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Mechanical Watch (2022) A Big Small Leap Forward in Graph Theory Marmot: Multi-writer distributed SQLite based on NATS Tohands – Smart calculator for small businesses Why scientists are making transparent wood Building a bare-metal bootable game for Raspberry Pi in C# Magical Fibonacci Formulae Bad Science and Bad Statistics in the Courtroom Convict Innocent People Eleanor Cross Mistral: Mixtral of Experts How many lines of C it takes to execute a + b in Python Low Latency, Low Loss, and Scalable Throughput (L4S) Internet Service: RFC 9330 Every Programmer Should Know #1: Idempotency Earliest Carpenters: 476,000-year-old log structure discovered in Zambia Skio (YC S20) – Subscriptions for Shopify, ReCharge Migrations Is Hiring Mistral: Our first AI endpoints are available in early access Capturing gestures: from Linux' EVDev to the browser Jedec Publishes New CAMM2 Memory Module Standard Templ: A language for writing HTML user interfaces in Go Fixing Classical Cats: How I Got Tricked by 28-Year-Old Defensive Programming Invisible Bunnies That Power World of Warcraft (2017) Clockhands: Rename-Free Instruction Set Architecture for Out-of-Order Processors User Interface Typography Whirlygig Volumetric Display LPC1768 Demo (2014) [video] Ego killed the empowered product team Shader Park Is Kinda Neat Omg.lol: An Oasis on the Internet Low-Background Tokens NeurIPS 2023: Expo Day Pitivi – Free video editor with a beautiful and intuitive user interface

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Elektronische Patientenakte: "Für Datensicherheit bleibt kaum Zeit" Apple-Geräte mit faltbarem Display: Samsung bereitet sich angeblich schon vor VW-Baureihen Transporter und Caravelle kommen Anfang 2024, auch elektrisch Leder ade: Apple die "Firma des Jahres" für Tierrechtsorganisation Peta heise+ | Im Test: MacBook Pro 14", 16" und iMac mit M3-Prozessoren Vorratsdaten: G7-Innenminister fordern Einsatz gegen Missbrauchsdarstellungen Avira-Update legt Systeme lahm TechStage | Starthilfe mit Powerbank Popdeer PD-J01 im Test: Für 45 € das Auto überbrücken Brightline West: Schnellzugprojekt in den USA strahlt auch nach Europa aus systemd: Bluescreen of Death in Linux und verbesserte TPM2-Unterstützung Fanartikel per Drohne: Bundesligist steigt in Drohnenlieferdienst ein Click Boom Flash: Neuer Podcast von c't Fotografie Jahrescharts 2023: Pink, pink, pink sind (fast) alle meine Themen heise-Angebot: Konferenzmesse secIT 2024: Mit Workshop-Wissen Cybercrime abwehren Astronomie: Exomonde um Kepler-1625 b and Kepler-1708 b "unwahrscheinlich" Bluetooth-Lücke: Tastenanschläge in Android, Linux, iOS und macOS einschleusbar heise+ | Microsofts .NET 8.0 im Test: Große Innovationen beim Webframework Blazor Nackt mit KI: Aus der Porno-Nische zum Online-Geschäftsmodell PHP-Anwendungsserver in Go: FrankenPHP erreicht 1.0 Chinesische Werft stellt großes, atomgetriebenes Containerschiff vor heise+ | Sicher verkaufen: So werden Sie Ihr altes iPhone am besten los "Lego Fortnite" angespielt: Überlebenskampf mit Minifiguren​ Bosch prüft Stellenabbau in seiner Antriebssparte​ Wearable als Ring misst weibliches Hormon im Schweiß heise-Angebot: iX-Workshop: Programmieren mit dem KI-Assistenten Github Copilot KI-Update Deep-Dive: KI und Supercomputer Nach Apple-Blockade von iMessage auf Android: Beeper gibt sich kämpferisch "Geschworene" können in China per App über Essenslieferungen urteilen Online-Terminvereinbarung: Ärzte sollen künftig zusätzliche Vergütung erhalten Sicherheitslücken: Angreifer können Schadcode auf Qnap NAS schieben

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Got a tech question or want to discuss tech? Bi-Weekly /r/Technology Tech Support / General Discussion Thread Wi-Fi 7 to get the final seal of approval early next year, new standard is up to 4.8 times faster than Wi-Fi 6 Senator Warren calls out Apple for shutting down Beeper's 'iMessage to Android' solution Politically-engaged Redditors tend to be more toxic -- even in non-political subreddits Hyundai unveils car tires with built-in, push-button snow chains Notepad on Windows 11 is finally getting a character count Attacked by conservatives, UW misinformation researcher gears up for 2024 Doom creator John Romero launches sequel campaign Sigil 2 for free 1.8 Million Barrels of Oil a Day Avoided from Electric Vehicles Alex Jones and his conspiracy theories are allowed back on X Doom turns 30, so its creators celebrate seminal first-person shooter’s contribution to IT careers - And the joy of slaughtering demons as John Romero himself delivers a frag-tastic new level A firm providing AI drive-thru tech to fast food chains actually relies on human workers to take orders 70% of the time BlackBerry Cancels Spinoff of Internet-of-Things Unit, Names New CEO This A.I. Subculture's Motto: Go, Go, Go. The eccentric pro-tech movement known as "Effective Accelerationism" wants to unshackle powerful A.I., and party along the way. EU to improve energy performance of buildings, rooftop solar required to be installed from 2027 US healthcare giant Norton says hackers stole millions of patients' data during ransomware attack Disinformation is the 'threat of a generation,' but Canada is struggling to deal with it: National security adviser Apple blocked Beeper Mini’s iMessage Android app, but Beeper will keep pushing A massive tech company exodus is occurring in Texas, reports show The future of [American] nuclear energy will be decided in Idaho Why scientists are making transparent wood / The results are amazing, that a piece of wood can be as strong as glass Tesla drivers run Autopilot where it’s not intended — with deadly consequences The race between Intel, Samsung, and TSMC to ship the first 2 nm chip / Samsung and Intel believe this is their best chance to close the gap with TSMC

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All Space Questions thread for week of December 10, 2023 This print took me 5 months to create... my largest image of the Milky Way ever! Details in the comments. James Webb Telescope (JWST) NIRCam: Cassiopeia A (Cas A) - a supernova remnant. ULA chief says Vulcan rocket will slip to 2024 after ground system issues Daily Telescope: Hubble images a dazzling star cluster 158,000 light-years away Rocket lamp one year on Our sun compared to UY Scuti, the largest known star in the universe I captured the Milky Way setting over Cape Cornwall (Cornwall, UK) using an Astro-modified DSLR This picture I took of Jupiter and its moons A Blue Take on the Horsehead Nebula [OC] An LED display I made to show real-time status of spacecraft communicating with NASA's Deep Space Network Astronauts Musgrave and Hoffman during repair of Hubble Space Telescope (HST) on December 9 1993. I might own Zenon Jankowski’s GSh-6a helmet Performing evasive maneuvers increases satellites' collision risk down the road Chinese firm’s methane-powered rocket sends satellites into orbit Jupiter through my 6" Telescope Want to learn about space/rockets Extragalactic neutrinos plunging into the sea – astrophysics art by Olena Shmahalo NASA to train Indian astronauts for a week-long trip to ISS in 2024 The James Webb Space Telescope took a picture of a star that blew up Revealed: the oldest black hole ever observed, dating to dawn of universe WOH G64 - the largest known star Black and white star trail I took from the International Space Station. More details in comments. Mineral Moon Signs of life shooting from Saturn's moon could be collected with spacecraft, scientists say Recollections of Apollo 8 from Mike Dinn at Honeysuckle Creek

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AMD's best-selling 7800X3D CPU drops to just £330 in the UK or $358 in the US This 17-in 4K 120Hz Alienware RTX 3070 Ti gaming laptop is yours for £1069 Apollo Justice Trilogy is an even better glow-up than the original Ace Attorney Trilogy Screenshot Saturday Mondays: RULES OF NATURE! The RPS Advent Calendar 2023, December 11th Doom At 30: An ode to Doom, the first game to give me motion sickness Slavic witch adventure Reka, aka the one with the chicken-legged house, gets new trailer and 2024 release date The Maw - 11th-16th December 2023 The RPS Advent Calendar 2023, December 10th The Sunday Papers Doom At 30: John Romero remembers his seminal FPS so that we don't remember it wrong This 32-inch LG gaming monitor is down to $187 The Sims 4's For Rent expansion is out, letting you live your landlord dreams Metal: Hellsinger's free horde mode update and new DLC are out now The Finals developers say they've found why movement speed feels slower, despite "no change" since beta The excellent SteelSeries Rival 3 Wireless is down to £25 at Amazon UK This RTX 4070 Ti + Core i5 12400F prebuilt gaming PC is down to £1299 at Stormforce Gaming The RPS Advent Calendar 2023, December 9th What are we all playing this weekend? Two indie megahits combine in Vampire Survivors’ Among Us DLC, out later this month GTA 6 trailer is how the game is “really going to look”, not cinematics, says ex-Rockstar dev Welcome to Elk and Dead Pets Unleashed devs “no longer exist” as whole team laid off after bankruptcy Alone in the Dark reboot delayed again, will now land in March so devs “avoid any potential crunch” An "embarrassing indictment": developers decry last nights The Game Awards ceremony Colony Ship pairs a decent RPG design with an excellent premise

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Tech Support and Basic Questions Thread - December 09, 2023 What Are You Playing Thread - December 11, 2023 The Day Before Has Already Lost 80% of Its Players in the First 3 Days on Steam, Making It One of the Worst Weekends Ever Recorded for a New Game No Man's Sky lead says Light No Fire will let you climb mountains that are "miles high, taller than Everest" Arthur Morgan's voice actor TikTok responds to GTA 6's Florida Joker and his demands—'you ain't getting a job at Home Depot with that face'—then deletes the video Cyberpunk 2077 on Twitter: 3 years ago today we released Cyberpunk 2077. Since then, thanks to your feedback and support, we've transformed the game through various patches and updates into the Ultimate Edition you can enjoy today. None of this would have happened without you - our Community. 4060 Ti the most disappointing GPU I reviewed this year Google unveils the top-10 searched games of 2023 having Hogwarts Legacy on number 1, followed by The Last of Us, Connections, and more. Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Developer Blog: Rebalance Pass 2023 (Steam Dev Diary) DOOM's 30th Anniversary Stream with John Romero, John Carmack, and David L. Craddock Release Date Announcement - Gods Against Machines, an RTS God game, is coming to Steam on February 23, 2024! I've been working on this for over two years, and I'm excited to finally release it. I didn't quit my job for this, but I hope you'll appreciate all the effort that went into it. Lies of P - Update Notes Version In your opinion, what is the best short game? Thank you! "The Black Parade" is now in the MOTY top 100! Please vote in the 2nd "champion" round! What Game Have You Recently Fell In Love With Unexpectedly? Crimson Desert and DokeV has been delayed to 2025 and presumably 2026 respectively. A game that honestly surprised you Anyone miss the old strategy guides - were there any that actually made you better at the game? Bethesda's Game Design Was Outdated a Decade Ago Cyborg Force Trailer The BEST Emulators of 2023 | Modern Vintage Gamer Medieval fantasy Action/RPGs are making a comeback and I'm loving this.

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Ask r/Formula1 Anything - Daily Discussion Thread The tale of the tape at @WilliamsRacing in 2023 Hamilton has “full faith” in Mercedes F1 after checking out W15 in wind tunnel McLaren | One team, one dream. Ricciardo: AlphaTauri no longer a junior F1 team as it heads into 2024 with two experienced drivers and a new identity Gasly sees good chance of female driver reaching F1 during his career @nihadcelona, who took Hamilton's trophy , made a statement on Twitter [OT] [Jota Sport] We’re excited to reveal Callum Ilott will be racing in gold at the wheel of 12 in 2024. We can’t wait to get started! 77 DAYS TIL RAWECEEK! Let's crown the best F1 circuit - I'm eliminating seven (7) of them each week, based on your comments! Alain Prost with the 1991 Ferrari 643 at the Gulf Historic Dubai GP Revival My Best 2023 F1 posters, (Official and Unofficial posters) [Denver Broncos] Owner @LewisHamilton rocking the throwback at Denver vs. Los Angeles 2023 F1 Season Qualifying Sector Battles [Credit : @LightsOutF1Blog] Horner: Red Bull Honda union outshines McLaren Senna years Madrid F1 project still lacking key steps, says FIA The guy who claims to have Hamilton's trophy also posted a pic with Max's trophy on his Twitter The FIA ​​explores removing the times of those that cause red flags: it will be tested in F2 and F3 in 2024 ‘He knows it’s a big year’ – Horner picks out what Perez needs to improve on for 2024 Miami GP Show Car at the Miami Opa-Locka Airport Twitter user @nihadcelona with Lewis Hamilton's P3 Trophy [Guiliano Duchessa] Mercedes note: Immediately after leaving the stage, and as has been done at previous prizegivings, Lewis Hamilton accepted the offer from officials for the trophy to be sent on to the team and therefore left it in their care. We can confirm he did not give the trophy to anyone Danny Ric singing on stage with Dermot Kennedy at Zach Bryan’s show in Melbourne Mercedes note about Hamilton's FIA Gala trophy Max's exclusive interview with Blick - Where do you see Formula 1 in around 10 years' time? Max: The gasoline will probably be gone. But our sport is already becoming greener and more sustainable. Only one thing is certain: Max Verstappen will no longer be there!

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Reminder: Donate to win swag in our annual Charity Drive sweepstakes Against the Storm feels like WarCraft without the war, and it’s weirdly calming The Fallout TV series trailer is here, and it’s loaded with homages to the games When can we expect a PC version of Grand Theft Auto VI? Grand Theft Auto VI trailer arrives early with a crime-crazy Florida After a chaotic three years, GPU sales are starting to look normal-ish again Dragon Age: Dreadwolf teaser proves EA hasn’t forgotten about the game The surprisingly robust careers of Star Trek stars who became video game voice actors Reminder: Donate to win swag in our annual Charity Drive sweepstakes My long quest to revive a ’90s Windows gaming cult classic Netflix lands its first big-name games with Grand Theft Auto trilogy Unity lays off hundreds of Weta Digital engineers as it pivots back to games Baldur’s Gate 3 bug caused by game’s endless mulling of evil deeds Win hardware, collectibles, and more in the 2023 Ars Technica Charity Drive Guidemaster: Game controllers to turn your smartphone into a mobile gaming machine DOS_deck offers free, all-timer DOS games in a browser, with controller support GameMaker throws shade at Unity, makes its 2D engine free or $100 for most Review: New Atari 2600+ doesn’t justify its plus sign Infocom’s ingenious code-porting tools for Zork and other games have been found Measured: Steam Deck OLED’s major input lag improvements