the way galaxies cluster The centre of our galaxy may be swarming with 10,000 black holes Chinese space station Tiangong-1 has finally fallen from the sky Far-off black hole appears to be shredding and devouring a star Mission Icarus: Inside the daring plan to touch the sun Earth had water even before the collision that made the moon Jupiter’s hefty twin found just 12 light years away We’ve spotted a weird galaxy that’s missing all its dark matter Gooey nitrogen ice may make Pluto’s crater-free heart look young NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has been delayed – again Mercury’s long-lost cousin found in distant planetary system

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Week of April 22, 2018 'All Space Questions' thread Gaia creates richest star map of our Galaxy – and beyond This is the Surface of a Comet This Spacecraft You've Never Heard of Could "Revolutionize Astronomy"- Tomorrow, the Gaia Team Will Unveil the Precise Location, Motion, and Color of 1.3 Billion Stars The Z Machine gets $7 million in funding to recreate stars inside the lab. “If we want to study a white dwarf whose surface is at 15,000 degrees, then we’re doing the experiment at 15,000 degrees.” Milky Way's supermassive black hole may have 'unseen' siblings The European Space Agency is releasing the most detailed star chart yet for the Milky Way and neighboring galaxies. European satellite reveals motions of more than 1 billion stars and shape of the Milky Way Animated view of the 14 099 asteroids in our Solar System, as viewed by ESA’s Gaia satellite using information from the mission’s second data release. The orbits of the 200 brightest asteroids are also shown, as determined using Gaia data. Happy 28th Birthday, Hubble! Stellar Effort: Chart of the Milky Way Includes More Than 1 Billion Stars What's Going On in This Amazing, Snowy Video from the Surface of a Comet 360º animated view of the sky in the northern hemisphere on 25 April 2018. Jupiter's Great Red Spot Swirls in Stunning Up-Close Photo by Juno Probe Back to (Nucleic) Bases - Studying DNA aboard the International Space Station NASA launches plans for orbiting lunar outpost. ESA's BepiColombo mission to Mercury is en route to Guiana Space Center! NASA Invites Media to Briefing on Next Earth-Observing Mission Sentinel-3B launch live on Livestream Planetary Resources' Arkyd-6 Mission Success Replay Gaia Data Release Media Invited to Orbital ATK Cargo Launch from Virginia Animated 3D view of the sky as observed by ESA’s Gaia satellite using information from the mission’s second data release. Why Elon Musk will win the race for space-based internet - SpaceX is planning to launch over four thousand satellites to bring high-speed internet to the world, doubling Earth's count of currently-functioning satellites.

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Tech Support Thread - April 24, 2018 What Are You Playing Thread - April 24, 2018 Belgian gaming comission says that lootboxes are gambling and if continued, charges against the games will be brought Microsoft has initiated actions to 'protect its intellectual property' in the wake of ElDewrito's release Hellblade developer 'surprised so many people played the game with mouse and keyboard' Valve - Australian Consumer Rights Notice Graphics card makers will be “forced to slash prices” after GPU shipments fall by 40% Phil Spencer on Twitter - we hope to be able to partner with the ElDewrito team and broader mod and content creation community" Dragon Ball FighterZ - Merged Zamasu Character Gameplay Trailer If you like chinese style paintings and enjoy a good puzzle this is one of the neatest games I've found that combines both of those. It Lurks Below, by the creator of Diablo and Diablo 2, launches in early access ElDewrito development halted, developers are "enacting action to remove the Halo Online code and packages from places it’s being hosted" Dark Souls 1 Remastered is getting a discounted price for owners of the original on PC Sonic Mania Plus - Official Trailer In Light of ElDewrito, what are some other fan created games that are worth checking out? After 11 years of operation, popular lan gaming network provider Tunngle will be shutting down. DICE ending support for Battlefield 1 in June Bullet Witch Remaster releases later today on the PC, official PC requirements revealed Frostpunk is now on Steam. Streamers on Twitch are being DMCA'd • r/HaloOnline How different Counter Strike VR can be - Crowbcat SWERY has released a demo for his Kickstarter project, The Good Life. Venture Kid - Steam Release Trailer Bullet Witch has released on Steam Ubisoft admits Rainbow Six Siege's fastest characters are too strong