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Goat Rental – Hire Goats Rob Pike's simple C regex matcher in Go A 17-year-old designed a novel synchronous reluctance motor Nanostructured Fibers Can Impersonate Human Muscles Switcher (2004) Is this the end of social networking? The Art of Giving a Shit Scott Meyers: Advice to Prospective Book Authors (2003) System.css: A design system for building retro Apple interfaces From Oscilloscope to Wireshark: A UDP Story Dotfiles being hidden is a UNIXv2 mistake (2012) Ethereum Goerli testnet merge goes live before move to proof-of-stake Show HN: Markdown as Web Page/Site Xbox has accused Sony of paying Game Pass 'block fees' to developers Research shows circadian clock influences metabolism, cell and tumor growth Another consequence of supply shortage: mass production mishaps My take on how DuckDuckGo can outperform Google GM makes $1,500 subscription mandatory on GMC, Buick, Cadillac Models Spent $15 in DALL·E 2 credits creating this AI image Curio – Notebook application for note-taking and research Why thinking hard makes us feel tired A model for journalistic copypasta Launch HN: AccessOwl (YC S22) – Automating SaaS Provisioning and Permissioning So you have decided to start a free software consultancy Build your own EV charging solution Byte Magazine Special Issue: Smalltalk (1984) Open to a fault: On the passive compromise of TLS keys via transient errors [pdf] Building certified concurrent OS kernels EasyPost (YC S13) Is Hiring Redis explained

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There aren't that many uses for blockchains Announcing Rust 1.63.0 Openblack: Open-source Black and White (2001) written in modern C++ and modern rendering engines (OpenGL, Vulkan) Announcing TypeScript 4.8 RC Engine Simulator - a real-time internal combustion engine simulation designed specifically to produce engine audio and simulate engine response characteristics Redis Explained Linguistic Antipatterns Smiling Dogs? Horses Made of Clouds? Captcha Has Gone Too Far Researchers found 10 malicious packages on Python Package Index used to steal developer's data On rebooting: the unreasonable effectiveness of turning computers off and on again Securing Software Supply Chains with Secrets Management Objective-S is an architecture-oriented programming language based loosely on Smalltalk and Objective-C. It currently runs on macOS, iOS and Linux, the latter using GNUstep. Forscape: what features are in your ideal scientific language? Let websites framebust out of native apps Visual Studio Code 1.70: Title Bar Customization iOS Privacy: Instagram and Facebook can track anything you do on any website in their in-app browser Best Practices for Maintainers by GitHub What is Euler's method? Simple CSS elements to copy and paste for your next project - Open Source 11 Python Tricks To Show Off Your Advanced Skills Writing Specification by Example Requirements with Gherkin Property-Based Testing Against a Model of a Web Application GitHub - gradio-app/gradio: Gradio is a Python library that allows you to quickly build web-based machine learning demos, data science dashboards, or other kinds of web apps, entirely in Python 8088 MPH: We Break All Your Emulators Asahi Lina (Linux Developer VTuber) wants to write the new Apple Silicon GPU driver for Linux in Rust!

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Bayern droht bei Reform der Windkraftgesetze erneutes Regelungschaos Freitag: Twitter gegen Falschinformationen, Xiaomi stellt humanoidem Roboter vor Microsoft veröffentlicht seine Emojis unter Open-Source-Lizenz Konnektortausch: Gematik gegen Neubewertung, Ärzte fordern weiterhin Aufklärung Auslegungssache 68: Vom Umgang mit Kundenprofilen Aus Lego die Welt bauen: MOCs und wie man sie macht "Total verantwortungslos": Russischer Satellit spioniert wohl US-Pendant aus Xiaomi stellt humanoiden Roboter-Prototyp vor Vor US-Zwischenwahlen: Twitter führt Regeln für Fehlinformationen ein TechStage | Ferngesteuerte Autos: Rasante RC-Buggys bis 75 km/h Mit Virtual Reality zu Beethoven – Museum stellt neues Spiel vor heise+ | Autark mit Solarstrom: Photovoltaik-Anlagen als Backup Arbeitsspeicher: Weiter sinkende Preise wegen überfüllter Lager Schlechtes Marktumfeld: Sonos verschiebt Produktstart Nach Videoident-Hack: Alle prüfen, Banken vertrauen vorerst weiterhin Media Markt und Saturn bereiten sich auf Gasengpässe vor macOS 13 Beta: Apple streicht offenbar Netzwerkumgebungen heise+ | Duinocoin: Umweltfreundliches Krypto-Mining auf Arduino, ESP32 & Co. realisieren Kurz informiert: Benzinpreis, Kohle-Embargo, OCSF, Google Maps Pwnie Awards 2022: Böse Jungs und Shutdown einer Antiterror-Operation Über eine Million Patientendaten einsehbar – Software zeitweise deaktiviert Elektroautos: Gemeinnützige Organisationen bekommen weiterhin die E-Auto-Prämie Chinas Automarkt belebt sich: Hersteller setzen wieder mehr ab Erste neue Funktionen für klassisches .NET seit 3 Jahren – Version 4.8.1 ist da Telegram-Chef: Apple fügt Technikbranche wirtschaftlichen Schaden zu Elektroautos: EU-Kommission sieht Protektionismus in US-Investitionspaket TIOBE-Index: Und der Sieger ist – Python CPU-Marktanteile: AMD gewinnt an allen Fronten Telefónica will Kontonummern von o2-Kunden "pseudonymisiert" auswerten Kritische Sicherheitslücke in Zoho ManageEngine OpManager

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Bi-Weekly /r/Technology Tech Support / General Discussion Thread. Have you a tech question or want to discuss tech? Number of teens using Facebook crashes as YouTube becomes platform of choice The man who built his own ISP to avoid huge fees is expanding his service - Jared Mauch just received $2.6 million in funding to widen his service to 600 homes. ‘One of the most dangerous and irresponsible actions by a car company in decades’: Activist Ralph Nader urges regulators to recall Tesla's self-driving technology Mark Zuckerberg roasted by new Meta chatbot: "Too creepy and manipulative" Meta injecting code into websites visited by its users to track them, research says Thomas Metzinger says we need a moratorium on the development of artificial sentience Federal Circuit Rules Inventorship Must Be Natural Human Beings CEO's LinkedIn crying selfie about layoffs met with backlash Campaign emails can bypass Google's spam filters under a newly approved pilot project GM Makes $1,500 OnStar Subscription Mandatory on GMC, Buick, Cadillac Models - Remember how GM said it was gonna make billions on subscriptions? This is how. Survey says: Large majority think they see misinformation online every week Tesla drivers are taking to the streets to test whether Full Self-Driving technology stops for children after viral video shows the EV plowing through a toddler-sized mannequin Bricked Epson printers make a strong case for user repairability Disney raises streaming prices after services post big operating loss Fighting AI with AI: The Battle against Deepfakes The US Offers a $10M Bounty for Intel on Conti Ransomware Gang Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and other billionaires are backing an exploration for rare minerals buried beneath Greenland's ice Disney Just Passed Netflix In Total Streaming Subscribers What Video AI Upscalers Can and Can’t Do, and How to Make Them Do It Better Meta's chatbot says the company 'exploits people' Analysis Suggests Instagram Tracks User Web Activity Through In-App Browser - MacRumors FCC cancels Starlink’s $886 million grant from Ajit Pai’s mismanaged auction FCC rejects Starlink request for nearly $900 million in broadband subsidies Disney Plus and Hulu are getting steep price hikes

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All Space Questions thread for week of August 07, 2022 NASA telescope plane SOFIA leaves Christchurch, New Zealand for final time. Eventually bound for California where it will be decommissioned and put into retirement. Hubble Sees Red Supergiant Star Betelgeuse Slowly Recovering After Blowing Its Top NASA's Fermi confirms star wreck as source of extreme cosmic particles Moon rocks found in Antarctica include tiny amounts of gas that may have come from Earth Meteorite provides record of asteroids 'spitting out' pebbles FCC denies SpaceX bid for nearly $1 billion in rural broadband subsidies for Starlink Perseid meteor shower has started! Even a Cyclical Universe Needed to Come From Somewhere Top U.S. generals take issue with Russian satellite near U.S. orbit FCC considers new rules for emerging space capabilities Just a little journey of 500 million light years away to the Cartwheel Galaxy. Source: ESA/WEBB What are some good resources for teaching my 4-year old about space? New image of colliding galaxies previews Milky Way's fate Is the perseids meteor shower visible from Central America/the Caribbean? Nearby star’s midlife crisis illuminates the future of our own Sun - Long magnetic lull on star mimics the Maunder Minimum, when the Sun’s spots largely disappeared 400 years ago question about stars The world's fastest gun is being used to develop the next generation of spacecraft shielding. Here's how it works. Galactic Energy of China registers third consecutive successful launch SpaceX fires up Starship and Super Heavy Booster 7 ahead of test flight SpaceX breathes fire in South Texas for the first time in 2022 SpaceX's Starship won't launch on 1st orbital test flight this month Another heatwave hits western Europe, the fourth since the beginning of June 2022 [European Union, Copernicus Sentinel-3 satellite image] Snapshot: JWST captures psychedelic swirl of 'Phantom Galaxy' The popular Perseids meteor shower peaks this Friday under a glaringly bright Full Super Moon. But on Thursday morning, the Moon sets about an hour before sunrise, briefly offering dark skies that will showcase shower meteors.

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Soccer Story is an adventure RPG about saving football with a "magical soccer ball" Latest Dwarf Fortress video highlights new art and menus by taking the bins out Survival game Nightingale delayed until first half of 2023 EA say it's "fair" that players can buy controversial loot boxes in FIFA 23 Charge up your game controllers with 100 AA batteries for £13 Our favourite portable SSD is down to £77 at Amazon Free-to-play brawler Rumbleverse launches with two new modes No, I still haven't replaced my horrible decaying mousepad Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered: PC performance, system requirements and the best settings to use Anime MMO Tower Of Fantasy offers players free gifts after rocky launch The Electronic Wireless Show episode 197: the most annoying NPCs in video games Axiom Verge 2 is now available on Steam and Steam Deck New Temtem trailer shows off final island coming with 1.0 release in September Genre-blending dystopia Sunday Gold releases next month, with a free prologue available now The cheapest ultra-wide on Amazon is this 25-in 2560x1080 model for £110 Pick up this 1TB NVMe SSD for £58.84 The DioField Chronicle does have a PC demo after all, and you can play it right now What's better: nude mods, or going into guts and meat? Why Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered PC devs want players to “feel like we're honouring the platform” Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered review: a fun hero epic that takes the wall-crawler to new heights Spider-Man Remastered runs great on Steam Deck, with very few caveats Cult Of The Lamb review: an adorably twisted cult management game Swery has written a book and its title is peak Swery People hated Forspoken's dialogue so much that it made 'Joss Whedon' trend on Twitter Lost In Play review: a gorgeous point and click puzzler Return to Off-Peak City with Betrayal At Club Low in September Farthest Frontiers, a Banished-style survival citybuilder, is out in early access

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Tech Support and Basic Questions Thread - August 10, 2022 Free Talk Friday Thread - August 12, 2022 Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered - Steam Key Giveaway Microsoft claims it ‘simply wouldn’t be profitable’ to make Call of Duty Xbox exclusive Cult of the Lamb is now available on Steam I am terrified of games like Tower of Fantasy becoming popular Timesplitters 2 Redux - A fan made mod that fixes and improves the hidden Homefront port Steam's latest breakout hit is medieval city builder Farthest Frontier Metal Slug Tactics will release in 2023 Moonscars Release Date Trailer PlayStation Games for PC | PlayStation Total War: WARHAMMER III - Immortal Empires Map First Look Nightingale Early Access release is delayed to 2023 Axiom Verge 2 is now available on Steam Parkasaurus releases its Sea Monsters DLC today alongside version 2.0 (controller support, performance boost, etc.) Giveaway For Aliens: Fireteam Elite Microsoft has accused Sony of paying developers Game Pass ‘block fees’ id Software consolidates its Steam listings. "We’re rounding up id games on Steam for an improved shopping experience." Pre-load for SpiderMan PC on Steam is now live! The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners - Steam Key Giveaway RiffTrax: The Game - 1.5 Content Update Way of the Hunter | Explanation Trailer Undertale now has local/online support using the "Undertale Together" mod Weird rolling ball game for pc. Resident Evil Decades of Horror Humble Bundle [AMA] Arcade Paradise Ask Us Anything I Strongly Recommend: Spider-Man Remastered (PC + Steam Deck Review)

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Ask /r/formula1 Anything - Daily Discussion - 11 August 2022 While at lunch, I happened to spot not one but two goats Centurion Lewis Outed as a fake on Twitter! Lowest grid position to win a race . [Mario Andretti] This needed to be said; it's about time (quoting the article "Is Toto Wolff too powerful for F1") Hamilton opens up on life after F1: I don't ever want to be a negative ex-driver Charlie Whiting would have been 70 today. Save a thought for this amazing man who helped shape Formula 1 into what it is today. Binotto wearing Red Bull colours in 2006, I couldn't remember this! Daniel Ricciardo on the cover of Men’s Health September issue [Flavio Briatore] In the boat with Stefano Domenicali and Toto Wolff (Costa Smeralda) Bottas: 2022 probably my most enjoyable F1 season so far Redbull "Young " Team principle programme? (Not a strict list of people directly linked to RBR). Pato O'Ward: F1 is a distant dream; at McLaren the seats are gone Horner says it’s ‘very easy’ to pull Wolff’s chain [Mohammed Ben Sulayem] The @FiA 's Driver Contract Recognition Board (CRB) was set up to deal with contract priority issues between drivers and @F1 teams. That's why we rely on their decision to resolve any conflict. Max Verstappen redbull RB16B white livery spotted at #GIIAS2022 Jakarta. Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show. Leclerc baffled by other drivers' approach to mistakes: I just don't understand it | RacingNews365 Zhou and Leclerc back in their Prema days Fernando Alonso battling Michael Schumacher, 2011 Monza Top ten fastest drivers according to AWS. [Floor Jansen]I could not be more honored and prouder to perform the Dutch national anthem at this year's An overview and analysis of Piastri / Alpine / Mclaren / Riccardo - why Alpine is probably going to court and other issues Red Bull won 9 of the first 13 races this season. (I thought: why not make one ranking for teams too?) Why exactly does F1 want to ban tire warmers?

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Opensource Smartwatches I'm building an open source serverless security lake on AWS Openblack: Open-source Black and White (2001) written in modern C++ and modern rendering engines (OpenGL, Vulkan) LibreOffice QA/Dev Report: July 2022 Discussion Board with Comment & Discussion Level Agreement Voting Microsoft open sources its 3D emoji to let creators remix and customize them Gredit: My first step in open source software in Rust What features should I add to my mobile app to help people with disabilities use my mobile app? Open source 2 factor authentication recommendation VSCode Fauxpilot extension AMA Alert: Baserow’s AMA is starting in 10 minutes, an open source no-code database and Airtable alternative. Join us! Why is Opera and Google chrome not open source mow? Cisco Meraki Camera Open Source Firmware? EDBG: Your TTY debugger | Simon Unge | Code BEAM America 2021 Open Proxy Project Want to use ungoogled chromium, but having questions My dream open source project, did it go well? Why Snipe-IT chose the AGPL as their license [OSS Maintainers] What did you get out of GitHub's „Maintainer Month“ (June 2022)? Can I as the creator, opensource my code under GPL3, not take *any* contributions from *any other* developer, and sell my code to a paying customer in future? 2022 Academy Software Foundation shows open-source FX Reel snoopForms - an open-source alternative to Typeform Open source Windows apps you might have not heard of but (probably) should have support from unversity SeedVault - Is there a way to download the APK file?

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Amazon studio plans lighthearted show of Ring surveillance footage Disney-owned streaming trifecta unveils price hikes, ad-supported Disney+ Intel tests show its Arc A750 GPU beating an RTX 3060, if only you could buy one PlayStation Plus’ highest tier slams to an apparent halt on classic games Were bones of Waterloo soldiers sold as fertilizer? It’s not yet case closed You can finally play Sony’s Spider-Man on PC—but it’s not all good news (yet) Rumors, delays, and early testing suggest Intel’s Arc GPUs are on shaky ground 28 years later, Super Punch-Out!!’s 2-player mode has been discovered Crypto-driven GPU crash makes Nvidia miss Q2 projections by $1.4 billion Excel esports on ESPN show world the pain of format errors Sonic the Hedgehog doesn’t need easily legible legends on his mechanical keyboard Indie devs outraged by unlicensed game sales on GameStop’s NFT market [Updated] Evo weekend is here: How to watch the fighting game event of the year Xbox’s latest dev tools add surprise boost for memory-strapped $299 Series S WB Discovery merger strikes down “nearly finished” live-action Batgirl film DIY Tinycade aims to bring Alt Ctrl games to the masses How listening to uninterrupted noise helped millions to focus Review: Beavis & Butt-Head reclaim their thrones of the reaction video genre Three years after launch, Apple Arcade loses 15 games EA cracks down on modders selling their custom Sims 4 content