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Why Do Keynote Speakers Keep Suggesting That Improving Security Is Possible? Faster – Fast key-value store from Microsoft Research Arm Announces Client CPU Roadmap For Laptops The First Thru-Hike of the Mexican Border Python Fire – automatically generates CLIs from any Python object The nightmarishly complex wheat genome finally yields to scientists Myths about /dev/urandom (2014) Think Julia: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist M4 (computer language) Scale API is hiring engineers to build the AWS for AI John Ousterhout: My favorite sayings Show HN: Favioli – Replace blank tab icons with unique per-domain emoji Mithril js : Light-weight and simpler alternative to React js Two French rivers disappear underground in cracks and sinkholes U.S. government seeks Facebook help to wiretap Messenger ‘Functional Fingerprint’ May Identify Brains Over a Lifetime GoAWK: an AWK interpreter written in Go Falsely Accused of Shoplifting, but Retailers Demand They Pay How a tiny hospital used AI to lower costs and improve patient outcomes Lunar Laser Ranging: a continuing legacy of the Apollo program (1994) [pdf] History of T (2001) Trial by Combat? Trial by Cake The Updated Pioneer Offer How to Read 100s of Millions of Records per Second from a Single Disk With Undefined Behavior, Anything Is Possible Typed Clojure in Theory and Practice [pdf] Tips on using the Curl Command in Linux Software Heritage Archive MinUnit – A minimal unit testing framework for C (2002) Amiga Graphics Archive

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Glasfasernetz: Deutsche Bahn soll Partner in der Telko-Branche suchen Adblock Plus: "Acceptable Ads" für mobile Anzeigen Samsung Galaxy Note 9 im Test: Leistungsstark, aber langweilig Zubehör für iPhone und iPad: Diese Gadgets haben sich auf Reisen bewährt Neue iPhones: Vodafone und Telekom laden zur Reservierung Nach Kritik am Standortverlauf: Google konkretisiert Datenschutz-Optionen Mozilla sperrt das Add-On "Web Security" Abgas-Skandal: VW-Mitarbeiter belasten angeblich Winterkorn und Diess #TGIQF – das Quiz der chemischen Elemente Tesla-Chef Musk bezeichnet seine Gesundheit als "nicht gerade toll" Protestbrief: Google-Mitarbeiter hinterfragen China-Pläne Sommerzeit-Umfrage der EU-Kommission zieht 4,6 Millionen Teilnehmer an Studie: Löchriger Cookie-Schutz in Browsern 10-GBit-Ethernet per Thunderbolt-3-Adapter – für Macs und PCs Digitalisierung: Keine Horrorszenarien für Arbeitsmarkt heise-Angebot: Jetzt noch vergünstigte Tickets für die heise devSec sichern Forschungsagentur DARPA will US-Chipbranche neuen Schwung geben Arctic Sound im Video: Intel twittert Teaser für seine erste Grafikkarte Laptops oder Tablets für Schüler in Niedersachsen als Pflichtausstattung Apple: Teenie-Hacker hatte keinen Zugriff auf persönliche Nutzerdaten Das Problem mit der Agilität Vier Handyhalterungen fürs Fahrrad im Vergleichstest Ist die hiesige Ausbildung ein Auslaufmodell? Objektive für Spiegelreflex im Test: So gut sind günstige Linsen wirklich Gamescom 2018: Free2Play als Leitmotiv Kommentar: Elon Musk – ein Regelbrecher an der Grenze zum Durchdrehen Der Hass in den Kommentarspalten macht vielen Medien Sorgen Gigabyte stellt erste Server mit Cavium ThunderX2 vor Crowdfunding: 2,5 Millionen Euro Kapitalspritze für Fairphone ARM attackiert Intels Mobilprozessoren

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Any form of threatening, harassing, or violence / physical harm towards anyone will result in a ban Got a tech question or want to discuss tech? Weekly /r/Technology Tech Support / General Discussion Thread A 16-Year-Old Hacked Apple Servers And Stored Data In Folder Named 'hacky hack hack' Netflix will now interrupt series binges with video ads for its other series Analysts say we are headed for a flash memory price crash - 64-layer 3d NAND could plummet to as low as $0.08/GB in 2019 'Complete Joke': Democrats Ripped for Totally Failing to Grill FCC Chair Ajit Pai Over Net Neutrality Cyberattack Lies Brett Kavanaugh Chose Corporations Over the Public in a Major Net Neutrality Fight Voting Machine Vendors, Election Officials Continue To Look Ridiculous, As Kids Hack Voting Machines In Minutes FDA approves first generic version of EpiPen A Dutch first: Ingenious BMW theft attempt – which might signal a new wave of auto theft techniques Just say no: Wi-Fi-enabled appliance botnet could bring power grid to its knees - Princeton researchers find army of high-wattage IoT devices could cripple electric grid. Sen. Tester: FCC's Broadband Maps ‘Stink’ - Says commission needs to find out where service is and isn't Google risks mega-fine in EU over location 'stalking' - Privacy campaigners say Google's obsessive collection of location markers violates Europe's privacy laws - potentially exposing the Californian giant to punitive fines. Over 1000 Google Employees protest developing censorship tools for search Ajit Pai knew DDoS claim was false in January, says he couldn’t tell Congress Rolls-Royce launches new battery system to electrify ships ISPs say they can’t expand broadband unless gov’t gives them more money: Industry asks for handouts, arguing that broadband is essential—like a utility. Valve could be working on compatibility tools to make gaming on Linux easier than ever We underestimate the threat of facial recognition technology at our peril: Data could be used to draw conclusions about who you are, what you believe, what you have done – and what you might do in the future Google staff protest against plan for censored Chinese search engine | World news | The Guardian Analyst: Renewable energy will be 'effectively free' by 2030 - Analysts at Swiss investment bank UBS believe that by 2030, we could all be living without much of a carbon footprint — at least at home.

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Oldest galaxies in the universe discovered right on our doorstep Why the US is worried a Russian satellite might be a space weapon Doctors will grow human tissue on the International Space Station Weird circles in the sky may be signs of a universe before ours Asteroid strike may have forged the oldest rocks ever found on Earth NASA’s Parker Solar Probe is on its way to the sun, via Venus Neutron stars bend light so much we see their front and back at once Explosive facelift left star looking much younger than its true age Dark matter might be harder to detect because it’s not from our galaxy Forgotten giants: Why the time is ripe to revisit Uranus and Neptune NASA’s plans to end the ISS could put its Mars missions in danger Terraforming Mars might be impossible due to a lack of carbon dioxide Where does space begin? Here’s why it’s closer than you think Don’t miss: Latest Ant-Man film, exoplanets and a mind-blowing podcast Starlight stretched by Milky Way’s black hole proves Einstein right Massive lake of water found beneath Mars’ south pole could host life We could find life on Europa by just scratching its surface The sun shrinks and grows again by 2 kilometres every 11 years Why weird star systems are where we’ll find alien life Spectacular new photos of Titan show Saturn’s moon like never before Levitating glass particles are fastest spinning objects ever seen See the bright lights and spectacular colours of our shining universe Passing star may have disturbed the solar system billions of years ago Tiny planets full of diamonds have been created in the lab We’ve found 12 new moons orbiting Jupiter – and one is probably doomed UK announces plans for two spaceports that could see launches by 2021 Don’t miss: amateur surgery, aqua-activism and a twisted Turing test Whoops! NASA burned best evidence for life on Mars 40 years ago Violent black holes spit neutrinos at Earth and we finally caught one Tornadoes on the sun could blast hot plasma towards Earth

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Final report on BTRFS in ReactOS ProtonMail’s open source encryption library, OpenPGPjs, has passed an independent security audit Blankon 11 Uluwatu - See What's New Das Keyboard unbans users from the 5Q forums and apologies Major open source releases on GitHub last month · Release Radar July 2018 Open Source Has Not Failed. Don't Cover Up Corporate Abuse of Open Source LibreOffice users, if a full ribbon design was made to use, would you rather use a menu bar or a ribbon? Happy 25th Birthday, Debian Linux! 🎈🐧🎉🎁 Rubykube is an open-source modular platform for building a cryptocurrency exchange FOSS Project Spotlight: SIT I'm a learning Technical Writer who wants to contribute to your project! Subsurface's Dirk Hohndel: open source and diving GitHub - neutralinojs/neutralinojs: Build web apps with native os functions Thunderbird Council Update: Introducing our new hires How recruiters can collect references with Zinc How Unpaywall is transforming open science any good foss weather clients with ongoing notifications for android? Open Sourcerer What Dropbox dropping Linux support says Top 5 Open Source Vulnerabilities That Refuse To Die- yes Shellshock, Heartbleed and Equifax made the list Open source option for calorie tracking? Ghost-ssh: A tool that will let you run commands over ssh using in a resource constraint env, written in C using libssh2. Odoo OpenSource Web Framework ReactOS, a open source operating system based on windows NT. Mongo Seeding - The ultimate solution for populating MongoDB database