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Nobody ever gets credit for fixing problems that never happened (2001) [pdf] Show HN: Real-time image generation with SDXL Lightning Phind-70B: Closing the code quality gap with GPT-4 Turbo while running 4x faster Bluesky announces data federation for self hosters Intuitive Machines successfully lands on the Moon Show HN: Supermaven, the first code completion tool with 300k token context Form to DB Imbue (Formerly Generally Intelligent) (YC S17) Is Hiring an Engineering Manager US achieves first moon landing in half century with private spacecraft I turned my ThinkPad into a programmable USB device Launch HN: Danswer (YC W24) – Open-source AI search and chat over private data Relationships: Start with Several Cellular outage in U.S. hits AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon users Tyler Perry Puts $800M Studio Expansion on Hold After Seeing OpenAI's Sora New code for SIGILL faults to help identify misbranches on OpenBSD APL at Volvo Apple Vision Pro users reporting cracked outer surfaces The code worked differently when the moon was full (2021) Stable Diffusion 3 The Billion Row Challenge (1BRC) – Step-by-Step from 71s to 1.7s Show HN: Pages CMS – A CMS for GitHub Math, Physics, and Engineering Applets The Xylophone Maze: Screen-free coding for children Online Shopping in the 1950s What ZIL metrics are exposed by (Open)ZFS on Linux How to write unit tests in C++ relying on non-code files? Eclipse viewing at 30k feet: Delta to offer path-of-totality flight LongRoPE: Extending LLM Context Window Beyond 2M Tokens Replacement PCB Replicates Early 80s Modem Xerion: Neural Network Simulator (1995)

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Historisch: Der vierte Versuch einer kommerziellen Mondlandung ist erfolgreich Wien verliert zweiten E-Scooter-Betreiber im selben Monat Microsoft aktualisiert Windows 11 automatisch auf 23H2 AdTech: RTL und ProSiebenSat.1 wollen Google bei Digital-Werbung Paroli bieten TechStage | TechStage Top 10: Die besten Tablets bis 500 Euro – iPad als neuer Preis-Tipp! heise+ | Greenpeace zu Apples Ökostrategie: "Ohne die Lieferkette geht das nicht."​ Supertele und Weitwinkel: Zwei neue Objektive von Sigma heise+ | Datenschutz für Telemetrie- und Diagnosedaten erklärt Whatsapp muss sich öffnen: Threema und Signal winken ab Nach "Geständnis" zu Wahlmanipulation: X/Twitter in Pakistan seit Tagen gesperrt Intel-Prozessoren verursachen in Spielen Abstürze Zahlungsmittel ändern: Netflix droht Apple-Abonnenten mit Rauswurf Ohne Ausnahmen: Italien will Smartphones und Tablets an Schulen ganz verbieten Quest 3 als AirPlay-Empfänger: Meta fragt bei Apple an VR-Brille: Sony will PS VR2 mit dem PC kompatibel machen "Alone in the Dark", "Dragon's Dogma II": Neue PC-Spiele im März 2024 Balkonkraftwerke: VDE legt sich bei Modulleistung noch nicht fest TechStage | Preissturz bei Magenta TV: Netflix, Disney+ und RTL+ ab 13 Euro im Monat Rückrufe bei VW und BMW von US-Verkehrssicherheitsbehörde angeordnet Spamwelle im Fediverse: Discord unternimmt nichts, Mastodon bekommt einen Schutz Playstation unterstützt jetzt Passkeys heise-Angebot: Jetzt in der Make 1/24: Lasercutter besser bedienen Notaufnahmen: RKI-Dashboard erhält tagesaktuelle Daten zu Infektionen HP Laser-Drucker: Sicherheitslücken erlauben Codeschmuggel Video-KI: Sora ist beeindruckend, nicht offen und hat Grenzen Persönliche Daten von über 77.000 Facebook-Marketplace-Nutzern geleakt Mit Livestream: Vierter Versuch für die erste kommerzielle Mondlandung steht an Apple-Watch-Unfallerkennung ruft Polizei, doch der Fahrer ist schon weg KI-Training: Google lizensiert Inhalte von Reddit

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AMA With Peter Diamandis (Founder of XPRIZE, Singularity University, Abundance360, and NYT Best-Seller) I’m Kurt Wagner, an author and journalist, and I just published a book called “Battle for the Bird” about Twitter, Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey. AMA. Reddit Files to Go Public, Reveals That It Paid CEO $193 Million Last Year Google Will Pay Reddit $60M a Year to Use Its Content for AI: Report Vice Will Cease Publishing on Vice.com and Lay Off ‘Several Hundred’ Staffers, CEO Says College student put on academic probation for using Grammarly: ‘AI violation’ OpenAI’s Sam Altman Revealed As One of Reddit’s Biggest Shareholders Americans wake to widespread cellular outages, cause unclear Tech Job Interviews Are Out of Control Cellular outage in U.S. hits AT&T, T Mobile and Verizon users, Downdetector shows Conservative MP Says He Trusts Porn Companies Won’t Leak Digital IDs of Canadians Who Visit Porn Websites The hidden high cost of return-to-office mandates Staff say Dell's return to office mandate is a stealth layoff — Dell appears to not have a full list of offices that it owns or can access Reddit files to list IPO on NYSE under the ticker RDDT Google suspends Gemini from making AI images of people after a backlash complaining it was 'woke' Avast fined $16.5 million for ‘privacy’ software that actually sold users’ browsing data Pharmacies nationwide unable to fulfill prescriptions due to cyber attack Mercedes-Benz backs off plan to only sell EVs by 2030 AT&T customers report a massive outage. Verizon and T-Mobile are also down for some ‘I’m proud of being a job hopper’: Seattle engineer’s post about company loyalty goes viral Twitter security staff kept firm in compliance by disobeying Musk, FTC says Nvidia’s finally replacing GeForce Experience with this all-in-one “Nvidia app” India farmers' protest: X admits to taking down posts and accounts Remember when Spez said it was "It's time we grow up and behave like an adult company"? Apparently, that means paying himself $193 million and single-handedly tanking Reddit's profitability right before their IPO.

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All Space Questions thread for week of February 18, 2024 Lunar lander Odysseus touches down on the moon, the first American spacecraft to accomplish the feat since 1972. The International Space Station retires soon. NASA won't run its future replacement. NASA livestream of Intuitive Machines lunar landing (powered descent starts at 6:12pm EST) Intuitive Machines - "After troubleshooting communications, flight controllers have confirmed Odysseus is upright and starting to send data. Right now, we are working to downlink the first images from the lunar surface." Odysseus Moon landing: History made as first mission since 1972 sees craft reach lunar surface James Webb Space Telescope finds evidence for neutron star at heart of SN 1987A Moon landing live: US spacecraft Odysseus completes landing mission - BBC News SPACE: Intuitive Machines lands on the moon in a historic first for a U.S. company A new X 6.37 solar flare just hit the space weather trifecta – 3 X-class flares within 24 hours. Intuitive Machines' Houston-made spacecraft will try to land on the moon today Blue Origin has emerged as the likely buyer for United Launch Alliance Dream Chaser Build Timelapse Watch Intuitive Machines attempt first U.S. moon landing in over 50 years — 2/22/2024 Varda capsule lands in Utah Largest, most powerful Solar Flare of Solar Cycle 25 blasts off @ X6.3 Eclipse viewing at 30,000 feet: Delta to offer path-of-totality flight. Live Webcast: Intuitive Machines' private Odysseus lander attempts historic moon landing | Space Back to Back Solar X Flares Astronomers find first strong evidence of neutron star remnant of exploding star Toilet on the moon, how would it work? Last images of ESR-2 satellite look like TIE starfighter from Star Wars. ESR-2 returned to Earth in an uncontrolled reentry this week after nearly three decades (corrected link) Asteroid mining: Some asteroids are valued at £100trn-plus but mining them is easier said than done IM Odysseus live stream starting

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Pick up Nvidia's RTX 4070 for $529.99 at Newegg in the US This refurb 4K 160Hz Mini LED monitor is $363.99 in the US Millenia, Paradox's 4X Civilization challenger, will release in March Riot's fighting game Project L finally gets a name, but not a good one Solium Infernum review: a fiendish strategy game best played with friends Little Devil Inside resurfaces with new trailer: "we're still here, have been and always will be" Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed brings Warren Spector's platformer to PC for the first time Helldivers 2 is now auto-kicking AFK players to help ease server woes The Electronic Wireless Show podcast S3 episode 7: we lose it over PowerWash Simulator’s Warhammer 40K crossover Flintlock: The Siege Of Dawn shows off its gunpowder pistols, axes and big hoofing kicks Sean Bean is finally returning to Hitman, for you to kill him again Sony are officially working on PC game support for the PS VR2 headset 2024's release schedule just got a lot brighter, starting with Pepper Grinder and Snufkin in March You'll soon be able to play Sea Of Thieves with PlayStationeers, and Grounded with PlayPals and Switchers The joy of Cobalt Core's screen-wide walls of incoming death attacks Shin Megami Tensei 5 is finally coming to PC with newly expanded Vengeance edition What's better: characters making 'bdbdbdbdbdi' noises while talking in text or cosmetics unlocked by challenges? Prison Architect 2 release date delay sees its development sentence extended by over a month Bloodborne on PC somehow looks even less likely as director suggests we might be waiting for PS6 first Elden Ring DLC will have a fight that’s just as hard as Malenia - and a poison swamp too I don't hate generative AI, I just hate that it's "The Future" Monster Hunter Stories, series’ chirpy turn-based spin on Pokémon, gets its first PC release in a new remaster Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree trailer confirms that Miquella is the star Last Epoch review: a vibrant time-travelling ARPG that makes percentage point stat increases fun

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Tech Support and Basic Questions Thread - February 22, 2024 What Are You Playing Thread - February 19, 2024 Helldivers 2 finally adds a much-requested AFK kick timer, stopping undemocratic glory hounds from twiddling their thumbs in perpetuity Nvidia is now combining Nvidia control panel and GeForce Experience. Login is now optional. Sons Of The Forest has left early access on Steam Talking Steam Deck Support With Kingmakers Lead Developer Ian Fisch PC Gamer: Stormgate developer Frost Giant Studios is now asking fans to invest in the company Helldivers 2 - So, we increased the server for @helldivers2 , so everyone should be able to get past the login screen Sony "currently testing the ability for PS VR2 players to access additional games on PC" Pacific Drive is now out on Steam Elden Ring director says the expansion's new weapons are 'a main selling point,' including double-bladed shields, reverse-grip ninja swords, and acrobatic martial arts Baldur's Gate 3 - Hotfix #19 Now Live! - Steam News Dwarf Fortress - Adventure Mode Combat Demo Video Thunderful says SteamWorld Build underperformed, reveals it's looking to sell Headup Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection Xbox DLC Appears To Be A Stolen Mod And Not The Original DLC Finally! This Is Nvidia's New Control Panel - No Log In, Much Faster, One Unified App Prison Architect 2 has been delayed to May Steam - Dinos vs Robots Fest: Official Trailer Co-op survival horror TPS The Forever Winter announced Ruff Ghanor - A deckbuilder is now avaiable on steam and consoles ELDEN RING Shadow of the Erdtree on Steam HELLDIVERS 2 - PATCH 1.000.11 - Steam News Inkulinati is now available on Steam #DRIVE Rally Demo Update! Now with Updated Car Physics and Ghost! Gigantic: Rampage Edition Dev Diary

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Ask r/Formula1 Anything - Daily Discussion Thread 2024 Pre-Season Testing - Day 2 Discussion [Sky Sports F1] IT'S LIGHTS OUT AND AWAY WE- ... oh wait The grid had some fun at the end of Day 2 [@thomasmaheronf1]Suspicions from within some teams that Red Bull’s advantage over the winter has actually increased, not closed up. Hearing talk that it could be as much as a second a lap advantage… Ferrari’s tyre degradation problem seems to be solved Mick Schumacher has his eye on Lewis Hamilton's Mercedes cockpit - "I am aware that Lewis' Mercedes seat is vacant" Formula 1 | How time flies [Autosport] Zak Brown has made his feelings about Red Bull and RB's increased technical alliance for 2024 very clear. Does F1 need to change the rules? Ferrari's suspiciously good race sim is keeping F1 2024 intrigue alive - The Race 2024 Pre Season Testing - Day 2 Classification Haas F1 Team | It got a bit tasty out there and Kevin was loving it! RB Car - Is stunning on track. [@KieranRJackson] Exclusive: Sky Sports F1 commentator David Croft will miss three races this year - the first time he has missed an F1 race in 16 years. Crofty will be replaced on Sky by 5 Live broadcaster Harry Benjamin, starting at Imola in May. All new 2024 helmet designs [Lewis Hamilton via Instagram] With us always. Miss you, Niki Valtteri Bottas | Northern lights for 2024 [The Race] "Red Bull should be applauded for the commitment, the jobs provided through the good times and particularly through the bad times." Christian Horner is unimpressed by the growing criticism - largely led publicly by McLaren CEO Zak Brown - of Red Bull owning two F1 teams. Formula 1 | Things we love to see Hamilton: Mercedes told me "you're wrong" about poor 2022 car [Sky Sports F1] "Our budget is £135m" "Yeah but you have a very expensive driver alongside you, so it's probably more than £200m!" Fernando was being peak Fernando during his press conference alongside George Williams Racing | Keeping an eye on things trackside with JV and Albono FIA confirms, "Mercedes wing is legal, but…" NOR takes 1 gear lower than VER in 4/8 corners, faster on initial exit but slower shortly after

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Apple's contributions to open source? Excited to see 70 downloads on my 1-star library Looking for feedback on JSON masking library A new simple open source tool: Note Map just made a open-source desktop app to manage multiple kubectl port forward Kiwix will be part of this year's Summer of Code, if you are looking for an internship (and/or projects) this is the place I just made full offline In Browser Tools without analytics and strange stuff First open source project When do I have to credit with MIT licensed code? IP camera without features like motion detection or AI, that works on windows and android Valve Releases Steam Audio as Open Source Open source LLMs vs proprietary LLMs in labeling chest X-ray reports KDE's educational software for kids, GCompris, releases version 4.0 with 8 new activities, totalling 190, all translated to over 40 languages Windows app to edit text in PDF New python dev, looking for a team to work on a project and gain some experience. RGFW | Singler-Header Lightweight framework for basic window and graphics context handling (like GLFW) Open Source E-commerce for Hosting Service Painless Linux Servers: a tool to speed up setting up VPS servers. Feeling awkward about adding a sponsorship link I created an OSS library to instrument GO traces. Go/Chi routes are widely used across golang projects, but the open telemetry didn't support its instrumentation. This library has already been accepted by OTEL in their registry. Stars on the repository are appreciated if you like the project Looking for help with setting up Adempiere on Mac OS Qpackt: a web server that makes life easier An interview with Django maintainer David Wobrock How to translate a podcast ? Doodle 0.10.0 can host React, supports WebAssembly and much more

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Jeff Bezos’ New Glenn rocket finally makes an appearance on the launch pad Ransomware associated with LockBit still spreading 2 days after server takedown ISPs keep giving false broadband coverage data to the FCC, groups say Stability announces Stable Diffusion 3, a next-gen AI image generator Nvidia’s new app doesn’t require you to log in to update your GPU driver Snapchat isn’t liable for connecting 12-year-old to convicted sex offenders Does Fubo’s antitrust lawsuit against ESPN, Fox, and WBD stand a chance? Can any English word be turned into a synonym for “drunk”? Not all, but many can. Google’s hidden AI diversity prompts lead to outcry over historically inaccurate images SpaceX seeks a waiver to launch Starship “at least” nine times this year Mercedes-Benz scales back electric ambitions as EV pessimism grows Intel will make chips for Microsoft 70,000 AT&T customers were without service this morning across the US I tried to jump back into JRPGs with FFVII Rebirth, and that was a big mistake Honda’s first US-market EV is here—the 2024 Prologue, driven Test flights on tap for Space Perspective’s luxury high-altitude balloon iMessage gets a major makeover that puts it on equal footing with Signal Unvaccinated Florida kids exposed to measles can skip quarantine, officials say Ala. hospital halts IVF after state’s high court ruled embryos are “children” Blue Origin has emerged as the likely buyer for United Launch Alliance

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Jeff Bezos’ New Glenn rocket finally makes an appearance on the launch pad Can any English word be turned into a synonym for “drunk”? Not all, but many can. SpaceX seeks a waiver to launch Starship “at least” nine times this year Test flights on tap for Space Perspective’s luxury high-altitude balloon Unvaccinated Florida kids exposed to measles can skip quarantine, officials say Ala. hospital halts IVF after state’s high court ruled embryos are “children” Blue Origin has emerged as the likely buyer for United Launch Alliance NASA faces a quandary with its audacious lunar cargo program Frozen embryos are “children,” according to Alabama’s Supreme Court Newly spotted black hole has mass of 17 billion Suns, adding another daily Darwin Online has virtually reassembled the naturalist’s personal library Before snagging a chunk of space junk, Astroscale must first catch up to one Roscosmos seeks to obscure bidding process to evade US sanctions Measles erupts in Florida school where 11% of kids are unvaccinated New compact facial-recognition system passes test on Michelangelo’s David Webb telescope spots hints that Eris, Makemake are geologically active Japan’s new H3 rocket proved it works, but will it catch on anywhere else? A big European satellite will make an uncontrolled return to Earth Wednesday SpaceX wants to take over a Florida launch pad from rival ULA Flowers grown floating on polluted waterways can help clean up nutrient runoff

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Nvidia’s new app doesn’t require you to log in to update your GPU driver I tried to jump back into JRPGs with FFVII Rebirth, and that was a big mistake Microsoft confirms which Xbox games are going to Switch, PlayStation Star Wars Battlefront collection revives a multiplayer classic C-Infinity is a bulky, quixotic solution to VR’s nausea problem Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree trailer offers deep lore, giant flaming bosses Reports: Switch successor is now set for early 2025 Microsoft sure seems to be thinking about some sort of portable Xbox Our unbiased take on Mark Zuckerberg’s biased Apple Vision Pro review After weeks of rumors, Microsoft says four games are going to “other consoles” Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor is a fine entry point into the auto-shooting depths Steam Next Fest: Eight game demos that stood out from the crowd F-Zero courses from a dead Nintendo satellite service restored using VHS and AI Diablo II streamer finds 1-in-3-million item drop, instantly sells it for laughs What would an Xbox without console exclusives even look like? Disney invests $1.5B in Epic Games, plans new “games and entertainment universe” Elden Ring is Tencent’s next target for mobile loot boxes and microtransactions New 6GB version of the RTX 3050 may be Nvidia’s first sub-$200 GPU in over 4 years Fans preserve and emulate Sega’s extremely rare ‘80s “AI computer” Convicted console hacker says he paid Nintendo $25 a month from prison