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Brave launches 1.0 AI Clones Your Voice After Listening for 5 Seconds (2018) Mirantis Acquires Docker Enterprise Venice Floods Because of Highest Tide in 50 Years Go.dev: a new hub for Go developers 16-inch MacBook Pro Oslo's Ambitious Plan to Decarbonize Its Port Show HN: Workouts – Learn by doing real developer projects A.I. Systems Echo Biases They’re Fed, Putting Scientists on Guard More Intel speculative execution vulnerabilities Google plans to partner with banks to offer checking accounts Using Python to generate JavaScript for creating interactive website tours We Can Choose an Internet Without Surveillance ReadMe (YC W15) is hiring. Help us make APIs easy to use Helm (the Kubernetes package manager) 3.0.0 has been released Show HN: My Weekend Project, AutoSSL Show HN: Testing HN titles against a neural network OpenSwiftUI – An Open Source Re-Implementation of SwiftUI How VCs Make Money Developing open-source FPGA tools Court: Suspicionless Searches of Travelers’ Phones and Laptops Unconstitutional OpenBSD: Why and How (2016) Can the long-lost abalone make a comeback in California? The NYPD kept an illegal database of juvenile fingerprints for years New 5G flaws can track phone locations and spoof emergency alerts Scientists find eternal Nile to be more ancient than previously thought MacBook Pro 16" First Impressions Heat Death: Venture Capital in the 1980s (2015) The Problem with Diamonds Is They Keep Getting Cheaper Weird Number

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Energieagentur: SUV heben Vorteile von Elektroautos auf GitHub bekommt eine App, Benachrichtigungsmanagement und bessere Code-Suche GitHub gibt Actions und Paketregistry frei. Apple Arcade: Schwache Performance auf einigen Macs Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition angespielt: Ehrwürdige Strategie mit Flecken "YouTubers Union" sucht den Streit mit Google Niederlande führen Tempo 100 ein heise+ | Kurztests: PaintShop Pro 2020, Fenstermanager und PC-übergreifende Maussteuerung Kamerapanne in iPhone-App: Facebook will keine Aufnahmen erfasst haben Prezi Video hilft beim YouTube-Dreh Gafferfotos von Unfallopfern sowie "Upskirting" sollen strafbar werden KI-Experte: Maschinendaten sind "die letzte Chance für Europa" Cisco: Remote-Code-Execution-Gefahr durch ungepatchte Lücke in FTD und ASA Neuer Mac Pro kommt erst im Dezember Rassismus-Vorwürfe bei Facebook TechStage | Deal-Check: Media Markt & Saturn mit Samsung-Angeboten Nach Besuch von NASA-Sonde: Himmelskörper "Ultima Thule" heißt jetzt "Arrokoth" Hands-on: Apples neues MacBook Pro mit 16"-Display heise+ | Legal Markup Languages für Vertragsabwicklung heise-Angebot: JavaLand 2020: Programm der Java-Konferenz nun online Dell Summit: Weniger Cloud mit der Cloud Open-Source-Tool Spleeter schneidet Musikspuren aus fertigen Mixen Weltweit existiert noch kein Endlager für Atommüll Spotify läuft nun auch werbefinanziert auf Sonos-Lautsprechern Eon-Umfrage zu Elektroautos: Reichweite dürfte den meisten Autofahrern genügen US-Gericht: Routine-Durchsuchungen von Mobilgeräten an Grenze verfassungswidrig Asteroidensonde Hayabusa2 beginnt ihren Rückflug zur Erde Bangle.js – die Smartwatch, die gehackt werden will Windows 10 November 2019 Update (V1909) verfügbar: Tipps zur Installation heise+ | GPS-Überwachung von Firmenwagen: Was erlaubt ist und was nicht

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Hayabusa 2 begins long journey home carrying Ryugu asteroid samples Distant space rock known as Ultima Thule renamed to avoid Nazi links Star systems full of planetary smash-ups are bad news for alien life Spaceflight alters heart cells but they quickly recover back on Earth Apollo collection curator on what Neil Armstrong took to the moon Cosmological crisis: We don't know if the universe is round or flat Voyager 2 sent back its first detailed data from interstellar space Don't miss: Risky flights, idiotic experiments and the secrets of life We've finally figured out what happens when a star explodes We’ve found a black hole that may be smaller than any ever seen before How to spot Taurus, star clusters and a meteor shower in the night sky The ‘nuclear pasta’ in neutron stars could transform particle physics Alien water may have been found on interstellar comet Borisov Surprisingly round asteroid may actually be the smallest dwarf planet A sci-fi anthology offers widely divergent glimpses of the future Don’t miss: Sleepless nights, ephemeral worlds and telepathic terrors Strange volcanic domes on Venus may be made from hot crystal mush Spot six planets in the sky this week: Mercury, Mars, Uranus and more The solar system has too many moons – it's time for a cull Distant galaxies moving in sync hint at cosmic web across the universe Blue Origin assembles space industry dream team to build moon lander Don't miss: a bright mind, a dark future and crowd-sourced science Moving to Mars – this show will help you become a real Martian SpaceX plans to put more than 40,000 satellites in space How to use the Orion constellation to find Sirius the dog star Strange sand dunes on Titan could be made by cosmic rays hitting ice Maggie Aderin-Pocock on space travel and humanity's future Astronomer Royal: We're destroying the book of life before reading it NASA engineer's 'helical engine' may violate the laws of physics Born in the big bang: How ancient black holes could save cosmology

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Stadia launch dev: Game makers are worried “Google is just going to cancel it” Pokémon Sword and Shield review: A big adventure with a small Pokédex High demand causes login problems on Disney+ launch day Two years later, Apple’s AR/VR headset plans reportedly pushed back two years Sonic the Hedgehog’s movie look is fixed following fan outcry The Mandalorian’s first episode is a no-brainer reason to pay for Disney+ Only 12 games will be available on Google Stadia in time for Nov. 19 launch [Updated] Guests get more than they bargained for in trailer for Fantasy Island reboot Space cowboy successes, and failures, ahead of The Mandalorian’s Disney+ launch A personality quiz for fans of math and history: Are you a Newton or a Leibniz? Limits, schlimits: It’s time to rethink how we teach calculus World of Warcraft: Shadowlands impressions: Leveling alts is about to get a lot more fun Diablo 4 impressions: Soaking in dark atmosphere and feel-good combat Night Has Come is remarkable work of genuine found-footage horror The best science and math moments in Sesame Street’s first 50 years Goldeneye 007’s lost remaster emerges again via massive, polished video leak Sony has a PlayStation Now problem Review: Doctor Sleep joins IT as one of the best Stephen King adaptations yet Elisabeth Moss gets the gaslighting treatment in Invisible Man trailer Pistol Whip review: The year’s freshest VR game—and oh-so close to greatness