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Examining the covidtests.gov architecture Number of people on government websites now Postgres Indexes for Newbies Gitlab Handbook's HN Page I'm keeping a job search diary on my blog Dendron: A personal knowledge management solution built on VS Code “The Eyes Have It” by Phillip K. Dick (1953) Dominant languages can spread even without coercion The Texas Electric Grid Failure Was a Warm-Up Dietary self-monitoring (Calorie Counting) doesn't increase eating disorder risk Einstein: 'Principles of Research' – for Max Planck's 60th birthday (1918) A tour to my Zettelkasten note clusters Ben Stiller’s New Series Is a Sci-Fi Take on Office Space Hotcaml: An OCaml interpreter with watching and reloading Designing a super user program for your online community Xerox PARC Mesa Programming Language 5.0 (1979) [pdf] When cigarette companies used doctors to push smoking (2018) Zettelkasten – Luhmann Style Switzerland’s astonishingly polite armed conflict of 1847 AI could end foreign-language subtitles Ecosia and eyeo, more than just alliteration Invisible Hierarchies Are We Really Engineers? (2021) Forage (YC S21) Is Hiring a Software Engineers Load testing at scale and lessons learned Google requiring all ‘G Suite legacy free edition’ users to start paying What it means to teach gifted learners well The first fairy stories were never intended for children The Eerie, Lunar Nothingness of Namibia’s Skeleton Coast Why static languages suffer from complexity

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Google Analytics declared illegal in the EU. Noclip - the most impressive 3D web project I've seen. Full levels from GTA, Portal, Team Fortress, Psychonauts and many others viewable in the browser. Open source developers, who work for free, are discovering they have power – TechCrunch DevToys.app - An offline Swiss Army knife for developers How Khan Academy Rewrote their Backend The most copied StackOverflow snippet of all time is flawed! Do Svidaniya, Igor, and Thank You for NGINX Why You Should Learn Lisp In 2022? The architecture of covidtests.gov I made a program that recognizes moves made on a real chess board with online play support. I programmed a 3D game engine in C++ and assembly language. The iOS game that uses my engine can be downloaded from the provided link. I learned a TON from doing this and got much better performance than I could have achieved with Unity. However, it did take a lot of work and late nights. Tricking PostgreSQL into using an insane – but 200x faster – query plan Analyzing Teleport RBAC with Z3: Regexes, queries and formal methods My review and comparison between the Bangle.js 1 and Bangle.js 2 hackable JavaScript Smartwatches! How to create form validation in Laravel 8 Postgres Indexes for Newbies Use two sequences to insert data into the same table to ensure the compatibility of Postgres BigInt upgrade across services Get out early with Perl statement modifiers How vectorization speeds up your Python code CMake wrapper for Xrepo C and C++ package manager 7 Best Practices for Testing APIs TypeScript Type Safety with AJV Standalone The Unreasonable Effectiveness of JPEG: A Signal Processing Approach A tentative comparison of fault tolerance libraries on the JVM CSRF: What are they, how to exploit and how to defend

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Bundesnetzagentur: Verbraucherschützer Müller soll neuer Chef werden Nach dem Vulkanausbruch: Wie Tonga wieder ins Netz kommen soll Googles Kamera verfälscht Links in QR-Codes Kommentar: AMDs Radeon RX 6500 XT zeigt, wie kaputt der Grafikkartenmarkt ist Donnerstag: Google verliest sich bei QR-Codes, Corona-Warn-App auf dem Prüfstand #heiseshow: Hass und Hetze auf Telegram – Was der Staat tun kann und was nicht FAQ: Kopfhörer c’t zockt LIVE Stranded Deep: Jetzt mit Robinson und Freitag Opera: Crypto-Browser-Projekt als Betaversion verfügbar Aufbau des EU-Patentgerichts beginnt TechStage | Bestenliste: Die Top 10 der Fitness-Tracker 2022 ICANN: Datenschutzkonformer Whois-Zugriff wird teuer​ Autonome Schifffahrt: Mitsubishi lässt Autofähre vollautonom fahren Infofreiheit: EU-Kommission will SMS und Direktnachrichten nicht herausgeben Innenministerin Faeser: Telegram-App soll aus App-Stores entfernt werden Bluetooth-Tastatur: Logitech MX Keys Mini for Mac im Kurztest heise+ | Neue Auswahltechniken in Adobe Photoshop: Freistellen mit nur einem Klick Kurz informiert: Wasserstoff, Hassrede, 5G, Batterieproduktion Microsoft Office: Wichtige Verbesserungen für Mac-Nutzer Beta-Firmware für Fritzbox 7590: Krasse VPN-Beschleunigung mit WireGuard Debatte über Tempo 30 auf mehr Berliner Straßen EU-Kommissarin Vestager hat Facebooks Metaverse auf dem Kieker Philippsburg will gegen Lagerung von Atommüll aus Frankreich klagen Snapchat geht gegen Drogenhandel im Messenger vor Apple warnt US-Senatoren vor erzwungener App-Store-Öffnung Mehr Malware bedroht Linux Virtualisierung: libvirt 8.0.0 mit QEMU-synchronen Kopiervorgängen Brandenburgs Regierung hält Wasservorrat um Tesla-Fabrik für gesichert Der Halbleitermarkt boomt: 2021 erstmals halbe Billion Euro geknackt Neuer Rechtsrahmen für Europol: Speichern, was die Festplatte hält​

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Bi-Weekly /r/Technology Tech Support / General Discussion Thread. Have you a tech question or want to discuss tech? World Bank chief takes swipe at Microsoft's $69 billion gaming deal as poor countries struggle. Nine-year-old kids are launching DDoS attacks against schools Microsoft is bigger than Google, Amazon and Facebook. But now lawmakers treat it like an ally in antitrust battles YouTuber Accused of Crashing His Plane for Views. Now the Feds Are Investigating Starlink Satellites Are Photo Bombing Astronomy Images How mRNA technology could create a new vaccine — against ticks | Tick-borne illnesses are on the rise. This new vaccine could eventually protect against several of them The inventor of the World Wide Web says his creation has been abused for too long Microsoft Deal Wipes $20 Billion Off Sony's Market Value in a Day Crypto.com CEO confirms hundreds of accounts were hacked Walmart Plans Launch Of NFTs Cryptocurrency And Tokens As It Dives Into The Metaverse And Virtual Reality Pentagon to Spend $52 Million in 2022 on U.S Border Spy Blimps Apple and Google are pleading with US lawmakers not to pass antitrust regulation challenging app stores and search Microsoft has avoided the hot seat for years. Its new mega deal may change that. Musk Engineered SolarCity Purchase as a ‘Bailout,’ Tesla Investors Argue Opinion: Opinion Our daughter and all victims of 737 MAX crashes deserve DOJ investigation of Boeing’s duplicity Three former SpaceX engineers are designing self-powered electric freight train cars Cyberattack on Red Cross compromised data of over 500,000 'highly vulnerable people' IRS Will Require Facial Recognition Scans to Access Your Taxes Google Analytics declared illegal in the EU. Quantum computing in silicon hits 99% accuracy | Research paves the way for large silicon-based quantum processors for real-world manufacturing and application. EU wants to build its own DNS infrastructure with built-in filtering capabilities Farmers seek jury trial against John Deere for anti repair practices - Right to Repair US introduces new privacy bill to ban targeted advertising on digital platforms

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All Space Questions thread for week of January 16, 2022 James Webb Space Telescope Megathread - Deployment & Journey to Lagrange Point 2 Just in from the @NASAWebb team: All 18 primary mirror segments and the secondary mirror are now fully deployed! Watch two Russian cosmonauts take a spacewalk outside the International Space Station today (as in right now) Radian announces plans to build one of the holy grails of spaceflight Astrophysicist explains dark matter in a way I finally understand Starlink Satellites Are Photo Bombing Astronomy Images JWST has now completed over 95% the distance of its journey. Only has a few more days till L2 insertion. NASA's Swift Observatory in Safe Mode, Team Investigating Reaction Wheel A study shows that the climates of terrestrial planets with a small amount of water on their surface would have a larger habitability zone than one that is based on Earth-like amounts. ABL Space Systems rocket stage destroyed in test accident Ariane 6 Central Core Arrives at Europe’s Spaceport to Mimic Launch Campaign The Moon’s Far Side Is Covered in Sticky Soil and Fresh Craters How to Build the Universe in a Computer Astronomers propose building a neutrino telescope — out of the Pacific Ocean There are 40 billion billions of black holes in the universe: With a new computational approach, researchers have been able to make the fascinating calculation. Moreover, according to their work, around 1% of the overall ordinary (baryonic) matter is locked up in stellar mass black holes A stellar find: Israeli scientists detect 'impossible' supernova What will happen to the ISS program if/when the Russians invade Ukraine? New Horizons - Incredible Pluto Flyby (Raw Images) Saving a RS-25 Rocket Lab acquires SolAero Holdings for $80M to boost space solar cell production Part 2 Orbital assembly chat with Total space Is life possible on rogue planets and moons? Here's how the James Webb Space Telescope is aligning its mirrors in deep space. China creates gravity chamber for moon simulations Earth’s Interior Is Cooling Faster Than Previously Estimated

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Game Pass boasts of 25 million subscribers, adds Danganronpa Letter From The Editor #06: help test our new liveblog feature tomorrow! Have A Nice Death rattles onto Steam Early Access in March Eastshade devs reveal a new witchy RPG mixing magic, music and gardening Russian Simpsons Hit & Run bootlegger voices every character themself Microsoft's Activision Blizzard deal has deeper implications for video games than you think Bobby Kotick suggested buying Kotaku or PC Gamer to 'change the narrative', report claims Total War: Warhammer 3's campaign is packed with new and chaotic ideas Activision Blizzard worker group say Microsoft's purchase doesn't change their goals Rainbow Six Extraction PC performance: the best settings to use Rainbow Six Extraction review: far more than a Siege spin-off Sorry, I don't have a hot take on Microsoft buying Activision Blizzard Ys IX: Monstrum Nox adds cooperative multiplayer Expeditions: Rome review: a gripping, ambitious historical CRPG Microsoft are buying Activision Blizzard for $69 billion OlliOlli World is a good-spirited renovation of punishing skateventures Season 2 of Netflix's Dota animated series is out now Foxhole logistics players going on strike, demanding improvements Nobody Saves The World review: a charming action RPG plagued by repetition Crossfire: Legion is the future of the RTS as it was in 1999 Wordle's app store namesake is donating its proceeds to charity Diplomacy Is Not An Option delays its hordes until next month Ubisoft are making a VR escape game set inside the burning Notre Dame Tumbledown Drive is a Getting Over It-style platformer in which you're a car Turn your Wordle result into a cute building with the Townscaper converter Kick Blue Monday up the bum with the games that make you smile Nvidia DLDSR tested: better visuals and better performance than DSR Konami's Castlevania NFT collection sold for £119,000 A blindfolded speedrunner beat Sekiro in two hours on AGDQ

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Tech Support and Basic Questions Thread - January 18, 2022 What Are You Playing Thread - January 18, 2022 AMD hides 2020 blogpost claiming 4GB VRAM is ‘not enough for today’s games’ - KitGuru Blizzard producer Tracy Kennedy says Bobby Kotick would shove random Overwatch projects with overtime, only to get them cancelled and for months of OW2 dev to have been lost. God of War - Patch v1.0.2 has released Bobby Kotick recently proposed purchasing games media sites to control the narrative surrounding Activision Blizzard Steam games that have been tested by Valve for Deck compatibility are now viewable on SteamDB PC processor prices poised to rise in 2022 Chinese government introduces new regulations for gamers for Lunar New Year 2022 Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen's Steam server is currently offline because of an issue Capcom discovered. Wine 7.0 released Witchfire: A date, a feature, an indie drama and the biggest Q&A yet! XCOM, Civilization Veterans Form New Tactics Studio, Bit Reactor Deadly Dozen Reloaded Steam Page is up (Remake of 2001 game) Chaos Undivided | Total War: WARHAMMER III Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel is Konami's biggest launch game on Steam with over 150k+ players Ubisoft has a weird system for accessing their games through PC Game Pass Streets of Rogue - Version 96 + Sequel Update Rainbow Six Extraction really, really blows (Review) The WSJ reports that Microsoft is buying Activision Blizzard Hitman 3 Update January 2022 for PC Players. Grounded: Public Test 0.12.0 content revealed GOG Customer Experience Update: What we’ve done so far and next steps Songs of Glimmerwick Steam Page is up (Eastshade devs new game, coming in Q3 2023) How Nightingale Will Draw From the Lessons Of Mass Effect And Dragon Age In Crafting Its Magical World Slime Rancher 2 interview – new screens and details on graphics, slimes, gameplay

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Ask /r/formula1 Anything - Daily Discussion - 19 January 2022 /r/Formula1's Best of 2021 The RB16B has joined the Red Bull collection. The reaction time of a F2 Driver Alpine showing that pink colour already!!! Briatore, Szafnauer and BWT are coming. EL PLAN. The difference between the ‘13 and ‘18 inch Pirelli rims. Bottas is listed next to Rosberg and Schumacher as a historic driver for Mercedes No Novak Djokovic COVID Issues for F1 Drivers, Teams at Australia — Vaccinate Or Stay Home Average Points Per Race - Toro Rosso / AlphaTauri Alex Albon settles into the simulator at Williams HQ Helmut Marko: No reason 2022 won't be Mercedes vs Red Bull again Most Races using the #1 My first attempt at creating a light, pretty happy with The result! 16 seasons in a row with victory F1 moves to ban popular tradition during race build-up My PAINTING of Sergio “Checo” Perez / Red Bull Racing My 2022 Audi-McLaren F1 Concept Livery Mick Schumacher: "Winning with a Mercedes? You can say that only if you try it" Prost: 'Alpine is having reliability issues with 2022 engine' A happy 42nd birthday to the 2009 F1 world champion Jenson Button Greetings from Holland! I painted Max Verstappen in watercolor :) Favorite Livery? Mine is this [Nicholas Latifi] Good to be back! Let’s get to work! A Digital Drawing I Made of Charles Circuit of the Americas is undergoing a large-scale resurfacing. Turns 2-10 and 12-16 have been repaved. Turn 2 and 10 have also had a concrete pad built to reinforce the areas. Shaq being the same height as max on the podium… and giving him the trophy Only five drivers in 72 years have taken pole position, the race win and the fastest lap in a title-winning race - Ascari (1952), Fangio (1957), Clark (1965), Senna (1988) and Verstappen (2021). Interestingly, it was Senna's and Verstappen's first drivers' title, that too in a Honda-powered car.

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Open source developers, who work for free, are discovering they have power – TechCrunch Open source alternatives to Google Calendar | Opensource.com OctopusWAF is an open-source web application firewall made in C language and uses libevent resources. The Open Road: What is open source citizenship? Write up on the recently released v1.0 of a Haskell secure messenger - SimpleX. Sustainable Open Source with dual licensing? A Call to Build ML Models Like We Build Open-Source Software WhereIsMyData, An internet data usage meter for windows. Upstream mTLS with Pomerium How to train a FastCUT GAN on public location data from a few cities to predict realistic locations across the world. rss feed creator Recommended OCR apps An "open-source" patents alternative? An opensource clossplatform note-taking app? CryptoLyzer: A comprehensive cryptographic settings analyzer (introduction with a comparison of cryptographic settings analyzers) I would need your feedback Give it a test maybe Enforcing the pyramid of open source Open source command line password manager Open Source Security at the White House An open-source alternative to LaunchDarkly | Feature Flags, AB testing new features & Remote Config Service 🔥 Creating a scalable intent classifier with Elixir, Python and Tensorflow | Arjan Scherpenisse - ElixirConf EU 2021 Turn a Shopify backend open-source and headless in less than 10 minutes An free open-source alternative to Adobe XD for simple web design Tomb Raider engine known as OpenLara running on Nintendo Game Boy Advance -- how this port was achieved | MVG

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The real-life gentleman pirate behind HBO Max’s new series Our Flag Means Death Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings TV series gets a name and a teaser video Reports: “Graceful exit” for Kotick helped convince CEO to sell Activision What Xbox will likely do with its $68B purchase of Activision Blizzard King Microsoft set to purchase Activision Blizzard in $68.7 billion deal [Updated] Oscar Isaac finally enters the MCU with official Moon Knight trailer Fan does Blizzard’s job, releases remastered WarCraft III campaign files iOS developer donates unexpected windfall from unrelated Wordle app Review: An archivist gets drawn into a spooky cold case in addictive Archive 81 Tabletop Simulator removes global chat amid LGBTQ moderation controversy The underground network bringing Japan’s arcades to the US Hark back to the late 1990s with this re-creation of the dialup Internet experience Netflix cites “more entertainment choices than ever,” raises prices again Old stone toilet reveals Jerusalem’s wealthy elite had intestinal parasites PUBG maker sues mobile clone, Apple, Google for copyright infringement Humble subscription service is dumping Mac, Linux access in 18 days Raised by Wolves S2 trailer promises another wild, crazy (possibly maddening) ride Ancient Peruvians partied hard, spiked their beer with hallucinogens to win friends One of Nintendo Switch’s best puzzle games is now (mostly) free for 7 days Report: Sony will use the PS4 to fill the PS5 supply gap