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Bluttat in Buffalo: Kritik an sozialen Netzen – Hass "verbreitet sich wie Virus" heise+ | Wie man Apples RealityKit zur Spieleentwicklung nutzt Microsoft warnt vor Sysrv-Botnet Warum Google weiter für "Stalkerware" wirbt Stunde der Gartenvögel: Welcher Piepmatz ist das? Die App Birdnet hilft Qualcomm stellt neue IT-Plattform für Roboter und Flugtaxis vor Green Nudging – Wie Eisbären beim Duschen Energie sparen helfen Netflix plant angeblich Livestreaming-Formate Statt Dampfturbine: Wärmekraftmaschine ohne bewegliche Teile heise-Angebot: c’t-Workshop: WordPress für Einsteiger Sicherheitslücken in Sonicwall SMA 1000 und SSL-VPN erlauben unbefugten Zugriff heise+ | Smart Home: Energie sparen mit virtuellen Zäunen Apple-Design: Inspirator Dieter Rams wird 90 Italien: Russische DDoS-Attacken auf Eurovision Song Contest abgewehrt "Grüne" Atomkraft: Deutschland will Veto gegen EU-Taxonomie einlegen USB-C fürs iPhone: Weitere Belege für Switch im kommenden Jahr heise-Angebot: iX-Praxis-Workshop: Anforderungen für den KRITIS-Betrieb umsetzen Verschleppte Reform: Die fragwürdige Kennzeichnung des Spritverbrauchs AirPods Pro 2 und AirPods Max 2: Was wir über die nächste Generation hören Blütentest: Wie eine App Banknoten auf Echtheit überprüft Tarifkonflikt mit dem Windanlagenbauer Vestas laut IG-Metall langwierig heise+ | Windows 10 oder 11: Vergleich der Systeme Versicherer Hiscox: Cybercrime für deutsche Unternehmen besonders teuer Montag: Onkyo ist insolvent, quantengesicherte Verschlüsselung ohne Hintertür Ende eines klassischen HiFi-Herstellers: Onkyo Home Entertainment ist insolvent TechStage | Convertible, Tablet oder Notebook: Das darf ein Touch-Laptop kosten Auf grüner Welle durch die Stadt: Apps sollen Stau verhindern TechStage | Sat-TV: Alles, was Sie über Satellitenschüsseln, LNBs, Receiver, Sat-IP & Co. wissen müssen E-Paper-Displays: Bessere Farben und ein videotauglicher Schirm heise+ | Programmieren lernen mit Raspberry Pi: LEDs zum Leuchten bringen

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Bi-Weekly /r/Technology Tech Support / General Discussion Thread. Have you a tech question or want to discuss tech? Privacy Experts Warn Data From Period-Tracking Apps May Soon Be Used Against You West Bengal Police Raids Fake Call Centre after American YouTuber Uncovers Racket China has been quietly building a blockchain platform. Here’s what we know The possibility of folding phones being a passing fad is a smart consideration Mass Shooting Apparently Planned On Discord, Streamed On Twitch, Investigated As Hate Crime Google Is Sharing Our Data at a Startling Scale Google and Samsung join forces to make it easier to sync fitness data between apps Robot-assisted surgery can cut blood clot risk and speed recovery, study finds Demand for PC and smartphone chips drops 'like a rock' says CEO of China’s top chipmaker Taking a One-Week Break from Social Media Improves Well-Being, Depression, and Anxiety: A Randomized Controlled Trial EU Proposes It’s Own Version Of EARN IT: Effectively Mandates Full Surveillance Of All Messaging & No Encryption The dramatic untold story of what happened inside Apple after Steve Jobs died and Tim Cook and Jony Ive took over is told in a new book Death could be reversible, as scientists bring dead eyes back to life SpaceX launches 53 more Starlink satellites, lands rocket at sea again Elon Musk called Twitter newsfeed algorithms 'manipulative,' prompting a reply from founder Jack Dorsey, who disagreed with the claim Texas power grid operator asks customers to conserve electricity after six plants go offline Swiss voters decide to impose levy on streaming giants Elon Musk says Twitter legal team told him he violated an NDA. Comparing the Incredible Webb Space Telescope Images to Other Infrared Observatories Angry IT admin wipes employer’s databases, gets 7 years in prison New Zealand to help pay for cleaner cars to reduce emissions Social media platforms deny but content creators and tracking websites confirm that shadowbanning or silent censorship is real Elon Musk wants to know how many fake accounts Twitter has, but experts say his approach is all wrong University of Cambridge researchers use algae to power computer

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All Space Questions thread for week of May 15, 2022 Lunar Eclipse astrophotography megathread - submit your images, videos and questions about the lunar eclipse here! I dragged my camera and tripod to the bottom of the Grand Canyon to get this star trails shot View of an Aurora from above, seen from the International Space Station. There's a Lunar Eclipse tonight (15 May). Here's a gif of when you can watch it. A comical, 3D animated short film I made recounting the events of the space race that took place between the USA and the USSR from 1955 until 1969. A bit silly, and not 100% scientific, but I hope it is fun to watch! A series of watercolors I did of Voyager 2 flying over distant Uranus. STEVE Above a Church in NW Minnesota Enjoy your Lunar Eclipse, tonight (Credit: Jean-Francois Gout) I made my wallpaper going from mars to terraformed mars 1 vs 3600: I couldn't afford an expensive Star Tracker or a Telescope, so I took 3600 exposures of The Lagoon Nebula with just a basic camera from a fairly light polluted city in central India. Merged them all together using a technique known as "Stacking", and this was the result [OC] For the first time, scientists have grown plants in soil from the moon collected by NASA's Apollo astronauts HDR Moon composite made by me with images captured by my telescope and smartphone. I recorded 10 videos of the Moon, processed and stacked 1500 frames. The Super Flower Blood Moon lunar eclipse of 2022 occurs tonight! Here's what to expect. Moon and venus at sunset Total Lunar Eclipse Tonight there is a total lunar eclipse, commonly referred to as a "Blood Moon" as Earth's sunsets are cast onto the lunar surface. Here is a picture I captured of one in 2019. The red is much more subtle visually, but still spectacular to witness. Scientists used samples of dust collected during the 1969-1972 Apollo missions to grow small plants. I left my camera running at Jenny Lake (Grand Teton National Park) at night and captured our home galaxy reflecting off the water! Milky Way captured using a Smartphone The moon is beautiful tonight. I took this image........with my phone. Incredible how far we've come. No Morning In Orbit, Me, Digital Painting, 2022

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The Sunday Papers Another Crab's Treasure is a Soulslike about battling crabs Gunbrella casts you as a murderous Mary Poppins Deathloop update adds photo mode and new accessibility options Activision Blizzard brag about weird diversity tool, quickly walk it back after backlash What are we all playing this weekend? Get a 2TB WD SN770 PCIe 4.0 SSD for £170 after a 10% discount FSR 2.0 tested: AMD’s new upscaler closes the gap on DLSS RPS Time Capsule: the games worth saving from 2009 Mechfights made mellow in Ignited Steel: Mech Tactics Overwatch 2's PVP beta feels mighty familiar even for a sequel CCP won't let two failed shooters get in the way of making the perfect Eve Online FPS Age Of Empires 3: DE's latest DLC adds a ‘casual-friendly’ game mode Lego Bricktales recreates Lego so well that I wish it was just regular Lego Grab your boomstick, Evil Dead: The Game is out now Supporter podcast - The Nate Files episode 9: All Creatures Small And Even More Small & episode 10: Don't Kinkshame The Skin Worms Genshin Impact devs unveil their next stylish action RPG, Zenless Zone Zero Stellaris: Overlord is out now, adding vassals and new megastructures Funcom are making a multiplayer, open-world survival Dune game The Dead Space remake gets a January 2023 release date Alan Wake 2 won't be revealed this summer after all, Remedy say Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 Ti review: the graphics card I want, but shouldn’t Dying Light 2's first story DLC has been delayed to September The Electronic Wireless Show podcast episode 186: the best writing in games Starfield and Redfall have both been delayed until 2023 Grimdark RTS Age of Darkness: Final Stand throws thousands against your frail walls Of course John Romero's autobiography is going to be called Doom Guy Screenshot Secrets: photographing Stripes the family cat in Morrowind

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Tech Support and Basic Questions Thread - May 15, 2022 Beat Your Backlog! Weekend Thread - May 14, 2022 NFT Market Collapses Just As Square Enix Sells Tomb Raider To Bet Big On Blockchain Mafia 4 will be set in Sicily, following the story of Don Salieri – Rumor Gears of War could be getting the "Master Chief Collection treatment", it’s claimed Arma 4 will not be the next entry in the franchise from Bohemia Interactive, but it will be a PC and console game called Arma Reforger. This mind-blowing mod finally brings true VR to the PC ports of Resident Evil 7 and Village NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 series now rumored to launch in 'early Q3' Ryujinx (Switch emulator) Progress Report April 2022 Here's a demake of Portal... for the N64 A Mario Kart 64 HD texture pack is out now on PC Elden Ring Dissected #3 - Hidden Map Changes Charming claymation 2.5D Metroidvania Reclamation wins The Very Big Indie Pitch Scarface 2 Cancelled Game (2009) ‘Halo Infinite’ should have been delayed again. Season 2 is proof. Tinykin Is A Pint-Sized, Pikmin-Inspired Platformer With Massive Potential | Developer Interview Creator Interview #1 Teppei Ono: GDC 2022 About Forspoken This game is pretty fun, very Vampire Survivor's-esque I'm Jealous of Warhammer Searching for a game where my GF can make online friends without being forced to Elden Ring survey results show players' fave weapons, bosses, and more How the creators of Hitman use social science to design perfect murder playgrounds Max Payne 3 - 10th Anniversary Retrospective | DarthZombie New Steam Quiz Feature in Development for Sale Pages Carrier Command 2: Announcing Major Update 3 - Dedicated Servers & Public Server Lists Your best PC Games story-wise? Elden Ring Overtakes Call of Duty: Vanguard's US Sales, Becomes the Biggest Game of the Last Year

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NSA Says ‘No Backdoor’ for Spies in New US Encryption Scheme Dave Thomas: "A good design is easier to change than a bad design" (Agile Is Dead - GOTO 2015) Use console.log() like a pro Portal Demake for Nintendo 64 project by soiguapo (source code available) 3D Math Primer for Graphics and Game Development Google Created 'Open Source Maintenance Crew' to Help Secure Critical Projects IBM says it will have thousands of quantum computers for sale by 2025 "Bring me problems, not solutions!" - how to facilitate dev and business communication GitHub - ajnart/homarr: Customizable browser's home page to interact with your homeserver's Docker containers (e.g. Sonarr/Radarr) Reverse Engineering Discord's Party Mode. Favor Composition Over Inheritance part 2 I've decided to fork Flutter Quill Rich text editor and do a general cleanup, add docs, tests and new features. During the refactoring I'll be recording YouTube episodes about code quality and software architecture in Flutter Airbnb’s Microservices Architecture Journey To Quality Engineering Microsoft fixes new NTLM relay zero-day in all Windows versions JDK 19: The features targeted for Java 19 RHEL9 Reaching GA Shortly, RHIVOS Woos GM For Software-Defined Vehicles The C4 Model for Software Architecture GDL: GNU Data Language When sleeping dogs bite: Unmaintained systems breed disasters Favor Composition Over Inheritance part 1 How we deploy to production over 100 times a day Any recommended alternatives to AWS batch? Our services need timer jobs in both AWS and GCP, it makes sense to rely on a solution not tied to a cloud provider. Flutter Basic Training: A Complete Guide For Beginners GitHub - firstapostle/Blood: Layer 7 DDoS Panel with Cloudflare Bypass ( UAM, CAPTCHA, BFM, etc.. ) React 18 week is here

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Open source calendly alternative Sioyek 1.3 Release | PDF Viewer for Research Papers and Textbooks Code to make the brave tabs blur Portal Demake for Nintendo 64 project by soiguapo Open-source alternative to Windows Steps Recorder Can open office have a virus opening a docx file? Let's Markdown: A real-time collaborative markdown editor built with Rust, WebAssembly, and React! any other good media player (open source) aside from vlc Looking to put together a team for an open source, non-for-profit dating app. Ideas are also welcome! When will we learn? - Drew DeVault of Rust's (and other package managers') recent supply chain attack my second HTML, CSS & JS project was just released Insights for any repository on Github question about setting up my local environment Why is There a Lack of Open-Source PDF Editor Options? Search Ukraine War images using AI is there any open source application that allows me to use my old laptop as second monitor for my main pc? How to find the software of this fake smartwatch Simple, but accurate drawing for iOS Any selfhosted, free, light weight media centre software or learning platforms that has this kind of note taking on videos functionality? OpenBB is Setting the Standard for Customer Support and Service in the FOSS Community. We Named our new Feature, Support! Music Player and downloader Looking for Open-Source PDF Editor 🆕 Camera Controls - Intermediate Tutorial - #GDevelop #gamedev #indiedev #nocode Opensource: A Modern, Customizable, Portfolio Platform Khepri - Mnesia replacement | Michael Klishin | RabbitMQ Summit 21

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Ask /r/formula1 Anything - Daily Discussion - 16 May 2022 That's insane. “Out with the locals” -Valtteri Bottas as he rides with Lance Armstrong! [Escuderia Telmex] The third child of Sergio Perez and his wife Carola was born! Congratulations to the whole family, and welcome to the world Emilio! [Motorsport.com] Here's the proof: Leclerc suffered a broken brake-pad, instants before the accident Mercedes have been on pole at every Spanish GP in the last 9 years. Charles Leclerc has crashed Niki Lauda's Ferrari in the Monaco Historic Grand Prix [Williams Racing] The team can confirm that @nyckdevries will take part in FP1 on Friday, fulfilling one of the two mandated young driver sessions this season When Ferrari embraced the yellow part of their logo. Made up for some beautiful aesthetic... [redbullracing] RedBull RB7 being assembled Formula 1 drivers Will Take Part in The Football Charity Game for The Benefit of “Star Team for Children” on May 24th in Monaco [OT] Great individual performance from the German F4 this past weekend [Charles Leclerc] When you thought you already had all the bad luck of the world in Monaco and you lose the brakes into rascasse with one of the most iconic historical Ferrari Formula 1 car. Lewis and Seb during Miami GP Driver parade [@automobileclubmonaco on IG] Something special will happen today with this Driver! Stay tuned... "Chuck Leclerc" - Willy T Ribbs Next Stop, Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Spain. [doble amarilla] The current F1 champion was given a bust of Fangio. Verstappen gets recognition from the Fangio Foundation. His face says it all. Charles Leclerc driving a lap in Niki Lauda's old Ferrari at the 2022 Monaco GP Historique [OT] MotoGP qualifying graphics Saw Max Verstappen hang out at the Historic GP in Monaco. Russell insists nationality must not sway F1 driver market Nikki Lauda's 1974 Ferrari in the pits [Motorsport.com] Active Teams who have won the Spanish Grand Prix