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ACLU sues Homeland Security over 'stingray' cell phone surveillance SoftRAM 95 (1996) A Thread about Internet Archive's “Silent Killer” Local Privilege Escalation in OpenBSD's Dynamic Loader (CVE-2019-19726) Learning at work is work, and we must make space for it Things end users care about but programmers don't Twitter's future could look a lot like its past Introducing E2, new cost-optimized general purpose VMs for Google Compute Engine First all-electric seaplane takes flight in B.C. The Great $50M African IP Address Heist The “security.txt” proposal reached last step in the IETF process My Bootstrapped Micro-Startup Got Acquired Repl from Repo Coding Machines (2009) Self-driving truck delivers butter from California to Pennsylvania in three days Password Generator I stood up to my boss, then he got promoted Silicon Valley Is Listening to Your Most Intimate Moments A Rocket to Nowhere (2005) Mind your Logs: How a build log from a Jenkins leaked everything OMG: Our Machinery Guidebook Twitter funding a team to develop an open standard for social media Pivoting from conventional search to search-as-you-type: Our story with Mozilla The Art of Bargaining, Positional vs. Interest-Based Negotiation Are Physical Laws Inevitable? Chunking Optimizations: Let the Knife Do the Work Odyssey: Scalable PostgreSQL Connection Pooler ZedRipper: A 16-core Z80 laptop Layered Programming (2013) PPX: Probabilistic Programming EXecution Protocol and API Based on Flatbuffers

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#heiseshow: Sind Ärzte mit dem Schutz unserer Gesundheitsdaten überfordert? Digitale Souveränität: "Wir dulden eine flächendeckende IT-Unsicherheit" Experten warnen vor Telomer-Gentherapie Münsteraner Gericht untersagt Sonntagsarbeit bei Amazon.de TechStage | Thermostat Comet DECT im Test: günstiger Fritzdect-301-Klon heise+ | Spiele mit dem Grafiktreiber aufhübschen Cyber Defence: Huawei fordert globale Initiative TechStage | Interaktive Wecker: So wird jeder Tiefschläfer wach Mobilitätsmesse: Hannover will die neue IAA ausrichten BMW: Android Auto ab Sommer 2020 Scheuer verteidigt sein Vorgehen zur Pkw-Maut Sicherheitsunion: Telekom will digital die Grenzen hochziehen können Youtube geht härter gegen Beleidigungen vor Apple-Chef Tim Cook: Monopol ohne Missbrauch "nicht schlimm" heise+ | 14-Zoll-Notebook Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga mit Privacy-Bildschirm Eon-Studie prognostiziert größeren Stromverbrauch durch 5G TechStage | Folien, Scheiben, Hüllen: Schutz für die Apple Watch Softmaker spendet für kostenlose Downloads von FreeOffice und FreePDF Pirate Bay experimentiert mit Streaming Telefónica beginnt mit 5G in fünf Städten Yahoo verlängert Download-Frist für Groups-Inhalte Ratgeber: Lautstärken mit dem iPhone richtig messen Intel strebt nach dem 10-nm-Fiasko zurück zum 2-Jahres-Rhythmus Elektroautos: Zahl der Ladepunkte 2019 um 50 Prozent gestiegen Österreichisches Verfassungsgericht stoppt Staatstrojaner HashiCorp holt erweitertes Namespace-Management ins Service-Mesh Schadcode per Videoanruf: Apple-Nutzer sollten Updates einspielen Sieben erschwingliche Fernseher im Test Kleine Fortschritte bei offenen RISC-V-Grafikprozessoren heise+ | Datenbanken: Dynamische Baumstrukturen in PostgreSQL speichern

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Should SpaceX be allowed to contaminate Mars with Earth microbes? We finally know how whole planets grow from tiny clumps of dust Saturn's moon Titan could be hiding underground reservoirs of methane When will we hear from aliens? We may already have done so Why neutrinos could answer some of the biggest questions in the cosmos Voyage to Jupiter: What the Juno mission can teach us Life on Mars: Could we build a home on the Red Planet? Life on Mars: Could we build a home on the Red Planet? Interstellar comet Borisov is about to pass close to Earth and the sun Black holes formed from dark matter could be making dead stars explode NASA is quietly helping satellite firms avoid catastrophic collisions See the northern lights or aurora borealis: Follow this easy guide We’ve discovered a planet orbiting an exploded star for the first time NASA's closest ever flight to the sun answers solar wind mystery The inside story on 'Oumuamua and other interstellar worlds Journeys to the moon: From Apollo onwards Exploring the wonders of the solar system Spacebit unveil plan for UK's first moon rover NASA has found the remnants of India’s Vikram moon lander The hunt for dark matter: Solving the universe's big questions Time travel and black holes: The weird promise of Einstein’s universe Celestial time travel: How asteroids can reveal the history of space Studying the universe’s origins hint that its beginning has no end Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is healthy despite looking like it’s dying Huge Earth-like worlds could host reservoirs of water deep underground Seize your chance to spot Mercury, the solar system's smallest planet See Venus and Jupiter next to each other in the sky this week We’ve found the missing neutron star at the centre of a supernova SpaceX’s Starlink satellites are interfering with astronomy again Massive simulation of the universe shows how galaxies form and die