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Paul Allen has died How Lisp Became God's Own Programming Language Twilio to Acquire Sendgrid The History of Sears Predicts Nearly Everything Amazon Is Doing (2017) The lost art of concentration: being distracted in a digital world How to Write a Technical Paper [pdf] Concepts to help developers master JavaScript The extra­ordinary influence of the Iliad and Odyssey The story of Augur, an Ethereum prediction market The Bredesen protocol for treating Alzheimer’s Removing Old Versions of TLS To become a software consultant, avoid letting clients pay you for code (2017) Atmospheric railway RaptorJIT 1.0: Lua implementation for high-perf low-level system programming Making Windows Slower Part 2: Process Creation The high-risk, high-reward world of selling random stuff on Amazon Priority Queue on Ethereum with a 15 ETH Bug Bounty Ask HN: What discontinued company/product do you wish was still around? Stop cherry-picking, start merging, Part 1: The merge conflict Teasing Out the Bang for the Buck of Inference Engines Hijacking HTML canvas and PNG images to store arbitrary text data Show HN: Dangless-malloc – Safe dangling pointer errors (master thesis) A Framework for Intelligence and Cortical Function Based on Grid Cells SoftBank Gives Startups Billions of Reasons to Hold Off IPOs The Wonder from Down Under: The Fairlight CMI Digital Sampling Synthesiser GitHub's game jam returns next month A Genocide Incited on Facebook, With Posts From Myanmar’s Military Study shows massive insect loss M.I.T. Plans College for Artificial Intelligence, Backed by $1B Micromusic.net chiptune radio (1999)

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Abgasbetrug: Audi akzeptiert 800 Millionen Euro Strafe Bill Gates: Afrika ist der Chancenkontinent China: Apple-ID-Klau führt zu Geldverlust Uber, Lyft & Co. für Großteil des Stauanstiegs in San Francisco verantwortlich Wikileaks-Gründer Julian Assange erhält offenbar wieder Internetzugang Android 9 Pie: Google knüpft Backup-Verschlüsselung an gerätespezifische Passcodes Freie Wähler Bayern veröffentlichen MySQL-Passwort ihrer Website Neues Palm-Handy: Rückkehr als Accessoire-Smartphone Comdirect macht wohl auch bei Apple Pay mit DSGVO: Datenschutz gegen KI-Zukunft heise-Angebot: JavaScript: Jetzt Vortrag für die enterJS einreichen! NASA-Röntgenteleskop Chandra aus Sicherheitsmodus hochgefahren Docker hat offenbar neue Geldmittel in Höhe von 92 Millionen Dollar aufgebracht "Atari ist nur der Beginn": Tesla-Chef will mehr Videospiele ins Auto bringen Power to Gas: Netzbetreiber planen 100-MW-Anlage pEp-Foundation hat Sicherheitslücke in Enigmail/pEp geschlossen Adobe Creative Cloud: Produktiver und kreativer mit KI Microsoft-Mitgründer Paul Allen an Krebs gestorben heise-Angebot: Sonderheft c't Admin 2018 jetzt am Kiosk Der Buchverkäufer, der zum 800-Pfund-Gorilla wurde: 20 Jahre Amazon.de Google Pixel 3 XL im Test: Spitzen-Phone ohne revolutionäre Neuerung Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt will Rückruf für 100.000 Opel-Diesel anordnen Apple-ID: Mindestalter auf 16 Jahre hochgesetzt CCC: Bundespolizei hat Bericht zur Gesichtserkennung absichtlich geschönt Bayern-Wahl: CSU-Online-Shop gehackt, Käufer-Daten abgegriffen Adobes dritte Generation mobiler Apps Rat für Polizisten: iPhone besser nicht anschauen PHP 5.6 wird zum Sicherheitsrisiko Diesel-Skandal: Razzia wegen Betrugsverdachts bei Opel Fotorucksack Loewepro Photo Sport BP 200 AW II im Test

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Mysterious cosmic radio signal spotted unusually close to Earth Don’t miss – a dance of death, musical exploration and maps from light Amateurs used a Chinese satellite to photograph Earth and the moon Soyuz crash could kill the ISS and set space flight back decades The Sun review–a shiny blockbuster for London’s Science Museum Astronauts make emergency landing after Soyuz rocket malfunctions Moons can have moons and they are called moonmoons Are Virgin Galactic and Richard Branson really going to space soon? Jupiter’s moon Europa may have a belt of 15-metre-tall ice spikes Hubble Space Telescope taken out of action by faulty gyroscopes We’ve spotted the shock wave from an invisible explosion in space Cassini revealed three big surprises before diving into Saturn First known exomoon could be a baffling monster the size of Neptune Row with Russia and SpaceX delays could leave NASA unable to reach ISS Third lander arrives on asteroid Ryugu with only 16 hours to live Gaia spacecraft prepares to weather an incoming meteoroid storm Distant dwarf planet called ‘The Goblin’ could point to Planet X First Man: Ryan Gosling and Damien Chazelle on faking the moon landing Don’t miss: Darwinian premiere, what’s really real and sun science China’s Tiangong-2 space station is set to re-enter Earth’s atmosphere Why haven’t we heard from aliens? Because we’ve barely started looking Japanese space hoppers capture the sun moving across an asteroid sky 10 mysteries of the universe: Why does anything exist at all? 10 mysteries of the universe: Is there life out there? 10 mysteries of the universe: What makes supermassive black holes? Japanese space hoppers reveal glorious sci-fi vision of asteroid Ryugu 10 mysteries of the universe: Is our solar system normal? 10 mysteries of the universe: What is dark matter? Don’t miss: A digital sidekick, culture of crystals and bits of bear 10 mysteries of the universe: What makes monster stars?

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Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen dies of cancer at age 65 How I hacked modern Vending Machines Twilio acquires email API platform SendGrid for $2 billion in stock The Web I Want Firefox to disable TLS 1.0 and 1.1 March 2020 Making Windows Slower Part 2: Process Creation Google CEO Sundar Pichai says employee protests against the company's work with US military had little impact on management: 'We don't run the company by referendum' 81 st JPEG Meeting: AV1 Image File Format (AVIF) Physically Based Rendering: From Theory to Implementation 3rd Edition now available for free online The Granule Language [a functional programming language based on the linear λ-calculus augmented with graded modal types] Around 62% of all Internet sites will run an unsupported PHP version in 10 weeks Aleph: A leaderless, asynchronous, byzantine fault tolerant consensus protocol [pdf] My experience as a female engineer in the tech industry [x-post /r/TwoXChromosomes] [Webinar] How CircleCI and Meetup.com handle technical debt GitHub Game Off challenge - build a game in a month Generating Blue Noise Sample Points With Mitchell’s Best Candidate Algorithm Vectorized Emulation: Hardware accelerated taint tracking Do We Worship Complexity? Comparison of Agile Scaling Models OpenAPI Generator 3.3.1 released with better support for Java 9, 10 coding classes for kids dallas Lessons learned from creating a real-time collaborative rich-text editor Debugging Designs with TLA+ Intel SGX Enclaves: A full end-to-end solution (SDK and Documentation) to be presented by iExec (2014) Why we won't change our popular interview coding exercise

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Players are exploiting Black Ops 4 emotes to peek around corners Laika: Forget historic tragedy, this first space dog saves alien planets In a shocking move, Netflix cancels Marvel’s Iron Fist after two seasons Zen Studios alters classic pinball art to protect family-friendly rating [Updated] Video: What First Man does and doesn’t say about Neil Armstrong First Man is a first-rate movie about America’s most revered astronaut The new Razer Phone 2 tries again to make the 120Hz gamer phone a thing Feel better about your PlayStation VR with sweet new games Astro Bot, Firewall Deliciously spooky Pet Sematary trailer will give you the chills HBO, CNN, DC Comics, and more could join a streaming video service under AT&T Nintendo gives Switch subscribers decked-out NES Zelda save file Change that embarrassing PlayStation account name starting next year New trailer for Star Trek: Discovery S2 gives us a young bearded Spock Ousted Guardians of the Galaxy director switches camps, tied to new DC Comics film Extreme heat of Vesuvius eruption vaporized body fluids, exploded skulls Borderlands 2 getting full-scale PlayStation VR port December 14 Google’s Project Stream: That’s really a full Assassin’s Creed in my browser Hands-on: Fallout 76 lets you bring some company to the Apocalypse The Internet’s keepers? “Some call us hoarders—I like to say we’re archivists” The first trailer for Good Omens will make you long for the end of times