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It’s True: Stress Does Turn Hair Gray (and It’s Reversible) Treesheets: cross-platform, free-form data organizer app Show HN: 3dasd – open-source DIY room-scale 3D scanner Introduction to Locality-Sensitive Hashing Bash PS1 Generator Google will consider lowering Play Store cut to 15% for certain apps Show HN: Freeciv-Web Recreating the Missing Pieces of the Night Watch with the Help of AI Acorn Archimedes A3020 – Refurb and Mods Catalytic Converter Theft “Host” WordPress on Cloudflare for Free Tink Is Joining Visa Hospitals are selling treasure troves of medical data – what could go wrong? Deepnote (YC S19) is hiring to build a better data science notebook The Ascendant Steppe: A brisk tour of the early history of Central Asia Ask HN: What software do you use to gather requirements? ‘Vegan spider silk’ provides sustainable alternative to single-use plastics Hacker deleted all of NewsBlur’s Mongo data and is now holding the data hostage Opinion-Driven Design A Brief History of Just-in-Time (2003) [pdf] How YouTube’s rules are used to silence human rights activists Show HN: iPod.js – An online iPod that connects to Spotify and Apple Music FastText is the best text classification library for a quick baseline Lego Island Rebuilder You Are Doing Too Much: Focus on One Thing Toxoplasmosis: The Cat Poop Parasite That's Probably in Your Brain Show HN: Multiverse.plus – what if blogging was more collage-like and colorful? P4: Open-Source Programming Language for Protocol-Independent Packet Processing Django for Startup Founders: A better software architecture for SaaS startups John McAfee found dead in Spanish jail after court approves extradition to US

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Wie Japan seine Energieinfrastruktur unter die Erde verlegt Merkel zu Impfstoff-Patenten: Freigabe der falsche Weg heise+ | Apple M1 mit Touch: iPad Pro 2021 im ausführlichen Test software-architektur.tv: Christoph Iserlohn zu Security und Softwarearchitektur Elektroauto Sono Sion ab 2023 mit 54 kWh großer Lithium-Eisenphosphat-Batterie Mehrere Linux-Appstores & Pling-Store-App via Cross-Site-Scripting angreifbar Druck auf den App Store: Apple bemüht sich um die US-Politik "Just use Teams": Umweltaktivisten fordern von Microsoft weniger Geschäftsreisen Weltraumteleskop Hubble: Speicherfehler als Symptom - womöglich anderer Defekt Siemens denkt an höheres Umsatzwachstum Wie auf dem "Schleudersitz": Wissenschaftler gegen Befristungen heise+ | Raspberry Pi als zentralen Backup-Server mit Syncthing einrichten Verursachen E-Autos doppelt so viel CO2-Ausstoß wie gedacht? Das sagen Experten heise-Angebot: Zugänge absichern, Daten schützen: Unternehmenspraxis für Microsoft 365 Altes japanisches Atomkraftwerk Mihama fährt wieder ans Netz Cross-Plattform: Kotlin-Plug-in für AppCode zielt auf iOS und Android Digitalisierungsprofessuren: Besetzungen in Niedersachsen kommen langsam voran State of WebAssembly 2021: Beliebteste Sprache für Wasm-Anwendungen ist Rust Ein halbes Jahr EU-Handelsvertrag: Der Brexit birgt noch viele Probleme Membran extrahiert Lithium aus dem Meerwasser TechStage | DIY: Die besten Werkzeuge für die Nerd-Werkstatt heise-Angebot: Werkzeugkiste im japanischen Stil bauen heise+ | Firefox privat und sicher: Surfen ohne Cookies, Tracking und Reklame Legalisierung von Online-Casinos: Glücksspielforscher warnt vor Suchtgefahren Donnerstag: McAfee-Tod, Strommix-Rechenfehler, Delta-Corona & Radverkehrsplan #heiseshow: E-Autos vor dem Durchbruch – wie lange bis zum Ende des Verbrenners? EU-Chipfertigung: Interview mit Dr. Horstmann von Globalfoundries Länder wollen Zwangsfilter in allen Betriebssystemen – Verbände laufen Sturm John McAfee stirbt in spanischem Gefängnis Verbraucherzentrale warnt vor aggressivem Glasfaser-Vertrieb

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Cyberpunk 2077's special Microsoft Store refund policy ends next month Windows 11 is being unveiled today, for real this time Halo: The Master Chief Collection's first mod tools are out now, alongside the season 7 update Aliens: Fireteam Elite will drop from orbit in August Acer Predator XB253Q review Roguebook might just become your new favourite deckbuilder Have You Played... Ghostrunner? Eve Online is currently testing out a "significant new visual update" The excellent LG 27GL850 gaming monitor is £139 off in OCUK's summer sale Valheim's midsummer update makes maypoles buildable and bosses bolder Prime Day is over, but Drop's sales on headsets, amps and keyboards continue This is probably the most painfully beautiful Minecraft texture pack Farming Simulator 22 is headed into the field on November 22 Wildermyth review: it will bring you more delight than you thought possible Watch the Sonic Symphony 30th anniversary concert here today Watch out: profile images on Steam could contain malware Astroneer now lets you kickflip across planets on hoverboards Playing Call Of Duty: Warzone has exposed how nosy I really am Sea Of Thieves' Pirates Of The Caribbean crossover proves it doesn't need Pirates Of The Caribbean Scarlet Nexus review: slick anime action with a double-edged story Overwatch crossplay beta has arrived so you can play with your console pals Arma: Cold War Assault is free right now to celebrate its 20th birthday Hold me! PlayStation exclusive Ghost Of Tsushima could be coming to PC Call Of Duty: Warzone's murder door has been fixed, sadly EA's NotE3 event takes place next month and rumours say Dead Space might be there Monster Hunter Stories 2 feels like a watered down Monster Hunter How much do you care that Back 4 Blood is 'always online'? Sea Of Thieves: A Pirate's Life is out now, alongside season three's new enemies Warpips gets new units and maps with Reinforcement update

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Fast 9 film review: Fast and furious enough, but buckle up for potholes Xbox cloud upgrade is live: Series X power on your browser for over 260 games The “loser, B-grade supervillains” are back in new The Suicide Squad trailer Marvel’s Avengers update flashes IP addresses on screen, dev promises fix Sony relists Cyberpunk 2077, includes new warning: Base PS4 “not recommended” Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard is the raunchy action/comedy we need right now Sweet Tooth review: Evidently The Walking Dead just needed a deerboy Test out next-gen space tech in Kerbal Space Program Archaeologists recreated three common kinds of Paleolithic cave lighting Arcade1Up pinball cabinet review: Fine for families, interesting for modders Game Boy Advance game gets split-screen multiplayer through new FPGA core Peter Jackson’s 6-hour Beatles documentary confirmed for Disney+ this November Bethesda exec says he’s “sorry” for lack of PS5 Starfield Facebook begins tying social media use to ads served inside its VR ecosystem New Picard S2 teaser taunts us with return of Q, time shenanigans Forget trailers: The best upcoming games we played at this year’s E3 Medieval people suffered for fashion with their extremely pointy shoes Everything Nintendo announced in its E3 2021 “Direct” presentation New trailer shows first gameplay footage for Breath of the Wild sequel Metroid Dread brings Nintendo’s classic back as a 2D sequel on October 8