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Intel wegen Patentverletzung zu 2,18 Milliarden Dollar verurteilt SpaceX baut eigene Fabrik für Satellteninternet Starlink TechStage | Xiaomi Redmi Note 9T im Test: Doppelt 5G für wenig Geld SPD-Wahlprogramm: Gigabit-Gesellschaft, Identifizierungspflicht und Tempolimit Microsoft Mesh: Kollaborationssoftware mit Mixed Reality heise+ | Sechs kompakte Dokumentenscanner bis 500 Euro im Test Anga Com: Online-Kongress statt Messe Virtualisierer und Emulator UTM kommt in den Mac App Store Version checken: "High Resistance"-Firewall GeNUGate barg kritische Lücke CNAME Cloaking: Werbebranche trickst Tracking-Sperren aus Apple Card: Zahlungsausfall kann zu Sperrung der Apple-ID führen Chrome 89: Profil-Auswahl mit persönlichen Einstellungen Gaming-Grafikkarten: Deutsche nehmen hohe Preise in Kauf Kurz informiert: Fritzbox, Luca-App, Radwege, Twitter EuGH: Vorratsdatenspeicherung in Estland ist nicht mit EU-Recht vereinbar Prozessorlücke Spectre: Exploit für Windows & Linux öffentlich verfügbar SoftwareArchitekTOUR-Podcast, Episode 82: APIs Historische Deepfakes: Deep Nostalgia animiert Familienfotos und Portraits IBM Cloud Satellite: Unternehmen brauchen alles "as-a-Service" Rechte Chats bei Polizei: Ermittler wollen 12.750 Nummern überprüfen Mehrere Streaming-Serien für den Grimme-Preis nominiert IT immer zentraler und die Cloud-Anbindung raucht? Da gibt's nun was von Lenovo Digitaler Impfpass: Telekom beteiligt sich an Ausschreibung Kampf um App-Läden: Gesetzesentwurf treibt Apple und Google auf die Barrikaden Intel "Rocket Lake-S": Core i9-11900K und Co. erscheinen Ende März Playstation 4 und 5: Sony verschenkt "Ratchet & Clank" Elektroauto Volvo C40: Elektrisches SUV-Coupé mit üppiger Batterie “Hybrid-Drohne” mit Racing-Einschlag: So fliegt sich die DJI FPV Google-Kartellverfahren: US-Regierung will umfangreiche Daten zu Suchanfragen heise+ | Softwareethik: Value Design als Leitlinie moderner Softwareentwicklung

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Got a tech question or want to discuss tech? Weekly /r/Technology Tech Support / General Discussion Thread YouTube Suspends Rudy Giuliani Again for Election Fraud Claims The New York Times (Falsely) Informs Its 7 Million Readers Net Neutrality Is 'Pointless' Betting on death of petrol cars, Volvo to go all electric by 2030 Robinhood is facing nearly 50 lawsuits over GameStop frenzy. Gab, the far-right website, has been hacked and 70GB of data leaked A major Chinese bitcoin mining hub is shutting down its cryptocurrency operations Twitter now labeling tweets with misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines with new strike system A series of deepfake videos of Tom Cruise is confusing millions of TikTok users. See the convincing videos and learn how this technology could be used to spread misinformation. Schools Are Abandoning Invasive Proctoring Software After Student Backlash Overclock at your own risk: Intel axes its overclocking warranty A California city just voted to ban new gas stations as the state eyes an all-electric future New EU ‘right to repair’ laws require technology to last for a decade - New devices will also have to come with repair manuals and be made in such a way that they can be dismantled using conventional tools “We knew T-Mobile couldn’t be trusted,” union says after 5,000 job cuts — T-Mobile claimed Sprint merger would create thousands of jobs "from day one." Epic Games is buying Fall Guys creator Mediatonic Hackers release a new jailbreak tool for almost every iPhone Rookie coding mistake prior to Gab hack came from site’s CTO Microsoft issues emergency patches for 4 exploited 0-days in Exchange Robot Police Dogs are Here. Should We be Worried? AWS Director sues Amazon, alleging systemic racism in corporate office Officials in Baltimore and St. Louis Put the Brakes on Persistent Surveillance Systems Spy Planes Payroll giant PrismHR outage likely caused by ransomware attack Texas Energy Co-Op Files For Bankruptcy After Storm, High Bill Betting on death of petrol cars, Volvo to go all electric by 2030 Microsoft unveils Mesh, betting on mixed reality for gatherings and collaboration across platforms

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It Can Happen to You (another case of O(n^2) sscanf parsing) Building a Commercial Video Game From Scratch - Handmade Hero with Casey Muratori How I Might Have Hacked Any Microsoft Account - The Zero Hack Deno v1.8 Released - WebGPU, Code Coverage, Private Modules and More... A fundamental introduction to x86 assembly programming How to execute an object file Speed is the killer feature Semantic Versioning Will Not Save You Engineering Impacts of Anonymous Author Code Review: A Field Experiment Parsing can become accidentally quadratic because of sscanf Rookie coding mistake prior to Gab hack came from site’s CTO, he removed SQL injection protection “Programming Languages” Series on Coursera is IMO, one of the best classes on foundational programming language paradigms. I strongly recommend it. You’ll be writing your own mini interpreter in Racket. Here is a full course review. Deno v1.8 – support for WebGPU, private modules, Intl, and much more Get familiar with graph algorithms and C++ concurrency with this parallel DFS implementation, based on an Nvidia paper Now you can do GitHub Advanced Search in Natural Language! (info in comments) Windows Terminal Preview 1.7 Release | Windows Command Line A Xilinx Zynq Linux FPGA Board For Under $20? The Windfall Of Decommissioned Crypto Mining meaning of B = R[h.ravel(),s.ravel()] The Web’s Missing Interoperability "Don't Make Me Think": 4 Ways to Put Developer Experience First When Writing Code Exploring Hotwire, the new approach to building responsive web applications - TeamHQ jspm.org - Import Maps Release & Module CDN Launch Shlemiel the Painter | Back to Basics | Joel on Software How I cut GTA Online loading times by 70% Tell a story with your commits - making an app to quickly peek / restore / rearrange coding history

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OrbitDB - Peer-to-Peer Databases for the Decentralized Web Are there any medical open-source projects? Brackets (open source code editor for HTML, CSS, JS) EOL notice Aether on Source, Use, and Contributions Red Hat's 2021 Open Source Survey: Who's Using the Software and Why Forbes Magazine writes about Lightmeter as a startup fighting to protect Open Source product How can I keep my echo service app program I wrote demo.exe up? I would like to keep it running. If it crashes I want it to start right back up. ETL Markup Toolkit - a Spark-native tool for expressing ETL transformations as configuration floccus now supports syncing bookmarks across browsers via Google Drive Releasing Baserow 1.0 with improved self hosting, redesigned left sidebar and a new feature roadmap - Open source Airtable Alternative Lion is a formally verified open source RISC-V core Open Software License Help to develop a FLOSS project Does Notion violate OpenSource licenses? vitejs - Next generation frontend tooling. Why FREE = Friend Zone if not done right and what to do about it so we can have open source projects AND happy developers making money to support their work as well. The only way to fail is by not doing anything. Share your thoughts in the comments. LambadChip: a gateway between functional programming and embedded devices Danese Cooper: I can offer the story of the SCSL and Java space.storage released its alpha Tips For Beginners to Open Source Open Source Keylogger for researching my key usage? How to start contributing open source as an Absolute beginner. Setting up Portainer. Docker Container management made easy and running PiHole snyk - CLI and build-time tool to find & fix known vulnerabilities in open-source dependencies Console 42: Unleash, nq, and Blocklists

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Announcement: r/security is now closed down and will be re-launched soon. Please use r/cybersecurity for all cybersecurity topics. Detailed audit of Voatz' voting app confirms security flaws Ongoing DDoS attacks against ISPs? Cyber threats abusing COVID-19 collected to a database to spread awareness. Cnd vs pnd. Which one is the best for Network security? Google exploring using location info to slow coronavirus spread The U.S. wants smartphone location data. Reject the anti-encrytpion bill. They are trying to destroy privacy while everyone is distracted with coronavirus! EFF made this easy tool so you can tell your senators. Code Scanning Solution - SAST - Scanmycode.today - free for Open Source Projects bitcoin@mail.tg to recover encrypted PC. LDAPFragger: Bypassing network restrictions using LDAP attributes Petition to try and halt the EARN IT ACT Encrypting communication on top of Facebook messenger etc The EARN IT Act Is the New FOSTA Hey all. I started a YouTube channel a short while ago with instructional videos for learning penetration testing/ethical hacking. Hopefully some of you will find them informative. Spam calls render landline useless. Paranoid Shield (password manager) Security In 5: Episode 705 - It Is Time For Multi-Factor Authentication To Shine Windows Warning Alert Qubes Architecture Next Steps: The GUI Domain What are the most cleaver way used by famous Malwares to exfiltrate data without being traceable back ? Cloud Database Leak Exposes 425GB of Financial Data Endpoint detection and response. Learn about EDR and securing your endpoints. Hardening Ubuntu 18 Laptop. What should I do differently? Amazon Phishing Scam, Am I Safe? Security In 5: Episode 704 - Home Router Security Tips

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All Space Questions thread for week of February 28, 2021 NASA's James Webb Space Telescope Completes Final Tests for Launch Rocket Lab CEO eats his hat (literally) for about-face on launcher size I interviewed the earliest employees of SpaceX, ate Gin Gins with Elon Musk and his sons, and wrote the definitive origin story of the world's most interesting space company. AMA! Black hole visionaries push the boundaries of knowledge in a new film Artemis: We Are Focused Rare red sprite and blue jet create otherworldly light show above Hawaii NASA is no stranger to planting Easter Eggs on Mars: Perseverance's parachute encoded a binary message; InSight had a secret braille signature; Curiosity's tires left morse code tracks; and Spirit and Opportunity both carried relics from the World Trade Center. Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa is accepting applicants for 8 all-expenses-paid tickets on his spaceflight around the moon on SpaceX's Starship – which Elon Musk is confident "will be safe enough for human transport by 2023: The first known space hurricane pours electron ‘rain’ SpaceX is building a factory in Austin, Texas for Starlink satellite internet equipment Scientists discover a strange comet among asteroids near Jupiter NASA selects 16 futuristic space technology concepts Yusaku Maezawa: Get your FREE TICKET to the MOON!! 8 crew members wanted. Sign up today! 🚀🌍🌕 #dearMoon Lumpy, 30-pound meteorite that crashed in Sweden recovered in local village Watch How Light Moves! Real Hubble Video of a Light Echo Naming a star? is it a good idea? All about Neptune School students in India discover 18 new asteroids Nasa's Perseverance rover sends stunning images UK meteor: 'Huge flash' as 'fireball' lights up skies 'like a giant firework' | Science & Tech News Blue Origin’s massive New Glenn rocket is delayed for years. What went wrong? Kelly Latimer: Dryden's First Female Research Test Pilot Dust Particles in the Martian Atmosphere can Create Static Electricity, but not Enough to Endanger the Rovers Scientists Observe Eight-Hour “Space Plasma Hurricane”

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Valheim's dedicated servers should have lower latency now The Architect: Paris lets you re-design the French capital The Sims 4 now has Kits, a new way of buying DLC packs Control and XCOM: Chimera Squad headline Humble Choice for March Fall Guys developer Mediatonic acquired by Epic Games Explore a beautiful spooky city in this five-minute free game The Weeskpot podcast: #028: javelin throw down Mining in Valheim genuinely scares me Pretty perspective-based puzzler Maquette is out now Aliens: Fireteam is a co-op shooter set 23 years after the Alien trilogy It Takes Two is the most co-operative co-op game I've ever played Nioh 2's latest PC update fixes keyboard and mouse prompts Former Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 devs hit with layoffs The Sinking City devs claim publisher pirated the game to release it on Steam Get Dirt 4 for less than £1 in Fanatical's Spring Sale Have You Played... Desperados 3? This Valheim world generator is super handy for sleuthing good seeds EA have delayed Need For Speed so Criterion can assist Battlefield 6 Elden Ring fans are flipping over an extremely blurry trailer leak Hood: Outlaws & Legends introduces the stealthy Ranger class Asus ROG Strix Scar 15 (2021) review Why does GTA Online load so slowly? Someone thinks they can make it 70% faster I think Valheim looks great, actually Deep Rock Galactic is adding new missions, weapons and more this year Destiny 2's glitch allowing 12-player raids is such wonderful chaos The Sinking City is back on Steam, but the devs don't want you to buy it Valheim player discovers that the sea is one big trampoline Have You Played... Hitman Contracts? Valorant's Astra has one of the trippiest abilities the game has seen yet The Sunday Papers

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Tech Support and Basic Questions Thread - February 28, 2021 What Are You Playing Thread - March 02, 2021 Epic Games store buys Mediatonic, creators of Fall Guys One time in college I installed Half-Life 2 Deathmatch on all the PCs in the computer lab and hosted a 48-hour LAN party. Valheim - Patch 0.147.3 (Dedicated servers now always use direct connections + other fixes) Steam Link app now available for the Linux desktop The Sinking City has been delisted from steam. Blasphemous has sold 1 million copies Aliens: Fireteam - Official Announcement Trailer Google reportedly paid $20m for Ubisoft ports on Stadia Devil Daggers - 5 year anniversary QOL update PCSX2 texture replacement showcase X4: Cradle of Humanity - Launch Trailer EA delays Need for Speed, puts Criterion on Battlefield 6 Humble Choice for March 2021 featuring Control, XCOM Chimera Squad and more Unassuming One-man VR Project 'Gorilla Tag' Sees 42K Players in First Two Weeks Nioh 2 Update adds KBM Control Icons as well as additional attempts at fixing High Effects Settings Performance hit Nioh 2 DLSS Analysis: AI Upscaling's Toughest Test Yet? (Digital Foundry) First Person Recursive Puzzle Game "Maquette" has released on Steam Crusader Kings III - Dev Diary #50: Poetry to my Ears First 22 Minutes Of It Takes Two Sequel to the greatest Space 4x reveal - Distant Worlds 2 Dev Diary: Dungeon Maker - Solasta: Crown of the Magister Official answer of Nacon to Frogwares why did they take dev's version of "The Sinking City" and hacked it Turning off Fullscreen Optimizations can drastically improve performance in some games Intel confirms 11th Gen Core "Rocket Lake-S" is set to launch on March 30 Guild Wars 2 - The Icebrood Saga: Champions Chapter 3 Balance – Trailer and Details

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Ask /r/formula1 Anything - Daily Discussion - 2 March 2021 Welcome to the 2021 Formula 1 season! [Alpine F1 Team] Alpine A521 Renault E-TECH 20B The 2021 grid so far... Remember the Alpine F1 announcement last September? Turns out they already showed us the 2021 livery back then! Daniil Kvyat will be Alpine's Reserve Driver Daniil Kvyat in new colors Studio shot of Valtteri Bottas and his 2021 helmet 20 years ago on this day Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen started their F1 careers in the 2001 Australian GP Free Practice 1 [Sky] Toto Wolff confirms Mercedes interest in Nico Hülkenberg as 2021 reserve driver Studio shot of Sir Lewis Hamilton and his 2021 helmet [Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Team] Introducing the W12 [Sean Bull Design] Here it is: the 2021 Alpine A521 in its new livery. Very proud again to have been part of the design team on this livery and even had the honour this year to create the final renders of the car. Bottas’ Sneak Peek at the W12 [@AlpineF1Team] Daniil Kvyat joins Alpine F1 Team as Reserve Driver I love my country! (A. Senna at the back of a truck w/ L. Hamilton) [Will Buxton] on Twitter: “Better start moving the furniture out of the house, Williams have released an app which will allow you to project the new FW43B into your own home on Friday! Some really innovative and thoughtful launch ideas in 2021. Love it. Search: Williams Racing AR Launch 2021” Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas in their 2021 race suits [OT] A driver’s eye view of Laguna Seca from Romain Grosjean’s second IndyCar test. All of the Aston Martin Cognizant F1 team partners/suppliers Alpine's stream is not off to a good start Alpine A521 Higher Quality Gallery Lewis Hamilton is 6 short of having more podiums with Mercedes (116) than any other current driver has in their entire career (Vettel - 121) W11 vs W12 bargeboard changes [Phillip Horton] Mercedes' Formula E racers, Stoffel Vandoorne and Nyck de Vries, will be Mercedes' official F1 reserve drivers. (After George, presumably).