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The Relay That Changed the Power Industry Tarkovsky's films online for free No_color WebXR Superintelligence: The Idea That Eats Smart People How to mitigate risk from secrets leaks Reflections on Ten Years Past the Snowden Revelations Scar tissues make relationships wear out (2013) Introduction to Algorithms: A Creative Approach by Udi Manber [pdf] TV doctors say annual checkups save lives. Real doctors call bullshit (2016) The Homebrew Hercules Graphics Card Oxidizing OCaml: Locality The HTTP QUERY Method specification State Farm to stop accepting homeowners insurance applications in California Defining a new HTTP method: HTTP Search (2021) 19th century painters may have primed their canvases with beer-brewing leftovers Notes on Stanford Linear Accelerator Center Java Panama Vector API Integrated with Apache Lucene Integrating Zig and SwiftUI Whose baseline (compiler) is it anyway? Emily Wilson on Epictetus Is this octopus having a nightmare? Two-thirds of North America at risk of energy shortages during extreme demand [pdf] Translating/bridging across multiple protocols and identities (via federation) Renate Loll Blends Universes to Unlock Quantum Gravity Unbounded memory usage by Linux TCP for receive buffers, and how we fixed it Twitter engineering boss Foad Dabiri quits day after DeSantis launch glitches Ask HN: Suggestions to host 10TB data with a monthly +100TB bandwidth A Personal View of Average-Case Complexity (1995) [pdf]

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TechStage | Auto-Gadgets für Sommer & Urlaub: Kühlboxen, belüftete Sitze, Ventilatoren & Co. "Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi" – Lucasfilm erteilt Staffel 2 eine Absage 5 Zero-Day-Exploits: Einblicke ins Innenleben des Staatstrojaners Predator Umfrage: Deutsche mehrheitlich kritisch gegenüber digitalem Euro eingestellt TechStage | Huawei Freebuds 5 im Test: Gute Airpods-Alternative mit LDAC ChatGPT: Altman über Gefahren, Chancen und Akzeptanz von Künstlicher Intelligenz OpenAI-Konkurrent Anthropic erhält weitere 450 Millionen Dollar an Finanzierung EU-Kommissar bestätigt: Twitter verlässt Verhaltenskodex gegen Desinformation "Der Herr der Ringe – Gollum": Daedalic entschuldigt sich für Debakel – zu spät Kleine Kameras zu großen Preisen – die Fotonews der Woche 21/2023 Desinfec’t 2023 – die Antiviren-Toolbox von c’t | c’t uplink Nur 512 Byte: Dieser C-Compiler passt in einen Bootsektor "Mein Eistee kam vom Himmel": Wie weit Shenzhen bei der Lieferung per Drohne ist Monochrom bleibt zeitlos schön: Die Bilder der Woche KW21 TechStage | Schon ab 950 Euro: Das beste E-Bike mit Mittelmotor finden Windows: Microsoft untersucht Probleme beim Speichern und Kopieren von Dateien Oberlandesgericht: Drohnenaufnahmen fallen nicht unter die Panoramafreiheit HealthTech: Patient21 sammelt Daten und Millionen ein – zum Ärger Lauterbachs AirTag-Alternative: Maginon Smart Tags mit "Wo ist?"-Support bei Aldi iPhone-Spyware Pegasus erstmals in militärischem Konflikt eingesetzt Eure Tipps gegen klebrige Kunststoffe im Test Rio: Erstes Terminal mit WebGPU in Entwicklung Kurz informiert: Multiresistente Keime, Tesla-Files, Spyware, Prime Video Generative KI in der Bildung | c’t uplink iOS 17 angeblich mit smartem iPhone-Sperrbildschirm Interview mit Bundes-CIO: "Alle Behörden müssen ab sofort digital anbieten." heise+ | Krieg der Barden? Googles KI-Assistent Bard im Praxistest eines Programmierers Developer Snapshots: Programmierer-News in ein, zwei Sätzen TechStage | Smarte Beleuchtung für Garten, Balkon und Terrasse: Philips Hue, Govee & Co

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Bi-Weekly /r/Technology Tech Support / General Discussion Thread. Have you a tech question or want to discuss tech? Tesla instructed employees to only communicate verbally about complaints so there was no written record, leaked documents show Lenovo profits are down a staggering 75% in the 'new normal' PC market AI Reconstructs 'High-Quality' Video Directly from Brain Readings in Study Amazon employees accuse the company of ‘actively accelerating’ the climate crisis, leaked email shows. Employees plan to walk out Huge Tesla data leak reportedly reveals thousands of safety complaints. 4 things to know Global Transition to Electric Vehicles Needs Urgent Support, Report Warns Shocking Leaked Tesla Documents Hint at Cybertruck Problems | The EV giant is under pressure to launch new products, but a huge dump of confidential files in Germany details a litany of technical failings Sea Turtle Thrives Years After Receiving 3D-Printed Shell Brace 'Hot Pixel' Attack Steals Data From Apple, Intel, Nvidia, and AMD Chips via Frequency, Power and Temperature Info | DVFS mechanisms can be exploited to steal data. China says South Korea agrees to boost semiconductor cooperation, while Seoul stays quiet on talks Sonos wins $32.5 million patent infringement victory over Google. China deletes 1.4 million social media posts in crackdown on 'self-media' accounts Google ordered to pay $32.5 million in Sonos patent infringement decision Scientists find way to make energy from air using nearly any material How AI Is Catapulting Nvidia Toward the $1 Trillion Club: WSJ Anti-soil solar PV coating delivers 3% boost in energy production The Windows XP activation algorithm has been cracked | The unkillable OS rises from the grave… Again Google bans Downloader app after TV firms complain it can load a pirate website Apple’s $50 million butterfly keyboard settlement is finally approved ChatGPT: US lawyer admits using AI for case research Green hills forever: Windows XP activation algorithm cracked after 21 years 100% Electric Vehicles Now 13% Of New Car Sales In France Two Charging Companies Respond To Ford’s Adoption Of The Tesla/NACS Plug Passport e-gates at UK airports down 40% Of New Cars Sold In Netherlands Now Plugin Cars!

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New Post-Flairs Bloomberg Supports FOSS With Funding Simplify multithreading in C with the mthread library Open-Source Project Alert: Python API for Midjourney, an AI-based Image Generator Open source programs like CLO 3D? Library of scripts to create, resize, and convert media files Open source Ethnograph program Peplum: F/OSS distributed parallel computing and supercomputing at Home with Ruby infrastructure Visceral with 8 independent connections Awesome Free / Open Source Alternatives (to common SaaS products) for Business Use Taking Open-Source to Substack Looking for contributors to zoom-rs - a rust teleconferencing app Open Source Hardware Bitwarden Moves into Passwordless Security Nauticus v0.1.2 is now Live Why isnt there a foss android emulator for windows in 2023 Projects/contributors searching How do I counter "Open source is less secure due to vulnerabilities being open too."? Complex Menus Made Easy with Doodle 0.9.2 On Zero Trust Programming: Applying the Concept of Zero Trust Security to the Code We Write How do Commercial Open Source Startups manage GitHub insights > 14 days? Is everyone using a workaround? How are "unique" cloners and viewers kept track of? Server cryptography settings analyzer CryptoLyzer 0.9.0 with OpenVPN support has released Understanding the Dapr Workflow engine & authoring workflows as code codeexplain.vim: A nvim plugin Powered by GPT4ALL for Real-time Code Explanation and Vulnerability Detection (no internet necessary) Open Source Content Database? Open-source Runme runs Markdown

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All Space Questions thread for week of May 21, 2023 One of the most difficult shots I've ever attempted, this is the moment the ISS transited the waxing crescent moon in broad daylight. Uncropped photo and video of the event linked in the comments. A supernova the size of 9.461e+15 manatees appeared this week in the M101 galaxy. I was lucky enough to photograph it from my backyard. NASA's Artemis moon rocket will cost $6 billion more than planned: report Barnard 68 (B68) is a dark globule within the Milky Way. These molecular clouds, known to be some of the coldest objects in the Universe (around 10 K or -263 °C), play a crucial role as the birthplaces of stars and planets. Credit: FORS Team, 8.2-meter VLT Antu, ESO. Japan to try beaming solar power from space in mid-decade Four new composite images including X-rays from Chandra and infrared data from Webb feature a nebula, two galaxies and a star cluster. Credit: Chandra: NASA/CXC, JWST: NASA/ESA Stars could be invisible within 20 years as light pollution brightens night skies In a meeting today of the NASA New Horizons Science Team, a presentation strongly suggests that our solar system actually has a second Kuiper Belt. And the New Horizons spacecraft will be visiting it in a few years. Timelapse of May 19th’s surprise aurora storm from Naramata BC. We were lucky to get such vibrant colours so far south! [OC] Axiom-2 blasts by the crew access arm! We really need to explore Uranus and Neptune more This week 3 major radio-telescopes received a message from Mars as part of an art-project that mimics an alien signal. It still hasn't been decoded yet. A Supernova Has Exploded in a Galaxy 274 Quintillion KM Away. ‘It’s new territory’: why is Betelgeuse glowing so brightly and behaving so strangely? See the giant sunspot estimated to be about 4 times larger than Earth Long exposure photo of the ISS over my house Jupiter and its 4 largest Jovian moons in Ultra Violet light. Juice deployments complete: final form for Jupiter Bringing GPS to the Moon Is the Next Frontier Space Force Eyes Fielding Its Own ISR Satellites top astrophysics programs? and if it is worth to apply there? Supermassive black hole at heart of ancient galaxy ‘far larger than expected’ Starship | First Integrated Flight Test | Recap

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Psychonauts 2 and Homeworld 3 crowdfunding platform Fig goes offline tomorrow Sons Of The Forest's latest update adds hard mode Lord Of The Rings: Gollum developers "deeply apologize" for disappointing players Nintendo filed a DMCA notice against Dolphin emulator's release on Steam Citizen Sleeper's DLC has taught me total failure is sometimes inevitable, and that's okay What are we all playing this weekend? Minecraft's Trails & Tales update brings the fan-voted sniffer mob and more on June 7th Asus ROG Ally review: a nifty handheld PC with the best and worst of Windows Off-Peak City feels so big because it's built from tiny places and unknown space I'm having a delightful time in tiny woodland survival sim Smalland Deckbuilding RPG Cross Blitz enters early access this year Fallout: New Vegas is currently free to keep on the Epic Games Store Homeworld 3 has been delayed to February 2024 Alone In The Dark comes out this October, stars Jodie Comer and David Harbour Intel's Arc A750 8GB GPU gets UK price cut to £230.98 - yet outperforms the £300 RTX 3060 The 1TB WD SN850x, our top PCIe 4.0 SSD, is down to an unbelievable £64.99 at Amazon Please stop it with all the bland, new multiplayer shooters that will die in six months Warhammer 40,000: Darktide next patch adds new missions (and possibly crossplay?) Warhammer 40K: Space Marine 2's latest trailer gives us a first look at its endless Tyranid hordes Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader is getting a closed beta in June Miss Twisted Metal? This Warhammer 40K multiplayer racer shooter is for you Elite Dangerous devs are making new Warhammer RTS, Age Of Sigmar: Realms Of Ruin Destiny 2: The Final Shape shows cool big triangle (also resurrection of Nathan Fillion) Amazon Prime June freebies include Neverwinter Nights, SteamWorld Dig 2 and more The Electronic Wireless Show podcast S2 Episode 17: a brief history of everything that ever ran Doom Ultros is a psychedelic metroidvania where you fight gangly aliens and tend plants

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Tech Support and Basic Questions Thread - May 25, 2023 Weekly Game Suggestions Thread - May 26, 2023 Original Fallout co-creator finally explains what made him leave the sequel: 'I made an IP from scratch that nobody believed in except the team, and my reward for that was more crunch' Rumor: Demon's Souls Remake/Ghost of Tsushima May Be Headed To PC Nintendo sends Valve DMCA notice to block Steam release of Wii emulator Dolphin KOTOR Remake Still In Development, Embracer Says Major 3DS Emulator Developer explains why Nintendo is Legally (not ethically) Justified against Dolphin With so many botched PC releases, which under the radar game ended up being the best of the year, so far? This is exactly why devs should offer demos for their games A few words from the "The Lord of the Rings: Gollum" team [RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 6.3 news Weekend PC Game Deals RANT Just deleted 120 GB of left over files from games I already uninstalled The history of Darkest Dungeon, as told by Red Hook Gamers Nexus: Acer Wants EVGA's Spot: RTX 4090 with 3-Slot Water Cooling & AMD RX [REDACTED] Warhammer 40k Speed Freaks - Vehicle combat game alpha announcement Twin Stick Tennis Announcement | The revolutionary controls digital tennis deserves? | Try the demo and judge yourself! Knockout City + Private Server Application is now available to download for free Part two of building an open source PC gaming handheld! Nintendo is threatening legal action…and it doesn’t look good (MVG) The Outlast Trials has sold over 500k copies in its first week in Early Access Please stop it with all the bland, new multiplayer shooters that will die in six months Infinity Strash: DRAGON QUEST The Adventure of Dai Steam page is up Phantom Blade Zero Game Length Is 30-40 Hours, Multiplayer Confirmed, Combat Scenes Captured In-Engine Lionsgate really wants to make a big-budget John Wick videogame: 'There's a ton of energy around it' Actual Starcraft 2 Design Meeting (RARE) footage

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[@AlphaTauriF1] unfortunately, our town of Faenza has once again experienced significant rainfall and subsequent flooding if anyone wishes to help those affected, you can do so by following the instructions below 2023 Monaco Grand Prix - Post Qualifying Discussion Verstappen's comeback on the last sector Charles Leclerc receives 3 place grid penalty for impeding Lando Norris Cleanest floor pic of the new era [Adam Cooper] Lando Norris on Charles Leclerc: "When you listen to the team radio, they're just telling him about Verstappen's lap and giving him live updates, rather than concentrating on who's behind him, which I don't really understand. But it is what it is..." Red Bull floor Alonso's Radio after quali | "Well done guys, don't be disappointed. This is magic." Max on the Absolute Limit in Q3 first look at W14 floor Verstappen's final sector [Scuderia Ferrari] After qualifying, the Stewards decided that Charles impeded Lando Norris in the tunnel section during Q3. Charles has been given a three place grid penalty and will thus start from sixth place in tomorrow’s Monaco Grand Prix. This actually promotes Carlos to fourth place. Verstappen on pole, Alonso P2, Leclerc P3 Verstappen vs Alonso in the final sector Verstappen takes pole in Monaco GP - his first in Monaco Perez crashes into the wall, session red flagged [Formula 1] Take a bow, you two That was BONKERS Charles Leclerc summoned to the stewards for alleged impeding of Lando Norris [@LandoNorris] Lando's reply on the incident with Leclerc on twitter. [@OconEsteban] Wow wow wow! What a feeling!! P3 for the Monaco GP!!! Merci a tous pour votre soutien! Leclerc noted for impeding Norris in final lap [Oracle Red Bull Racing] P1. P20. You couldn't have more contrasting emotions. [@AstonMartinF1] Enjoy that, Alonso? Tomorrow, Fernando makes his first front-row start in Monaco since 2007. Max Verstappen is presented the Pirelli Pole Position Award presented by Maria Sharapova. Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images