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There is currently a plane flying over Germany drawing a xmas tree 1.1B Taxi Rides with 20 Nvidia Tesla P100s and BrytlytDB Some go to car production hell. I went to production production heaven How to Read Mathematics Avast open-sources its machine-code decompiler TP-Link firmware sends six DNS requests and one NTP query every 5 seconds Be Wary of Solving a Small, Rare Problem – Des Traynor of Intercom [video] Visualizing Realtime Bitcoin Transactions in ReactVR How to break a CAPTCHA system in 15 minutes with Machine Learning Google to open artificial intelligence centre in China Ernest Hemingway, the Art of Fiction No. 21 (1958) Internet traffic for Google, Facebook, Apple was briefly rerouted to Russia Taking Gatsby for a spin GitHub Repositoriy for Video Generation with Deep Neural Networks Released France to ban mobile phones in primary, junior and middle schools Bruce Brown, 80, Dies; His ‘Endless Summer’ Documented Surfing How to get your first 100k active users Show HN: Culture Queries – The best questions to ask during your job interview AWS Single Sign-On Concertmaster – Classical music front-end for Spotify South Korea to hold emergency meeting on cryptocurrencies Internet protocols are changing NIPS 2017 Notes [pdf] Fish: A user-friendly command line shell for macOS, Linux, etc A full port of LINQ for JavaScript The Q Language Statement on Cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings How Playing Around with New Technologies Landed Me a 6-Month Freelance Gig SEC Shuts Down Munchee ICO DIY MacBook Stand

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LattePanda-Boards Alpha und Delta: Mehr Rechnenpower und Linux Amazon Echo: Multiroom-Musik mit Spotify Gehacktes GPS, Fachkräftemangel, Social Engineering: Herausforderungen der Cyber Defence iMac Pro: ARM-Chip für abgesicherten Bootvorgang Internet-of-Things: Vodafone startet NB-IoT-Netzausbau EWN plant neues Atomlager für Castoren Jailbreak.me ist zurück: Safari-Exploit entsperrt alte iPhones Innenministerium: Bundesrechnungshof rügt unkontrollierten Einsatz von IT-Beratern Storify schließt im Mai 2018 und löscht alle Daten Last-Minute-Rabatt: Smart Home, Drohnen, Handys & Co. Nintendo Switch über 10 Millionen Mal verkauft Niederlande: Adler werden nicht zum Drohnenfang eingesetzt Finanzprüfer sehen keinen Raum für höheren Rundfunkbeitrag Made in USA: Apple steckt 390 Millionen Dollar in Face-ID-Zulieferer Umgang mit Nutzerdaten: Kartellwächter untersuchen Smart-TVs Südkorea will Digitalwährungen besteuern Rolls Royce eröffnet R² Data Labs zur Analyse großer Datenmengen Frankreich will Handyverbot an Schulen ausweiten Twitter verkettet Tweets zu "Threads" AMD verspricht Open-Source-Vulkan-Treiber für Linux ROBOT-Attacke: TLS-Angriff von 1998 funktioniert immer noch Google-Suchtrends: Das haben die Deutschen 2017 gegoogelt KRACK- und Broadpwn-Schwachstelle: Apple flickt AirPort-WLAN-Basisstationen erst jetzt weMessage will iMessages auf Android bringen Freier Fluss der Daten und Datenschutz: Europaparlament setzt Regeln für den digitalen Handel Content Management: TYPO3 9.0 mit verbesserter Systemwartung Verbraucherschützer warnen vor betrügerischen Streaming-Angeboten Patchday: Microsoft patcht viel, Adobe wenig Miese Öko-Bilanz des Bitcoin treibt Suche nach Alternativen voran

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Got a tech question or want to discuss tech? Weekly /r/Technology Tech Support / General Discussion Thread Today /r/Technology is going to #BreakTheInternet to save net neutrality Five Republicans have opposed the FCC’s plan. We need to convince the rest of them. ‘Father Of The Internet’ Skewers FCC: ‘You Don’t Understand How The Internet Works’ Ajit Pai has personal financial interests in ending net neutrality FCC chairman jokes about being a Verizon shill, days before forcing an FCC vote that would be a boon for Verizon Senators make last ditch effort to halt the FCC's net neutrality vote Ajit Pai claims net neutrality hurt small ISPs, but data says otherwise. Roughly a million FCC comments were fraudulently filed using real names and half a million additional comments were filed from Russian email addresses. Meanwhile, 50,000 real FCC consumer complaints are missing. Comcast to Customer Who Noticed It Secretly Injecting Code: Maybe It’s Your Fault? No, The FTC Won't Save You Once Net Neutrality Rules Are Killed: ...repealing net neutrality rules is just one small part of a long-standing ISP plan to reduce meaningful oversight of one of the least-competitive industries in America Colorado’s Mike Coffman is first Republican U.S. Rep. to ask FCC to delay vote on net neutrality Republican senator calls on Congress to pass law protecting net neutrality Warning Against Abdication of Duty, Senators Demand FCC Abandon Net Neutrality Vote: Ajit Pai's plan would leave the U.S. with a "gaping consumer protection void," say 39 senators Senate Democrats Urge FCC Chairman to Delay Net Neutrality Vote Comcast catches more flak for injecting pop-up ads to sell modems Indiegogo goes where few companies dare: into Initial Coin Offerings First Republican Congressman Demands FCC Delay Net Neutrality Vote FCC commissioner trolls Ajit Pai with net neutrality ‘suggested edits’ Today Internet traffic for Google, Facebook, Apple was briefly rerouted to Russia. One Congressman Has a Last Ditch Effort to Save Net Neutrality Ajit Pai offers no data for latest claim that net neutrality hurt small ISPs Bots and Form Letters Make It Nearly Impossible to Find Real FCC Net Neutrality Comments Lawyer-Bots Are Shaking Up Jobs - AI is augmenting and automating the tasks currently performed by hundreds of thousands of people in the U.S. alone.

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Community Survy Linux Journal - So Long, and Thanks for All the Bash How a maker with Type I diabetes led an open source project to create a free-as-in-code artificial pancreas Musescore - Open Source Software to Practice and Learn Songs on Guitar An Open Source Etiquette Guidebook Do you know any cases when developers created open source project and regretted it? Happy Holidays: AMD Finally Pushing Out Open-Source Vulkan Driver Open source, open society Decentralized social media, and the fragmentation of control 360fy - An Open-source 360° Video Creator. Easily Upgrade Ubuntu to a Newer Version with This Single Command Asset Import Library 4.1.0 is out featuring a glFT2 Importer and Exporter and more WebAssembly Server side rendering with C++ - asm-dom@0.4.0 Serial port splitter for windows 10 64bit? NewSQL ... combining NoSQL and SQL API's into a single implementation [Open Source Book] The Importance of Positive Energy Christmas Gift: BerryNet 2.0 Available now :) now support movidius, Nest camera... and more for users to build AI applications their way with RPi3 Restful API management for Windows Services. Access and control windows services using http commands. Easy to use css spinners collection with vue.js integration [x-post from /r/javascript] This open-source interview approach will help you avoid unconscious bias The Changelog #277: The Story of Visual Studio Code with Julia Liuson, Chris Dias, and PJ Meyer License dispute arose from 3rd party penetration testing of popular payment app The open source community prefers to keep disputes and enforcement out of the courts. Is 2018 likely to take us in a new direction? A free to use AC Dimmer Circuit Board design, with video documented design process WANTED! PEOPLE READY to SAVE ONLINE FREE SPEECH The Government of Canada is Assessing the Benefits of Open Source

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Mars overdue a planet-wide dust storm that could harm the rovers The tiny space rock New Horizons is headed for may have a moon Ancient black holes ruled out as source of all dark matter Mysterious streaks seen on Saturn’s moons could be ancient rings Trump directs NASA to send astronauts to the moon and then Mars Light from LIGO’s neutron star smashup just got even brighter That interstellar asteroid could be a shard of a shredded planet Bizarre supernova may be powered by hidden disc of dust and gas Most distant quasar ever seen is way too big for our universe NASA fires Voyager 1’s engines for the first time in 37 years Why brewing beer in space is more important than you think The usual way of hunting dark matter may be all wrong Planets near dangerous stars could shield alien life under smog Spaceplanes may be the best hope in war on deadly orbiting junk Science Fiction: slavery stereotypes, and a new M. John Harrison Moon’s explosive birth drove iron deep into Earth’s core Jupiter’s icy moon Europa has a hidden ‘conveyer belt’ of heat Weird tiny galaxies found hiding in Hubble’s Ultra Deep Field No, aliens aren’t lurking on the International Space Station Cuts likely for one of NASA’s next big space-based telescopes How a fiery matter-antimatter union may lead to limitless energy Giant climate camera will watch how our planet changes Mysterious gamma rays in Crab nebula traced to pulsar winds We’ve found a bunch of dwarf galaxies we thought didn’t exist Private mission may get us back to Enceladus sooner than NASA We got a good look at the interstellar asteroid and it’s weird Signs of running water on Mars dunes are probably just dry sand Ocean-covered planets may not be the places to search for life The message we’re sending to nearby aliens is no threat to Earth The New Horizons spacecraft is heading towards a mystery rock