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Gaming und Kognition: Spiele wie "Elden Ring" sind Booster fürs Ego Gesundheitswesen: Laufzeitverlängerung für Konnektoren wieder in Spezifikation heise+ | Musk vs. Cook: Warum der Konflikt zwischen Twitter und Apple weiter schwelt Artemis-Mission: Entdeckt ihr alle Eastereggs in der Orion-Kapsel? Warntag: Umfrage schreckte datenschutzbewusste Teilnehmer ab Programmiersprache PHP 8.2 bringt Read-only-Klassen und bessere Zufallszahlen Digitalgipfel: Neues Dateninstitut soll mit der "Mission Gemeinwohl" starten heise+ | Effizientes Multithreading mit Python: GIL-Probleme beim Programmieren umgehen Ende-zu-Ende-Verschlüsselung der iCloud: Verdient Apple schon jetzt Lob dafür? WTF: Cell Broadcast am Warntag: Frank-Walters mächtige Message an die Kaffeemaschine KI-Bildsynthese: M-VADER erstellt Bilder aus beliebigen Text- und Bildvorgaben Anonym surfen: Tor-Browser 12.0 bringt Unterstützung für Apple-CPUs Weltraumtourismus: Milliardär Maezawa nimmt DJ und K-Pop Musiker mit zum Mond "Death Stranding 2": Hideo Kojima verschickt wieder Pakete Buche, Eiche, Lärche: Die gute Mischung für einen klimatoleranten Forst 49-Euro-Ticket: Bund und Länder ebnen den Weg – Energiekrise-Unterstützungen heise+ | Anleitung: Smarte Bad-Sparheizung mit ESP selbst bauen "Baldur's Gate 3": Trailer kündigt Release-Termin im August an #TGIQF – das Quiz zum 30. Geburtstag der SMS Studie belegt: Ab 2019 gewannen Klimaskeptiker auf Twitter die Oberhand EU-Staaten für Bargeldobergrenze und Nachverfolgbarkeit von Bitcoin & Co. "Diablo 4": Release am 6. Juni – dank Überstunden Ausfall von Google Ad Manager blockiert Werbeauslieferung Microsoft 365: Microsoft bewegt sich, die Datenschützer mauern unverhältnismäßig MacBook: Neue Spekulationen über Foldable mit 20 Zoll Ikea Symfonisk: Stehlampe als Lautsprecher mit Sonos-Technik "Armored Core VI": Neues FromSoftware-Spiel kommt 2023 Bei Anruf Schadcode: Attacken auf IP-Telefone von Cisco möglich Apple-Management: Umbau nötig wegen Abgängen

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Bi-Weekly /r/Technology Tech Support / General Discussion Thread. Have you a tech question or want to discuss tech? AMA:: We’re a group of researchers and library developers of homomorphic encryption, here to answer questions about homomorphic encryption and why it’s important for the future of data privacy! Texas bill would ban social media for children under 18 Meta employees can reportedly no longer discuss 'disruptive' topics like abortion, gun rights, and vaccines FTC sues to block Microsoft’s $69 billion acquisition of game giant Activision Salesforce employees are bracing for more layoffs amid the company's major executive exodus FTC moves to block $69 billion Microsoft-Activision deal Electric vehicle repairs down the road could be costly and difficult to find, says mechanic | Calls for automobile right-to-repair legislation are increasing as EVs change the game for service Apple supplier Foxconn to invest US$500 million in India in supply chain diversification from China The FTC is suing Microsoft to block its Activision Blizzard purchase / It’s a major challenge to Microsoft’s planned $68.7 billion acquisition of the massive gaming company. The amplification of misinformation is threatening democracy Oldest DNA sheds light on a 2 million-year-old ecosystem that has no modern parallel New bot ChatGPT will force colleges to get creative to prevent cheating, experts say Windows 11 is finally getting a built-in screen recording tool Women sue Apple, claim AirTags helped exes stalk them Twitter will reportedly charge $11 on iOS for Blue subscription to offset App Store fees No, Remote Employees Aren’t Becoming Less Engaged Ada Lovelace's skills with language, music and needlepoint contributed to her pioneering work in computing UK, Italy and Japan team up to develop a new fighter jet that uses artificial intelligence How the Global Spyware Industry Spiraled Out of Control Paper-thin solar cell can turn any surface into a power source Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney thinks “every politician should fear” Apple’s power

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New Post-Flairs Komodo IDE is now open source | ActiveState is discontinuing development of the editor&IDE for Python/other dynamic languages, because it's based on deprecated Mozilla's XUL and can't compete anymore Created a ChatGPT API LibreOffice QA/Dev Report: November 2022 (for the love of dark mode and all that is font-y) Fermilab/CERN recommendation for Linux distribution - AlmaLinux KDE Gear 22.12 released nice free open-source futuristic icon library cyber-icons 🦾🤍✨ My "Updated list" of privacy friendly apps & services to ditch big tech companies(December Update) AWSM F/OSS #38: Rowy, Commandment and Directus [Emacs] A full fledge configuration Novu - The 1st open-source notification infrastructure for developers Exchange Database viewer / mailbox export [ Help ] Looking for FOSS Sounclound client compatible with Win 11 How do I release my open-source program for alpha testing without the fear of it being stolen? New WebRTC real-time cam-2-cam video calls & screen sharing, end-to-end encrypted. A Beast of A Wireless router that can support firmware changes(change of OS) Open Source Alternatives: Discover 400+ popular open source alternatives to your proprietary SaaS Making use of Alexa (offline) or its parts Apache AGE, an extension optimized for graph processing & analytics for relational DB Open Source Hospital Price Transparency SimpleX Chat – the first messaging platform without any user profile identifiers (not even random numbers) – v4.3 with instant voice messages and irreversible deletion of sent messages is released. .NET open source is 'heavily under-funded' says AWS phatgpt a simple terminal based interface for chatgpt Does anybody know of an open source EQ for android? Open source software host Fosshost shutting down as CEO unreachable Paying Maintainers isn’t a Magic Bullet

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All Space Questions thread for week of December 04, 2022 Tim Dodd (The Everyday Astronaut), the youtuber and spaceflight enthusiast, is going to the Moon I edited together the best ground camera angles of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 launching and landing tonight James Webb images reveal ‘Extreme stripping action’ led to the messy birth of the Southern Ring Nebula. NASA'S ICON Space Weather Satellite Has Suddenly Gone Silent | The mission team lost contact with the ionosphere-probing spacecraft two weeks ago and hasn't heard from it since. Astronomers Have Found Two Temperate Super-Earths Orbiting a Nearby Red Dwarf 50 Years Later: Apollo 17 astronaut remembers last trip to the moon, looks to the future of the Artemis program SpaceX launches 40 OneWeb internet satellites after Russian launches canceled The messy death of a star, as observed by Webb Bezos' space company teams with Lockheed, Boeing for NASA moon lander pitch Tim Dodd/Everyday Astronaut is on the Dear Moon mission. JWST scientists believe that there may potentially be up to 5 stars that have shape the Southern Ring Nebula, one of the first images released from Webb! Starshield: what is this secret SpaceX project? Star may have drawn scorching 'hell planet' into close orbit Remarkable space blast identified as black hole collision With one snapshot, Apollo 17 transformed our vision of Earth forever NASA confirms NEO Surveyor for 2028 launch NASA's Artemis 1 Orion spacecraft set for return to Earth on Dec. 11 What is your favorite rocket and why? Virgin Orbit delays historic launch from United Kingdom over licensing Quantum teleportation opens a ‘wormhole in space–time’ – Physics World More than a year and a half after its first flight on Mars, the Ingenuity helicopter has set a new record. The little 4-pound (1.8-kilogram) chopper completed its 35th flight on December 3 and reached a new altitude record of 46 feet (14 meters). Unidentified Interstellar Bids Goodbye To Solar System, Leaves Mystery Behind Full dear moon crew announcement How karst caves can be used as a terrestrial simulation platform to test and design human bases in Lunar lava tubes

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Every new PC trailer from The Game Awards 2022 New Tekken 8 trailer brings the family drama and a new roster Chuck Norris, Kim Basinger, and Danny Trejo star in a new co-op heist FPS Immortals of Aveum is EA's new magic-slinging FPS, out next year Remnant 2 features a big mouth on legs, and I’m a little scared Move over Keanu, Cyberpunk 2077's Phantom Liberty expansion is all about Idris Elba FromSoftware return to mechs with Armored Core VI: Fires Of Rubicon Final Fantasy 16 is definitely hitting PC in 2024, but crikey, it's going to be worth the wait Dead By Daylight devs unveil post-apocalyptic PvP game Meet Your Maker Gears Tactics studio Splash Damage are making a Transformers action game The Flash has another terrible day in Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League's latest trailer Diablo IV is coming on June 6th, 2023 Space Marine 2 trailer shows off the sequel no one expected Life Is Strange and Vampyr devs announce action RPG about "ghost hunters and lovers" Survival MMO Dune: Awakening's latest trailer is much spicier than its reveal tease Celeste devs announce gorgeous new platformer Earthblade Company Of Heroes 3 has "no plans to support crossplay between PC and consoles at launch" The Last Of Us Part 1 resurrects on PC on March 3rd 2023 Amazon Games are bringing another anime as heck MMO to the west Star Wars: Jedi Survivor trailer shows off new moves and a release date Classic text adventure remake Colossal Cave will launch early next year Battle Chasers: Nightwar devs unveil new online action RPG Wayfinder Nightingale's closed alpha tests revealed one glaring omission: doors The time to play Baldur’s Gate 3 is nigh with full release due in August 2023 Ken Levine’s new game Judas looks a lot like BioShock Infinite in space Nightingale gets magical flying umbrellas in its latest trailer Death Stranding 2 is official and has an adorable new BB Boy

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Ask /r/formula1 Anything - Daily Discussion - 9 December 2022 Meta Discussion Thread - Post 2022 Edition [mercedesamgf1 Instagram] "It's been an honour to have this very special trophy with us for the last eight years. A symbol of so much hard work and dedication For now, it'll head over to Milton Keynes, but we'll be giving it our all to have it back with us soon" What was/is the best bromance in F1 driver history? The most successful F1 driver from every continent! [Carlos Sainz Sr.] Wedding day with these two!! Carcarlando [OT] Length of Time to Watch Professional Sports Norris: One F1 podium "isn’t enough" despite "very tough" year for McLaren The Sequel: I snuck into the Autosport Awards again. (more in comments). Alfa Romeo prepares a farewell for Vasseur, before the yes to Ferrari USGP Ticket sale. Huge price increase ‘It’s such a special thing’ – Kevin Magnussen ‘really excited’ to race with father Jan in Gulf 12 Hours Mercedes AMG gift couple a race suit signed by Lewis Hamilton (more details in comments) [iRacing] iRacers can now hop behind the virtual steering wheel of the Mercedes-AMG F1 W13 E Performance! Copying Ferrari/Red Bull F1 sidepods never an option for Mercedes in 2022 Legal row over F1's halo reached "very positive" resolution - FIA president · RaceFans McLaren rookie Piastri explains why he chose #81 as his race number for 2023 “There was something in the air tonight, the stars were bright. Fernando!” 2004 Jaguar R5 F1 [Formula 1] BREAKING: The Dutch Grand Prix will continue in Zandvoort until at least 2025! As W Series stumbles, will F1 Academy pick up the baton for women racers? · RaceFans Max on being banned from trying a MotoGP bike Since it's off-season, what do you guys think of my Christmas gift? Crochet Senna ftw Ricciardo planning 2023 American motorcycle journey Couple of stills I got at turn 6/7 at interlagos during qualifying

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TIL That developers in larger companies spend 2.5 more hours a week/10 more hours a month in meetings than devs in smaller orgs. It's been dubbed the "coordination tax." An Introduction to Monitoring Microservices with Prometheus and Grafana Experiment: The hidden costs of waiting on slow build times 100% Free Udemy Certificate Courses - Programming Network Applications in Java AI model is capable of solving small competitive programming problems defined in natural language. How do you think this tech will influence our jobs in the next 10 years? Codon: a high-performance Python compiler using LLVM Dev environments in the cloud are a half-baked solution New Chrome features to save battery and make browsing smoother Codeium: a free, ultrafast Copilot alternative (Try in Browser) Compare Fuzzy Matching Algorithms Scrum Has Failed the Developers Guard Clauses to avoid nested conditions Monorepo, multirepo and Git submodules Service Meshes for Kubernetes: Unlocking Standardized Security, Resilience, and Traffic Management What is Big O Notation, and Why You Should Care Restaurant Reservation System Automatic code generation - article in Science 5 Simple Steps to Becoming a 10x Developer Python Data Science December (24 Data Science Projects) Bumblebee: GPT2, Stable Diffusion, and more in Elixir NGINX & API Security Stanford Lecture: Don Knuth - Twintrees, Baxter Permutations, and Floorplans (2022) egui 0.20.0 released Learn to build private apps using EVM + ZKPs + XCM GitHub Launches Copilot For Business Plan

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Tech Support and Basic Questions Thread - December 08, 2022 Free Talk Friday Thread - December 09, 2022 The Last of Us is officially coming to PC on March 3rd! Congratulations to FromSoftware and Elden Ring on winning Game of the Year Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon - Announcement Trailer (The Game Awards 2022) Hades 2 - Announcement Trailer | The Game Awards 2022 Returnal - Announce Trailer | PC Games Delete your Razer Gold account if it's inactive or you will be charged 'a service fee of USD2.00' Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty | The Game Awards 2022 Trailer FTC Seeks to Block Microsoft Corp.’s Acquisition of Activision Blizzard, Inc. The Game Awards 2022 Recap Hades II Steam page is up The Last of Us Part I Steam page is up Star Wars Jedi Survivor | Official Gameplay Trailer (March 13, 2023) Baldur's Gate III | Game Awards 2022 (August 2023) ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON Steam page is up Portal with RTX is now available on Steam Returnal Steam page is up Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2 Steam page is up Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania Steam page is up Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2 - Gameplay Reveal Trailer | The Game Awards 2022 Remnant 2 Steam page is up Judas Steam page is up Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Official Batman Reveal - “Shadows” Remnant 2 - Official Announcement Trailer Does anyone even care anymore about cinematic trailers? Diablo IV - Release Date Reveal Trailer | The Game Awards 2022 (June 5, 2023)

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Rocket Report: Starship flight test slips to 2023; first methane launch is imminent “The Game Awards” Awards: Picking the night’s best new game trailers Pentagon picked four tech companies to form $9B cloud computing network “Memory Saver” might cure Chrome’s insatiable appetite for RAM DeepMind’s latest AI project solves programming challenges like a newb Twirling parasitic worms throw dance party in man’s scrotum Twitter sued for targeting women and staff on family leave in layoffs Myth, busted: Apatosaurus didn’t produce sonic booms when whipping its tail FTC files suit to stop Microsoft’s $69 billion Activision purchase A quick look at AMD’s Radeon RX 7900 XTX, which is smaller than an RTX 4080 Google’s cost-cutters come for Waze, will lose status as independent company North Korean hackers once again exploit Internet Explorer’s leftover bits The clock is steadily ticking on Apple’s Lightning charger Twitter Blue will reportedly cost $11 in App Store so Musk can avoid Apple fees General Motors installs the first of 40,000 new EV chargers Win hardware, collectibles, and more in the 2022 Ars Technica Charity Drive Amazon’s Echo Show 15 smart display becomes a transportable Fire TV New kilonova has astronomers rethinking what we know about gamma-ray bursts Sunny Balwani sentenced to nearly 13 years in prison for Theranos fraud Gun stockpile in hospital closet leads to $63K in fines from NJ health dept.

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Rocket Report: Starship flight test slips to 2023; first methane launch is imminent DeepMind’s latest AI project solves programming challenges like a newb Twirling parasitic worms throw dance party in man’s scrotum Myth, busted: Apatosaurus didn’t produce sonic booms when whipping its tail New kilonova has astronomers rethinking what we know about gamma-ray bursts Sunny Balwani sentenced to nearly 13 years in prison for Theranos fraud Gun stockpile in hospital closet leads to $63K in fines from NJ health dept. Oldest DNA yet sequenced shows mastodons once roamed a warmer Greenland Strep A is soaring in UK after pandemic lull; invasive infections kill 8 Mixing diesel and hydrogen provides big cuts in emissions Fifty years later, remastered images reveal Apollo 17 in stunning clarity Marsquakes, recent volcanism suggest Mars still has a mantle plume New find suggests ankylosaurs’ tail clubs were for bashing each other Someone paid $95,000 for this pair of jeans recovered from 1857 shipwreck Neuralink faces federal probe over alleged animal abuse, “hack job” surgeries After lunar flyby, NASA’s Orion spacecraft is set to splash down on Sunday Elizabeth Holmes appeals conviction, 11-year sentence despite bleak outlook The ingenious way that marsh grass shrimp reduce drag while swimming Pfizer seeks FDA greenlight for bivalent COVID dose in kids under 5 years Respiratory illnesses slam US: “Perfect storm for a terrible holiday season”

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“The Game Awards” Awards: Picking the night’s best new game trailers FTC files suit to stop Microsoft’s $69 billion Activision purchase A quick look at AMD’s Radeon RX 7900 XTX, which is smaller than an RTX 4080 Win hardware, collectibles, and more in the 2022 Ars Technica Charity Drive Two months of Intel Arc driver updates begin to fix low performance in old games Microsoft promises Call of Duty for Nintendo consoles in surprise 10-year deal Diablo IV’s first hours provide welcome twists on a familiar formula Someone paid $95,000 for this pair of jeans recovered from 1857 shipwreck Elden Ring opens up its colosseums to multiplayer brawls in free DLC Microsoft games like Starfield will cost $70 starting next year Callisto Protocol devs say “damn clerical error” caused PC frame rate issues After more than 5 years, Nvidia’s GTX 1060 is no longer Steam’s most-used GPU Dwarf Fortress’ graphical upgrade provides a new way into a wildly wonky game PCI standards group deflects, assigns blame for melting GPU power connectors The Callisto Protocol review: A relentless horror spectacle The Mandalorian season 3 has been delayed—but only a little Nintendo apologizes for Pokémon performance problems, promises “improvements” Call of Duty players flock to buy “all-black” DLC skin, hide in dark corners Google game honors Black video game pioneer Jerry Lawson on his birthday Disney’s new neural network can change an actor’s age with ease