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For the Love of Pipes Valve Breaks the Shackles of Proton “The Linux of social media” – How LiveJournal pioneered, then lost, blogging Researchers Have Identified a Virus That Attacks Human Cancer Cells Structure of recent philosophy (2017) Why Don't People Use Formal Methods? Oceans Are Getting Louder, Posing Potential Threats to Marine Life Silicon Valley’s Optimism Turns into ‘Shame of Being Suckered’ Voynich Manuscripts Problematic Pipes (2018) Bauhaus at 100: its legacy in five key designs We need to be wary of narratives of economic catastrophe Show HN: Convert article in current tab to readable form and upload it to IPFS Flutter: Futures, Isolates, Event Loop Asynchronous Programming in Rust book Hemingway’s World War I savior is anonymous no more Paradise Lost is one of the most important poems Quinn 0.2.0: QUIC protocol implementation in Rust Interview with Japanese demoscener 0x4015 (2017) Naïve Math: The Mendocino Motor and Earnshaw's Theorem $1.2T in risky corporate debt showing similar warning signs to subprime crisis Analog computation, Part 1: What and why Things you should know about the Ottoman Janissaries Cambridge University releases an app that improves concentration akin to Ritalin John Carmack on Inlined Code (2014) Volume Rendering with WebGL Munchery Shuts Down Show HN: Instantly create a secure URL to your Mac Can Gradient Boosting Learn Simple Arithmetic? Build Logistics for the Fortune 10 – EasyPost Hiring A command-line installer for Windows

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Zahlen, bitte! Die selbstreproduzierenden Friedman-Zahlen Schweden will ab 2030 Verkauf von Benzinern und Diesel verbieten Magento: Webserver über Schwachstelle im MySQL-Protokoll gehackt Wenn der Blitz einschlägt: Plasma-Verzerrer fürs Eurorack Gegen Fake News: WhatsApp beschränkt Weiterleitungsfunktion Russland wirft Facebook und Twitter Verstöße bei Datenspeicherung vor Leiche, Sensenmann & Co.: Der Reiz des Todes im Computerspiel D21-Digital-Index: 84 Prozent der Deutschen sind online Trotz Verkaufsstopp: iPhone 7, 8 und X bleiben verfügbar iX-Workshop: Machine Learning mit TensorFlow und Keras Umfrage: Digitalisierung in den Kommunen mangelhaft Apple-Mitarbeiter als Großspender Remote-DoS-Angriff auf mobilen Safari-Browser Huawei weist Sicherheitsbedenken gegen Netzwerkausrüstung zurück heise+ erweitert heise online um exklusive Tests, Ratgeber & alle Heise-Magazine im Browser Die Gewinner des Fotowettbewerbs "Coming home - Heimkommen" Diesel-Skandal: Landgericht Stuttgart verurteilt Daimler zu Schadenersatz Gaming-Headsets im Test: Surround-Sound für Spiele, Filme und Musik Musk: CERN-Direktion lässt neuen Tunnel vielleicht von Boring Co. graben Sumobot Competition: Kleine Kampfroboter im großen Einsatz MIDI 2.0: Hersteller testen erste Prototypen Apples Kurzbefehle-App: Shortcuts können geschützte iPhone-Dateien abgreifen Autonome Autos: Altmaier beansprucht Führungsrolle für Deutschland Aldi: Budget-Notebook mit 256-GByte-SSD DSGVO-Verstöße: Frankreich verhängt Millionen-Strafe gegen Google Initiative für übergreifenden KI-Campus in Berlin angeblich vorerst geplatzt Microsoft schickt Bug-Jäger in die Cloud Google will zwei neue Rechenzentren mit erneuerbarer Energie betreiben Apple bringt Kreativ-Lehrpläne nach Deutschland Drohnen stören zunehmend den Flugverkehr

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A meteorite hit the moon during yesterday's total lunar eclipse Our galaxy’s supermassive black hole may be spewing matter right at us Astronauts could use fish and human waste to grow food on long trips 10 year challenge: How science and the world have changed Moon craters reveal surprise rise in asteroid shrapnel pelting Earth Saturn’s rings formed in a smash-up less than 100 million years ago We've seen methane rain gleaming on the icy plains of Titan Thousands of Elite Dangerous players embark on epic space voyage China's moon garden is dead as the craft is plunged into lunar night Astronauts travelling to the moon and Mars risk dying from superbugs First moon plants sprout in China's Chang'e 4 biosphere experiment A black hole the size of Jupiter is just wandering around the galaxy Weird star system has double binary stars and wonky planetary nursery Taking an elevator into space could actually happen. Here's how Elon Musk reveals Starship test rocket that looks like 1950s sci-fi Video shows the moment China's Chang'e 4 landed on moon's far side Anu Ojha: Will humans make it to Mars? Hubble Telescope camera breaks – and US shutdown might delay repair Radio wave bursts from space keep hitting Earth and we don't know why Astronomers have seen dying stars slowly crystallise and turn solid We could drill water wells in Martian ice to survive on the Red Planet Self-cleaning spacesuits could help astronauts cope with Martian dust A cosmic collision may be coming for our galaxy sooner than we thought First photo of Chinese Yutu-2 rover exploring far side of the moon China’s Chang’e 4 makes historic first landing on the moon's far side Ultima Thule is a snowman-shaped rock covered in weird ice Crashing tidal waves may lurk beneath the surface of icy moons Distant space rock Ultima Thule looks like a spinning bowling pin Massive space rock smash-up with Uranus recreated in a riot of colour 2019 Preview: We will see the first ever picture of a black hole

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Bird, Lime sued by disability rights activists who claim obstructed sidewalks “The Linux of social media”—How LiveJournal pioneered (then lost) blogging Report: Toyota and Panasonic to create an electric car-battery spinoff company Elon Musk has been pitching cheap tunnels from The Boring Company to big names Russia tries to force Facebook and Twitter to relocate servers to Russia Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, video games, and the new online town square Google must pay €50 million for GDPR violations, France says Why Uber wants to build scooters and bikes that can drive themselves Dealmaster: A bunch of Sonos speakers are discounted for the Super Bowl This massive rocket creates a fireball as it launches, and that’s by design Old Gods and New Gods prepare for war in new trailer for American Gods S2 Intrepid scientist corrects physiology in Gulliver’s Travels after 300 years Why Silicon Valley’s “growth at any cost” is the new “unsafe at any speed” Western Digital’s Black SSD is now focused on gaming, can come with a heatsink Withings Pulse HR review: A longer-lasting competitor to Fitbit’s Alta HR How Buke and Gase built a huge indie rock career—and its own guitars, software Hermit crabs evolved longer penises to keep their shells from being stolen Even with the Google/Fossil deal, Wear OS is doomed Damning court docs show just how far Sacklers went to push OxyContin Review: Toyota Sienna minivan mixes the solid with the subpar

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, video games, and the new online town square Old Gods and New Gods prepare for war in new trailer for American Gods S2 Intrepid scientist corrects physiology in Gulliver’s Travels after 300 years How Buke and Gase built a huge indie rock career—and its own guitars, software Star Trek: Discovery’s second season may boldly go where the first did not Mortal Kombat 11 gameplay as seen by a ‘90s arcade rat Ars community gives more than $20,000 in annual charity drive Here’s the action-packed first trailer for John Wick: Chapter 3—Parabellum Bethesda confirms bans for visiting hidden Fallout 76 “developer room” Unity clarifies ToS changes, welcomes back “unsupported” SpatialOS Netflix reveals Space Force comedy series before Trump gets real thing approved We’ll send postcards—pinball museums, CERN, and more favorite Ars trips of all time Microsoft removes Forza dances amid Fortnite lawsuits Video: Inside the artistic mind of Dead Space designer Glen Schofield YouTube updates policies to explicitly ban dangerous pranks, challenges Travis Strikes Again review: Switch may already have its weirdest game of 2019 The original Ghostbusters franchise is getting a new film in 2020 Report: EA’s beleaguered open-world Star Wars game is no more [Updated] Spidey takes on the Elementals in first Spider Man: Far From Home trailer Meet MASHBot, the touchscreen-tapping, Nintendo DS-playing robot